Graphical Java application for managing bibtex (.bib) databases

JabRef for Mac

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  -  20.81 MB  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

- Updated to support OpenOffice 4 and LibreOffice 5
- Add toolbar icon for deleting an entry, and move menu item for this action to BibTeX
- Better support for IEEEtranBSTCTL entries
- Quick selection of month in entry editor
- Unknown entry types will be converted to 'Misc' (was 'Other' before).
- EntryTypes are now clustered per group on the 'new entry' GUI screen.
- Tab shows the minimal unique folder name substring if multiple database files share the same name
- Added a page numbers integrity checker
- Position and size of certain dialogs are stored and restored.
- Feature: Search Springer
- Feature: Search DOAJ, Directory of Open Access Journals
- Changes the old integrity check by improving the code base (+tests) and converting it to a simple issues table
- Added combo box in MassSetFieldAction to simplify selecting the correct field name
- Feature: Merge information from both entries on duplication detection
- Always use import inspection dialog on import from file
- All duplicate whitespaces / tabs / newlines are now removed from non-multiline fields

Improvements to search:
- Search bar is now at the top
- A summary of the search result is shown in textual form in the search bar
- The search text field changes its color based on the search result (red if nothing is found, green if at least one entry is found)
- Autocompletion suggestions are shown in a popup
- Search options are available via a drop-down list, this implements Feature Request #853
- "Clear search" button also clears search field, this implements Feature Request #601
- Every search is done automatically (live) as soon as the search text is changed
- Search is local by default. To do a global search, one has to do a local search and then this search can be done globally as well, opening a new window.
- The local search results can be shown in a new window.
- Feature: Merge information from a DOI generated BibTex entry to an entry
- Added more characters to HTML/Unicode converter
- Feature: Push citations to Texmaker (bug 318, bug 582)
- Case changers improved to honor words (not yet more than single words) within {}
- Feature: Added converters from HTML and Unicode to LaTeX on right click in text fields (#191)
- Feature: Add an option to the FileList context menu to delete an associated file from the file system
- Feature: Field names "Doi", "Ee", and "Url" are now written as "DOI", "EE", and "URL"
- The default language is now automatically set to the system's locale.
- Use correct encoding names (#155) and replace old encoding names in bibtex files. This changes the file header.
- No longer write JabRef version to BibTex file header.
- No longer add blank lines inside a bibtex entry
- Feature: When pasting a Google search URL, meta data will be automatically stripped before insertion.
- Feature: PDF auto download from ACS, arXiv, ScienceDirect, SpringerLink, and Google Scholar
- List of authors is now auto generated scripts/ and inserted into L10N About.html
- Streamline logging API: Replace usages of java.util.logging with commons.logging
- Remove support for custom icon themes. The user has to use the default one.
- Solved feature request #767: New subdatabase based on AUX file (biblatex)
- Feature: DOItoBibTeX fetcher now also handles HTTP URLs
- Feature: "Normalize to BibTeX name format" also removes newlines
- Tweak of preference defaults
- Autolink requires that the filename starts with the given BibTeX key and the default filename patterns is key followed by title
- Default sorting changed
- Default label pattern changed from [auth][year] to [authors3][year]
- Feature: case changers now leave protected areas (enclosed with curly brakets) alone
- BREAKING: The BibTeX key generator settings from previous versions are lost
- BREAKING: LabelPatterns [auth.etal], [authEtAl], [authors], [authorsN], [authorLast] and more to omit spaces and commas (and work as described at
- BREAKING: [keywordN] returns the Nth keyword (as described in the help) and not the first N keywords
- BREAKING: If field consists of blanks only or an emtpy string, it is not written at all
- Feature: new LabelPattern [authFirstFull] returning the last name of the first author and also a "van" or "von" if it exists
- Feature: all new lines when writing an entry are obeying the globally configured new line (File -> newline separator). Affects fields: abstract and review
- Feature: [veryShortTitle] and [shortTitle] also skip words like "in", "among", "before", ...
- Feature: New LabelPattern [keywordsN], where N is optional. Returns the first N keywords. If no N is specified ("[keywords]"), all keywords are returned. Spaces are removed.
- Update supported LookAndFeels
- Show replaced journal abbreviations on console
- Integrated GVK-Plugin
- The three options to manage file references are moved to their own separated group in the Tools menu.
- Default preferences: Remote server (port 6050) always started on first JabRef instance. This prevents JabRef loaded twice when opening a bib file.

- Fixed the bug that the file encoding was not correctly determined from the first (or second) line
- Fixed #325: Deactivating AutoCompletion crashes EntryEditor
- Fixed bug when having added and then removed a personal journal list, an exception is always shown on startup
- Fixed a bug in the IEEEXploreFetcher
- Fixed bug 1282 related to backslashes duplication.
- Fixed bug 1285: Editing position is not lost on saving
- Fixed bug 1297: No console message on closing
- Fixed #194: JabRef starts again on Win XP and Win Vista
- Fixed: Tooltips are now shown for the #-field when the bibtex entry is incomplete.
- Fixed #173: Personal journal abbreviation list is not loaded twice
- Bugfix: Preview of external journal abbreviation list now displays the correct list
- Fixed #223: Window is displayed in visible area even when having multiple screens
- Localization tweaks: "can not" -> "cannot" and "file name" -> "filename"
- Fixed: When reconfiguring the BibTeX key generator, changes are applied instantly without requiring a restart of JabRef
- Fixed #250: No hard line breaks after 70 chars in serialized JabRef meta data
- Fixed bug 1296: External links in the help open in the standard browser
- Fixed behavior of opening files: If an existing database is opened, it is focused now instead of opening it twice.

- Entry type 'Other' is not selectable anymore as it is no real entry type. Will be converted to 'Misc'.
- BREAKING: Remove plugin functionality.
- The key bindings for searching specific databases are removed
- Remove option to toggle native file dialog on mac by making JabRef always use native file dialogs on mac
- Remove options to set PDF and PS directories per .bib database as the general options have also been deleted.
- Remove option to disable renaming in FileChooser dialogs.
- Remove option to hide the BibTeX Code tab in the entry editor.
- Remove option to set a custom icon for the external file types. This is not possible anymore with the new icon font.
- Remove legacy options to sync files in the "pdf" or "ps" field
- Remove button to merge entries and keep the old ones.
- Remove non-compact rank symbols in favor of compact rank
- Remove Mr.DLib support as MR.DLib will be shut down in 2015
- Remove support for key bindings per external application by allowing only the key binding "push to application" for the currently selected external application.
- Remove "edit preamble" from toolbar
- Remove support to the move-to-SysTray action
- Remove incremental search
- Remove option to disable autocompleters for search and make this always one
- Remove option to highlight matches and make this always one when not using regex or grammar-based search
- Remove non-working web searches: JSTOR and Sciencedirect (planned to be fixed for the next release)
- Remove option Tools -> Open PDF or PS which is replaced by Tools -> Open File

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