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Scrivener for Mac

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What's new in this version:

Refinements and Changes:
Licensing and Activation:
- Scrivener’s licensing and activation system has been updated to work with our new e-commerce provider, Paddle

Matching Texts Feature:
- Added a new “Matching Texts” feature to the Bookmarks area of the Inspector in the main window. This lists all documents that share a paragraph or sentence with the current document. Double-clicking a result selects matching text in the main editor

Corkboard Threaded View:
- Added a new corkboard preference, “Compress threads when arranged by label”. This is turned on by default, and interleaves cards on the board so that they take up less space when “Arrange by Label” is turned on

- The native .docx importer now correctly reads text inserted in Word during Track Changes
- The native .docx importer now decreases the font size of superscript text

- Made improvements to the way styles are removed. Character styles can now be removed more easily when a paragraph style is present, and direct character formatting is no longer removed when resetting to “No Style”

- Quick Search now treats curly and straight apostrophes and quotes as though they are the same
- Asterisks are no longer highlighted in the editor when using an asterisk project search to find any match
- Optimised and increased speed of “Find Duplicates”
- When finding duplicates, the alternating row colours used in the search colours alternate between duplicate blocks rather than between each row

- Copy as Markdown now converts footnotes and removes comments
- Other minor improvements to Copy as Markdown
- Enclosing annotation markers are now escaped when exporting MMD files
- “Save source files” for the MultiMarkdown format in Compile is now dependent on the “Post-process” setting rather than the “Use Pandoc syntax” setting

- Improvements made to “Fix script elements that flow across page breaks”
- If Kindle Previewer is installed, Scrivener now uses kindlegen from inside that to generate Kindle files, rather than requiring a separate kindlegen installation. (Kindle Previewer contains a newer, 64-bit version of kindlegen which is not currently available on Amazon’s website as a separate download)
- Removed the “At marker” option from plain text and RTFD Compile options, since it does nothing - the marker always overrides the options selected there if it exists
- Improved the dual dialogue option for print and PDF to work with formats other than only Screenplay, such as US Stage Play format.

- The total word count is now given in parentheses after the selection word count in the footer bar (as long as only one count type is shown and not both words and characters)
- The text fields in the image resizing panel now have a hard minimum of 25 points (previously the minimum may be higher, and different from what could be achieved with the sliders)
- It is now possible to copy and paste label, status and auto-complete items between the Project Settings of different projects
- Added extra code to ensure the session count resets when a project is opened if the reset time passed while the project was closed
- Added “Back Up All Projects Now” as an alternate to “Back Up Now” in the “Back Up” menu (hold down Option to turn “Back Up Now” into “Back Up All Projects Now”
- Opt-dragging into collections now acts consistently, always including subdocuments of folders, even when dragging into the cork board or outliner (which previously worked differently)

Bugs Fixed:
Major (Stability):
- Fixed bug whereby Scrivener could crash if a Revision Mode was invoked while Linguistic Focus was open
- Fixed bug that could cause a crash or hang when importing certain .docx files using either the Aspose or native importers
- Fixed bug that could cause an exception to be thrown by Compile when styles were set both to delete text and add prefixes or suffixes
- Fixed bug whereby keywords could lose their assignments or disappear if moved around in the Keywords panel using the Move commands or keyboard shortcuts

Minor (Usability):
- Worked around bug in macOS 10.14.4 that causes web archives not to load
- Fixed bug whereby typing attributes could be reset after the auto-title of a document updated when typing in scrivenings mode with only a single document loaded
- Worked around an issue whereby custom metadata dates could appear incorrect if edited in a third-party app that did not write the microseconds into the file format as expected
- Fixed a bug in the native .docx importer whereby it could omit whitespace
- Fixed bug whereby copying keyword titles from Inspector did not work when pasting them into a text editor
- Fixed bug whereby taking group snapshots would play the shutter sound even when the option was turned off in the Preferences
- Fixed bug whereby custom .docx converter would create invalid documents if they contained images with any spaces inside their file names
- Fixed a bug whereby spelling suggestions may not be shown for very long texts
- Fixed a bug whereby moving a folder and a subdocument in a collection on the corkboard or outliner would only move the folder around, not its subdocument

- Fixed a bug whereby Compile replacements could affect comments in the project when compiling for print or PDF
- Fixed bug whereby superscript or subscript combined with italics or bold could result in errors in ePub output
- Fixed bug whereby rich text to MMD conversion would not place an empty line above a bulleted list if there was only a single non-bulleted line separating two lists
- Fixed bug whereby MultiMarkdown headings could come out wrong for adjacent paragraphs using the same header level
- Fixed bug whereby scripts without parenthetical elements defined could have “CONT’D” character names inserted unnecessarily when compiling for PDF or print
- Fixed bug whereby the first line indent of the second paragraph could be removed during Compile when set to remove first line indents if the first paragraph used a style
- Fixed bug whereby adding a multi-line title to Compile metadata could cause other text fields in the metadata interface to be clipped
- Fixed bug whereby “Lowercase” option in Compile Title Options had no effect

- Fixed bug whereby updates to label colours may not be reflected in the search results or collections when showing label colours
- Fixed bug whereby the rubber band area in the binder would be grey (again)
- Fixed bugs in the editor footer statistics popover pane pertaining to sentence and character counts
- Fixed bug whereby the focus mode menu options in the toolbar would be disabled in full screen mode
- Fixed the “Inside” and “Outside” labels for facing pages in Compile, which were previously inverted
- Fixed bug whereby “Keywords” was wrongly disabled for non-text documents in Navigate > Inspect

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