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Download IVPN Client 3.4.0

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What's new in this version:

IVPN Client 3.4.0
- Multi-Hop for WireGuard protocol
- Option to reset app settings on logout
- Option to keep Firewall state on logout
- CLI option to show all servers and to connect to specific server

- Speed up the response timeout to API server
- Force automatic WireGuard key regeneration if the rotation interval has passed
- (macOS) Updated: OpenVPN: v2.5.3; OpenSSL: 1.1.1k
- (macOS) Updated WireGuard binaries: wireguard-go: v0.0.20210424; wireguard-tools v1.0.20210914

- Fastest server settings were ignored in some cases
- Option to run multiple UI instances in some cases
- Server selection issues
- Other minor issues and improvements
- Unable to start WireGuard connection if more than 10 utunX devices configured

IVPN Client 3.3.20
- IPv6 inside WireGuard tunnel
- IPv6 connection info
- New option in settings ‘Allow access to IVPN server when Firewall is enabled’
- (Windows) Contrast tray icon (black or white; depends on Windows color theme)

- VPN was active after reboot when connected to Trusted WIFI
- Sometimes application was failing to connect to IVPN daemon
- (Windows) The daemon service was not starting when the 'Windows Events Logs' service is not running
- (macOS) WireGuard compatibility with old macOS versions

IVPN Client 3.3.10
- new restore window position
- improved No delay to redraw UI content when opening the application from the system tray
- improved (macOS) Updated WireGuard binaries to latest versions (wireguard-go v0.0.20210323; wireguard-tools v1.0.20210315)
- fixed (macOS) WireGuard roaming does not work when switching networks
- fixed (macOS) Clicking the icon in Launchpad or System Dock does not open the app main window (if application started on system boot)

IVPN Client 3.3.7
- new: Added connection information to system tray menu
- new: (macOS) Application checks if it is installed to the correct path
- improved: (WindowsLinux) Title bar now matches app style

IVPN Client 2.12.6
- Improved: Uninstaller improvements
- Fixed: Spontaneous reconnections

IVPN Client 2.12.4
- Improved: Account ID validation logic

IVPN Client 2.12.3
- User-defined extra configuration parameters for OpenVPN moved to separate file with access rights only for privileged account

- Random disconnections on waking-up from sleep
- Always-on Firewall is blocking traffic on system boot
- WireGuard connection error when a network interface not initialized

IVPN Client 2.12.2
- Improved: Overall stability
- Fixed: Potential disconnection when network changes

IVPN Client 2.12.1
- Fixed: potential disconnection when network changes

IVPN Client 2.12.0
- Command line interface for IVPN service

- Overall stability

IVPN Client 2.11.9
- Improved: removed WireGuard warning

IVPN Client 2.11.7
- Reconnection functionality
- Updated CA certificate for OpenVPN

- 'Automatically change port' feature
- Sometimes ping indicators are not updating

IVPN Client 2.11.3
- Pause feature for WireGuard
- Various UI issues

IVPN Client 2.11.2
- WireGuard upgraded to 0.0.20200121

- Issue with background update of WireGuard keys
- Firewall config changes from Always-On to On-Demand after upgrade
- Processing of users additional OpenVPN parameters

IVPN Client 2.11.0
- Reduced binary size and improved performance of IVPN Agent

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