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NetShade for Mac

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Download NetShade 8.3.1

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What's new in this version:

NetShade 8.3.1
- Added "Set up an iOS device…" to Tools menu
- More lenient about registration code input
- Added a preference for Default Server: nearest, or last used

NetShade 8.3
- Globe now has clickable pins for proxy servers
- Added buttons to Preferences->VPN for viewing or clearing PKI
- Right-clicking or long-pressing on the globe now sets your location
- Now properly removes defunct servers from the list

NetShade 8.2
- Built with macOS 10.15 Catalina SDK
- Improved communication between NetShade and Hop
- Added a preference to change NetShade's Proxy and SOCKS ports
- Added a preference to hide the dock icon
- Fixed a potential crash on macOS Catalina
- Fixed a potential crash related to log file cleanup

NetShade 8.1
- Added a preference in Startup: "Restore previous connection settings at app launch"
- Fixed a UI issue where the interface could say "Direct" when connected to a proxy

NetShade 8.0.1
- Change log not available for this version

NetShade 7.2.1
- Fixed an issue where the window would hide itself when you change view modes

NetShade 7.2
- Improved NetShade's handling of unexpectedly dropped VPN connections
- Made NetShade aware of Hop, so NetShade can stop the Hop server when it's running

NetShade 7.1
- Introduced NetShade DNS service
- Fixed an issue where shell scripts could hang in NetShade Preferences -> Events

NetShade 7.0.3
- Fixed a problem where Helper Tool installation could fail

NetShade 7.0.2
- Fixed a potential crasher related to accessing preferences when in Tiles view mode
- Fixed a potential crasher related to notifications from NetShade's helper tool

NetShade 7.0.1
- Fixed a problem where the VPN would hang on "Connecting"
- Removed excessive warnings about no VPN access
- Removed excessive warnings about bug in Safari
- App will no longer install an older version of helper tool over a newer version

NetShade 7.0
- Major update: Requires 10.10 or higher
- Dual-stack IPv4+IPv6 VPN and Proxy support added
- New design and UI for main window
- Main window is collapsible and arbitrarily resizable
- Updated globe view now uses more modern 3D code and uses less power on laptops
- New helper tool
- Helper tool now uses higher-security XPC calls for inter-process communication
- Rebuilt using Objective-C ARC and other modern compiler technologies
- Improved connection testing
- Better VPN logging

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