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Download PDFpenPro 9.2.3

  -  117 MB  -  Demo

What's new in this version:

PDFpenPro 9.2.3
- Change log not available for this version

PDFpenPro 9.2.2
- Resolves issue with export when using Asian languages
- Other fixes and improvements

PDFpenPro 9.2.1
- Restores OCR functionality

PDFpenPro 9.2
- Improves OCR performance and accuracy

PDFpenPro 9.1.1
- Fixes cases where Find window can be hidden

PDFpenPro 9.1
- Opens previously-opened documents at same size and position
- Add and remove Bookmarks, which appear at the top of the Table of Contents
- Other minor fixes and improvements

PDFpenPro 9.0.2
- Ensures black & white scans are stored as 1-bit images
- Minor fixes and improvements

PDFpenPro 9.0.1
- Minor fixes and improvements

PDFpenPro 9.0.0
- Adds horizontal OCR for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (PDFpenPro only)
- Supports removing OCR layer
- Create and open links to other files
- Adds initial support for forms which perform calculations
- Find & Highlight all instances of a search keyword
- Adds line numbering
- Adds two additional custom highlight colors
- Adds keyboard shortcut for 'Zoom to Width' ⌥⌘9
- Supports Print button in interactive forms
- Adds visual indicator when navigating Table of Contents
- Smoother navigation to Table of Contents entries
- Shows full text / tooltips when hovering over related items
- Shows resizing handles for items off page edge
- Shows current page and count in document title
- Print annotation list alone—great for highlights
- Improves font smoothing for better readability
- Over 100 other usability improvements

Adds hand tool for navigation:
- Magnify using hand tool with Option / Command+Option
- Enhances Annotations navigation:
- Select multiple annotations
- Copy text of selected annotations
- Delete selected annotations
- Includes highlights in list
- Enhances Table of Contents editing (PDFpenPro only):
- Adds contextual menu
- Adds multiple selection support
- Combines Table of Contents entries when combining files
- Copy Table of Contents entries
- Adds export options:
- Export to JPEG, PNG, and 1-bit TIFF
- Export to flattened PDF
- Export in grayscale
- Export one TIFF file per page
- Export at 72, 200, 300, 600 dpi

PDFpenPro 8.3.4
- Fixes behavior when rotating certain PDFs twice in succession
- Allows New From HTML… via HTTP on macOS 10.12 and later (PDFpenPro only)
- Resolves potential hang

PDFpenPro 8.3.3
- Fixes potential crash when fonts are not processed properly
- Resolves potential crash related to the font panel
- Scribbling over a scribble creates a new scribble
- Updates launch permission to remain valid for 18 years

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Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more.