Accelerate and improve your Mac`s performance. Fix common disk problems!

MainMenu Pro for Mac

MainMenu Pro for Mac

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MainMenu Pro for Mac is a maintenance tool to keep your Mac in shape. Free up disk space, run maintenance scripts, clean up your system, fix common disk problems, secure erase files and uncover hidden settings on your Mac.

⚠ Note: This product is not developed anymore and might not function properly.

If you are looking for alternatives, we recommend you to download CCleaner or AVG Cleaner.

Keep your Mac in shape
MainMenu helps you maintain your Mac. Run daily, weekly and monthly maintenance scripts. Fix common disk problems by repairing disk permissions and volumes.

Clean your system
The pro version puts you in full command of your Mac. Free up disk space by cleaning the system cache, font cache and the caches of all users on your system. Free up even more space by emptying the trash of all users.

Reclaim your disk
Are you running out of disk space? With MainMenu for macOS you can free up disk space by cleaning the cache and browser data that's piling up on your disk. The app can also find large files eating away at your precious disk space. And if your Desktop is cluttered you can let the app archive it in a single sweep.

Bring your Mac up to speed with the tool. Free up unused memory to get the most out of your Mac. Rebuild Launch Services to fix common problems when launching applications. Tune searching by rebuilding the Spotlight index. And speed up Apple Mail by rebuilding its mail index.

Have you every accidentally copied or cut something out of a document, thereby overwriting an item you had previously copied or cut? Worry no more: MainMenu's new Clipboard History remembers the last ten items you copied.

Fine-tune your Mac
The program lets you dig into the Mac OS X treasure chest to fine-tune your Mac. Change the screenshot output format to PNG, TIFF or even PDF. Remove window shadows when taking screenshots. Disable the Dashboard to save memory. And let Finder show hidden files so you know what's on your system.

Secure erase
When you delete a file its data may not immediately be physically removed from your disk. Use the app to securely and immediately remove files and their contents. The tool also offers you to securely erase all the free space on a disk, and so wipe contents from previously deleted files.

Custom tasks
Do you find yourself running the same set of tasks repeatedly? Save time by grouping your favorite tasks so you can run them in a single action. You can also set Main Menu to restart or shutdown your Mac automatically after completing a custom task.

Features and Highlights
  • Secure erase free space on all volumes
  • Find large files
  • Repair disk (also known as disk "First Aid")
  • Repair all volumes
  • Daily maintenance
  • Weekly maintenance
  • Monthly maintenance
  • Clear user cache
  • Clean Dashboard cache
  • Archive Desktop
  • Clean browser cache
  • Clean browser history
  • Remove .DS_Store files
  • Remember clipboard history
  • Clean system cache
  • Clean user caches
  • Clean font caches
  • Flush DNS cache
  • Clean logs
  • Free up memory
  • Rebuild Launch Services
  • Rebuild Spotlight Index
  • Vacuum Apple Mail Index
  • Update whatis database
  • Update locate database
  • Remove corrupt preferences
  • Secure delete files
  • Force delete files
  • Empty Trash of all users
  • Secure empty Trash of all users
  • Remove .DS_Store files in folder
  • Show invisible files
  • Disable Dock
  • Disable Dashboard
  • Disable download warning
  • Change screenshot file format
  • Disable screenshot window shadow
  • Set default web browser
  • Turn on screensaver
  • Quit all applications
  • Force quit and relaunch applications
  • Restart Wi-Fi
  • Relaunch Finder
  • Relaunch Dock
  • Relaunch System Menu Bar
Note: 14 days trial version. Requires 64-bit processor.

  • MainMenu Pro 3.5.2 Build 3520 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

MainMenu Pro 3.5.2 Build 3520
- This update fixes a bug causing the "Turn on Screensaver" task to fail

MainMenu Pro 3.5.1 Build 3510
- This update fixes bugs and adds compatibility with macOS 10.13 High Sierra. It's recommended that all users update.
- New: Compatibility with macOS 10.13 High Sierra
- Fixed: Issues with starting on login
- Fixed: Inaccurate console message in Rebuild Spotlight Index task
- Fixed: Issues with newlines in Secure Erase-related tasks
- Fixed: Errors caused by files with quote marks in them

MainMenu Pro 3.5.0 Build 3500
- Fixed: Flush DNS Cache task not working
- Fixed: Secure empty Trash not working in macOS Sierra
- Fixed: Secure delete files not working in macOS Sierra
- Fixed: Secure erase free disk space not working in macOS Sierra
- Fixed: Overlay showing when launched as login item