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Download PDF Studio 2022.1.3

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What's new in this version:

PDF Studio 2022.1.3
- Better handling of fonts missing character mapping information when using inline text editing

- PDF/X conversion would fail on documents using Blend Mode set with a name, from within an ExtGS dictionary
- Document Specific: Error after converting to PDF/X-1 due to issue with embedded icc profile
- Document Specific: Specific JavaScript code could result in NPE (breaking some form fields)

PDF Studio 2022.1.2
- Allow larger custom memory amount in user vmoptions file

- macOS Ventura: If dark mode was used, the installer would hang on startup
- macOS: Full screen mode was broken
- Align points in overlay comparison was broken
- PDF/A-1b preflight validation option in sub menu was broken
- Document Specific: NPE converting to PDF/X-3 due to error when copying name of color space
- Document specific: Error loading PDF Cannot invoke “Object.getClass()” because “” is null

PDF Studio 2022.1.1
- Convert Word to PDF: Handle Theme Font Languages for Arabic, Asian, etc..

- Pan & Zoom and Loupe Tool Broken
- Action Wizard: Continue button label is broken
- On macOS, some printers can throw an exception when getting the default DPI resolution
- Convert Word to PDF: Handle Theme Font Languages for Arabic, Asian, etc..
- Convert Word to PDF: Handle negative positioning of an Image within a Table Cell
- Convert Word to PDF: Handle NullPointerException when converting a Word file to PDF
- Convert Word to PDF: Anchored images not positioned correctly due to clipping
- Document specific: Error loading PDF Cannot invoke “Object.getClass()” because “” is null
- GUI display error on separator in Preflight Dialog

PDF Studio 2022.1.0
- Added missing new features to Classic Toolbar for 2022
- new add content tools
- create table of contents from bookmarks
- sign with timestamp
- Sessions Manager GUI improvements
- New PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5 verification profiles
- New PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 Conversion profiles
- Allow editing new content after being added to the page
- Improved annotation loading performance for extreme cases (i.e. over 20k comments)
- Only create the annotation components when a page is displayed
- Comment tree now only loads the annotations when the comment pane is shown
- Updated digital signature libraries to the latest version
- PDF To Word: Added Support for Multiple Columns
- New Window & User Interface options in Initial View document properties

- Zoom icon on toolbar not changed when zooming in / out
- Replacement text in redactions not displayed when fill set to “no color”
- Search and redact added multiple redactions for single instance
- “Restore last page and view when reopening a PDF” overrides Magnification setting
- OCR Current Page does not work on current page
- Action Wizard: Save As “keep original file names” option not disabling insert before / after fields
- “Next page” and “Last page” are hidden when resizing PDF Studio frame really small
- Fixed typo on top signature banner
- Rotate Pages dialog does not focus on the dropdown
- Add content toolbar buttons not reverting back to default tool
- Fixed window caching issue related to window scale
- DocuSign signatures marked as unknown due to missing type in DDS dictionary
- Auto create links would create invalid links over existing links
- Deleting pages when in single page view results in ArrayIndexOutOfBounds
- Catch invalid / null color space in preflight
- Optimizer Auditor sometimes reported more font bytes than doc bytes
- Missing Optional PAdES information in signature details
- JavaScript: “Doc.addField” method was broken
- Imposition does not work correctly after changing cropbox and trimbox
- Fixed issue causing pattern tiles to not be reset in some cases creating blank page areas
- Mac: Shortcut key is not working correctly on the current selected document
- Mac: Print does not work when opening multiple files from Finder
- MAC: ⌘ + Shift + T does not show My comments toolchest
- MAC: Alt + / to launch the find tool does not work
- MAC: Retina (4k) – Output preview does not work
- 4K Displays: Snapping drawing tools rendering artifacts
- 4k Displays: Polyshape cursors look bad
- Word to PDF: Image element in conversion changes color from blue to black
- Word to PDF: Handle Arabic Unicode Map during Conversion to Allow Text Extraction
- PPT to PDF: EMF images were getting clipped very slightly
- Document Specific: Exception reading JPEG image

PDF Studio 2022.0.2
- Windows: Fixed bug where Save As SVG or RTF would append file extension twice
- Windows: Thumbnail previews causing “Com Surrogate has stopped working” error
- Zoom gets stuck on fractional digits when the language is set to another language other than English
- Fix bug where extract “current page” always extract the first page
- Limit the max number of sessions that can be saved

PDF Studio 2022.0.1
- Add default stamp selection to Rubber Stamp action properties
- Increase file name length in document tabs selection list
- Improved Ctrl + Scroll Wheel zoom logic to include more steps
- Improve error message when loading an invalid PDF file
- Updated the default length for DigiCert TSA
- Include default TOC profile for Create Table of Contents Tool
- PDF to Word & PDF to RTF enhancements

- Fixed issue with ribbon toolbar not staying collapsed when switching across documents
- Fixed auto-save would reload only single document when restoring from online storage (Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive)
- Fixed attach file as comment would not prompt for file in some rare cases
- Document Specific: Fixed “Cannot invoke “java.awt.Container.addComponentListener” error when deleting annotations
- OneDrive: Session token would not properly refresh causing frequent log outs
- Studio Viewer: Removed redundant files to reduce installer size

PDF Studio 2021.1.4
- 4K: Fixed side by side comparison (right document not scaled)
- Mac: Fixed issue with highlights not showing color after using OCR
- Word to PDF: Improved support for “Wrap Margin”
- Word to PDF: Missing dots before page number in table of content and missing underline in sub-section
- Word to PDF: Fix issue with a row minimum height taller than the available space (infinite loop) + validate document type
- Flattening (on the context menu) did not seem to check for permission to modify the document
- Better error handling for Typewriter annotation missing “borderstyle” dictionary entries
- Fixed “Print Service Not Available” error for remote redirected printer after connection timeout
- Ribbon Toolbar error when selecting annotation with collapsed ribbon
- Fixed signature vulnerability with incremental save attack found by PDF researchers, submitted by Raphael Sütterlin of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum
- Fixed “Stencil Mask” with JBIG2 compression was being decompressed twice and rendered incorrectly
- Fixed Signature validation shows content added after first signature because we look at most recent DSS entry
- Document Specific: Fix for infinite loop JavaScript error when filling out NYC income tax form
- Document specific: Error loading PDF array copy: source index

PDF Studio 2021.1.3
- Fix Byte range error for PDFs signed with Docusign containing invalid characters following end of file
- Convert Word to PDF – Unable to layout document due to table width set to 0 + Improve support for multiple polygons in EMF images
- Convert Word to PDF – Fix VML shapes / text boxes alignment and positioning issues
- Fix error when merging PDFs with tags
- Linux: Signing with Token Error on Linux – Use SHA 256 when SHA 1 fails on PDFs with a version <= 1.5
- Checking for updates on older versions should inform users that a new major version has been released
- Create Self-Signed Digital ID not working on Mac M1 – Universal Binary Build
- Ribbon toolbar shortcut modifiers were no longer working
- Issue with initialization of bundled font locations on Linux
- Pro only features on the File panel are not showing in demo

PDF Studio 2021.1.2
- Remove unused log4j files to avoid false positive results in virus scanners

PDF Studio 2021
User Interface

New Features:
- New Full Screen Mode
- New Document / Adding New Page, give options to specify page size / format & orientation
- New options to “Unflatten” annotations
- New document color options for accessibility
- New customizable favorites group on Home tab
- New z-order moving options for annotations
- New Create Multiple Copies option in form fields
- New options to sort/filter comments pane
- New “Add Place” option in file tab
- New “Extract Text as Table (CSV/Excel)” option
- New content explorer pane
- New Text To Speech (TTS) reading tools
- 4k user interface enhancments

- Content editing now displays text paragraph and image areas
- Drag & rearrange tabs in tabbed document view
- Drag document tabs to new window / frame
- New option to print pages from selected bookmarks
- Color picker enhancements
- New toolbar buttons on Signature panel
- Add merge, compare options to Tabs context menu when multiple tabs selected
- Set last used tool on zoom split button
- Ability to set layer for multiple annotations at once
- New options to insert pages from currently open documents
- Tab document list chooser now always displayed
- Auto detect web URLs & Links in document & User Warning
- New recent file list search tool
- Preflight dialog enhancements
- New Recent Document search
- New “Length” property to measurement annotations

Cloud Storage:
- Google & One Drive now use System Browser to login instead of internal browser

Prepress / Print Production:
- New PDF/A 3u Preflight Verification
- New PDF/A 2u Preflight Conversion
- New PDF/A 3u Preflight Conversion

Digital Signatures:
- New signature banner displaying validation info for signed PDF documents
- New toolbar buttons on Signature panel
- Timestamp server enhancements

New Standard Features:
- Measuring Annotations
- Fix scans – (Optimizer still Pro)
- Enhanced Merging tools
- Side by side Compare – (Overlay still Pro)
- Split PDF
- Form export / import

Other Enhancements:
- OCR now supports angled text baselines
- Support or JavaScript in Names tree
- New preference to open GoTo page actions in new or current window
- New preference to paste pages AFTER selected page
- New setting to display validation marks (error, warning and check) drawn on top of signature appearance
- New right-click menu option on the tab also include “Copy Path To Clipboard” and “Open Containing Folder”
- New option to “Show comments pane when a PDF with comments is opened”
- “$filename” variable no longer includes file extension
- Additional font substitutes now packaged with PDF Studio
- Optimizer font improvements
- Many internal bugs & fixes

PDF Studio 2020.1.0
- Darken background of page view area
- Option to set color of non-page area in Reading Mode
- New options added to right click menu on tabs (Overlay, Side by Side, Close All, Close all to right, Close others)
- Ability to open files by dragging to new tab area
- “Keep Alive” option is now enabled by default for faster launch times
- Improved Despeckle and Reduce Noise tool tip descriptions
- Demo mode enhancements
- Resolved file association being reset on updates
- OCR & Print dialogs no longer block the application and can now be used in separate frames

Bug Fixes:
- ESC key not working in reading mode when starting with Ctrl + H
- Status bar showing when entering full screen thru document initial view
- Center aligned date fields would throw error
- Export text & XML options broken in comments pane
- Inconsistent panel/toolbar state when closing a document while in Reading Mode
- Classic toolbar: Status bar and page number broken
- Classic toolbar: tools would not work on second document open in tabbed document view
- Touch mode did not enlarge resize handles for annotations
- “PDF to Microsoft Word” preferences in should not be in standard version
- (macOS) Blue border showing around frame
- (Linux) saving scanning profiles did not save properties
- Specific document: Checkboxes disappear after using sequential renaming

PDF Studio 2020.0.0
- Many User Interface, Annotations and Fields Enhancements
- Allow Opening Docs in Tabs instead of Frames
- New Find Tools search box to help locate tools on ribbon toolbar
- Redesigned Vertical Comments Pane on the Right Side
- License Management Tool for more than 10 Users
- New MSI installer

PDF Studio 2019.2.3
- Fast Search: options to search in comments and fields broken
- Switching from single page to continuous page would go to page 1
- Switching from overlay to side by side would not maintain current page location
- Issues connecting to Canon P21511 WIA scanners
- Mac app store: error “operation not permitted” when saving without file extension
- Issue when rendering pages with negative font size leading to displaying some pages with reversed text
- IRT annotations not imported correctly from FDF & XFDF
- PDF to HTML: convert lines with 0 width in PDF to 0.1 width in SVG so Browsers render them
- PDF to HTML: detect and handle BIDI and RTL to avoid Arabic text or parenthesis being flipped
- Document Specific: ClassCastException when creating a field due to invalid field format
- Optimizing a PDF with JPEG images with Decode Array sometimes results in black pages
- Fixed issue where opening new document would restore (un-minimize) all other frames
- Word to PDF: table header somehow duplicated at bottom of table
- Word to PDF: auto resized columns conversion enhancments
- PDF/A validation did not catch fonts embedded as TTC (True Type Collection)

PDF Studio 2019.2.0
- Scanning broken in macOS 10.15 Catalina due to Apple Image Capture API changes
- Dropbox update: security changes now require using system browser for authentication
- Save button not enabled when applying Fast Sign signature
- Fixed issue with some special characters (þÿ) showing in form fields
- Added support for dash array in border style for link annotations
- Word to PDF: Handling for transform & clipping on EMF images
- Word to PDF: Improved PNG image resolution issue due to “Indirect” color models

PDF Studio 2019.1.4
- Type 3 fonts now supported in SVG conversion
- Handle saving & opening file attachments with invalid characters in filename
- Regression: Caret no longer displays when starting to type in text annotations (first character)
- Rendering improvements for PDFs created by MacOSX Quartz PDF Context
- (Document Specific) Vector overlay colors not blending
- (Document Specific) Text not showing behind the image (Color Key Mask + Indexed)
- Word to PDF conversion enhancements

PDF Studio 2019.1.3
- Scanning broken by notarization process for upcoming macOS 10.15 Catalina
- Recent file list on menu bar did not work
- PDF to HTML5 now converts in-document links, supported by Chrome and Firefox

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