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Trillian for Mac

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Download Trillian 6.5.14

  -  41.5 MB  -  Freeware

What's new in this version:

Trillian 6.5.14
- Bug fixes

Trillian 6.5.11
- Trillian Calls support (voice, video and screen sharing), M1 support, history viewer updated, notification improvements, updated emoji, macOS Monterey fixes, lots of other fixes and improvements

Trillian 6.4.4
- Accounts: Fixed issue where password may not save correctly when adding third-party accounts
- Chat Window: Clicking bottom of chat list may un-select current chat window
- Contact List: Fixed issue with auto-hide and multiple monitors
- GIF: Fixed issues related to GIF browser selection
- macOS: Bug fixes for Monterey

Trillian 6.4
- Integrated GIF searching and browsing, status screen overhaul with emoji and expiration
- Improved user searching for business customers
- Speed improvements throughout
- DLP rule support
- MacOS Big Sur fixes
- More options throughout contact menus
- Lots of other fixes and minor improvements

Trillian 6.3.6
- Fixed a few reported crashes

Trillian 6.2.17
- This release features a larger number of performance improvements and some great new features. Highlights include: rebuilt the chat window from scratch to improve performance, animated PNG support, buzz support, keyboard shortcut improvements, ‘always on top’ support and a large number of general user interface improvements and fixes. Added ability to view all chat history as a summary view. Status icons are now overlaid as shapes on top of user avatars, freeing up space elsewhere in the interface and improving colorblind accessibility. User titles, departments, phone numbers and phone extensions will now be shown right inside the chat window when available. Security improvements include TLS 1.3 support and a handful of new policies for business customers to help lock down their Trillian deployments.

Trillian 6.1.1
 - Fixes crashes

Trillian 6.1
- New sign-in screen, blast messaging, locking support, read receipts (pending forthcoming server update!), emoji sounds, large emoji support, new policies supported for business customers, many more settings and features, fixed crashes and other bug fixes

Trillian 6.0
- EmojiOne support, animated GIFs and PNGs, text snippets, dark theme improvements, fixed crashes and other bug fixes

Trillian 3.5
- Olark chat network, improved retina support, connectivity improvements, fixed empty message window issue with macOS beta, fixed crashes and other bug fixes

Trillian 3.4
Enhanced image previews (even larger than before, animated GIFs, URL-based, Giphy support), accessibility improvements, fixed crashes and other bug fixes.

Trillian 3.3
- New contact list UI, media improvements (larger image previews, voice clips, hosted business media), reconnection improvements, infinite scroll within the message window, huge speed improvements, per-network chat history options, El Capitan font support and other bug fixes.

Trillian 3.2
- Google and Facebook connectivity fixes, other bug fixes.

Trillian 3.1
- Added dark theme, updated menu bar icons, allow dragging and dropping of conversations, bug fixes.

Trillian 3.0.52
- Yosemite support and interface refresh, Trillian group chats, XMPP group chats, per-contact muting, full screen support, do not disturb, improved retina support, notification center improvements, support for in-house Trillian Servers.
- Note: Trillian for Business customers should check with their IT staff before upgrading, as Trillian 3.0 for Mac will require a new version of Trillian Server as well!

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Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more.