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SuperDuper! for Mac

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Download SuperDuper! 3.6.2

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What's new in this version:

SuperDuper! 3.6.2
- Fixed: Worked around bless hang on Apple Silicon in 12.14

SuperDuper! 3.6.1
- Change log not available for this version

SuperDuper! 3.5
- Change log not available for this version

SuperDuper! 3.3.1
- Change log not available for this version

SuperDuper! 3.2.5
- Change log not available for this version

SuperDuper! 3.2.4

- Missing Volume Support for scheduled copies. You can now tell us that you don’t want an error when a drive is missing when a schedule runs

Bug Fixes:
- Worked around -1708/-1701/-1712 errors, improving automated copies
- Sorts file columns in the script editor

SuperDuper! 3.2.3

- Smart Wake for scheduled copies. Our automatic wake is now smart enough to not wake a Mac that’s already awake, ensuring the screen doesn’t turn on if it doesn’t need to.

Bug Fixes:
- Works around bad symlinks caused by APFS conversion (typically of Fusion drives)
- Fixes Summer Time/DST CPU/Memory problem in time-based schedules
- Fixes timeout problems during some schedules
- Works around 10.12 power manager wake events tag bug

SuperDuper! 3.2.2

- Automatic Wake for scheduled copies. No matter how many schedules you may have, and no matter how complex the number of events, SuperDuper! will automatically wake the system before it’s time for the copy to start, eliminating the need to set one manually (and allowing more than one time, since you can only have a single wake in the Energy Saver preference pane).
- Smart Delete improvements for extremely full drives

Bug Fixes:
- Works around problems with various unsigned SATSMART drivers, distributed with many SSDs and DriveDX, that weren’t fully Mojave compatible and caused errors in Disk Utility

SuperDuper! 3.2.1

- Smart Delete provides additional statistics

Bug Fixes:
- Scheduled copies window now draws properly on Yosemite (10.10)
- Drive names with ‘ no longer cause scheduling errors

SuperDuper! 3.2

- Full Mojave support
- Smart Delete works hand-in-hand with Smart Update to avoid disk full errors
- Full Disk Access & Automation prompting
- Automatic mounting of source and destination volumes during schedules, including encrypted ones
- Completely rewritten scheduling
- Service to automatically run settings selected in Finder
- User accessible command-line tool that runs settings automatically

SuperDuper! 3.1.7
Bug Fixes:
- Drives now eject on quit more reliably
- Destination pop-up no longer goes blank in some situations when the drive is erased
- Improved error handling for read only disk image locations
- Further verifies application and helper integrity to fix a potential security exploit (thanks to Thomas Chauchefoin for the report)

SuperDuper! 3.1.6
- Corrects a rare crash on launch

SuperDuper! 3.1.5
Enhancements and Bug Fixes:
- Allows multiple Scheduled Copies to run from the Scheduled Copies window with one click
- Much more reliable backup when the Mac is sleeping; be sure to set a wake event in the Energy Saver preference pane for the same time as the backup
- Works around 10.13.4 inability to prebind earlier OS versions (and improved behavior when trying to copy later versions. too)
- Scheduled Copy “progress spinners” no longer spin forever in some edge cases
- Works around a system “pipe” problem that caused some crashes
- Disables “spell checker” for the log window and improves its behavior when a copy is in progress
- Fixes a problem that could occur if a file was deleted while it was being copied

SuperDuper! 3.1.4
- Bug Fixes: Works around missing drive identification information in some configurations

SuperDuper! 3.1.2
Bug Fixes:
- Fixes snapshot date parsing in some regions
- Changes “Stop Copying” sheet to make it less awful
- Properly saves default settings in all cases
- Renamed drives now properly reflected in the UI
- Stop button no longer beeps on 2nd stop
- Drives with # in their name can now be erased

SuperDuper! 3.1.1
Bug Fixes:
- Ignores “dataless” snapshots

SuperDuper! 3.0.1
Bug Fixes:
- Compatibility with Samsung SMART driver
- Settings conversion related quit issues
- More reliable sleep prevention during copy
- Handles encrypted destination volumes on 10.12
- Corrected Options page drawing on 10.10
- Restored 10.9 support

SuperDuper! 3.0.0
Enhancements & Bug Fixes:
- Official macOS High Sierra (10.13) HFS+/Mac OS Extended compatibility, including APFS
- Snapshot support for APFS boot volumes
- Assorted other tweaks and fixes

SuperDuper! 2.9.2
- Official macOS High Sierra (10.13) HFS+/Mac OS Extended compatibility (APFS coming soon)
- Work around “Could not enable permissions” problem caused by corrupt /var/db/volinfo.database files
- Ignore “operation not permitted” errors caused by tightened SIP in High Sierra
- Improved schedule day display handling for non-English languages
- Added Little Snitch “internet access policy” file
- Assorted other tweaks and fixes

SuperDuper! 2.9.1
- Official macOS Sierra (10.12) compatibility
- Improve (and speed up) backup boot in some edge case scenarios
- Work around "Busy image" cases when doing read-only conversion
- Speed up quit when shutting down or restarting

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