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Download HandBrake 0.10.0

  -  9.92 MB  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

- Removed mcdeint deinterlace and decomb modes. This relied on the snow encoder in libav which has been was removed by upstream.
- Bug fixes and Misc Improvements.

Choice of Scalers:
- Lanczos: This is currently Handbrake's default scaler and will remain so.

Bicubic (OpenCL) (Experimental):
- Currently only available in OpenCL form so requires a AMD or Intel GPU supporting OpenCL 1.1 or later. Nvidia GPU's are not currently supported.
- When downscaling, up to 5% performance improvement can be achieved. No benefit when not downscaling.
- Small loss in quality over the Lanczos scaler.

- hqdn3d filter now accepts individual settings for both chroma channels (Cr, Cb)
- New NlMeans denoiser. This is very slow, but results are significantly better than hqdn3d.

- Added Windows Phone 8 Preset
- Updated Libraries:
- x264 r2479-dd79a61
- Libav v10.1
- libbluray 0.5.0

Libavformat is now used for muxing instead of mp4v2 and libmkv:
- "Large File Size" checkbox has now bee removed for mp4, as the new muxer will transition to 64bit files automatically.
- mpeg2dec has also been replaced in favour of using libav

The LibAV AAC encoder is now the default as FAAC has been removed:
- This encoder is adequate for most, but until it improves a bit further, we have enabled support for the FDK-AAC encoder also.
- This FDK option is a temporary measure until the LibAV encoder improves.
- Note that FDK-AAC is much slower and will likely bottleneck the encode process, but will produce better quality audio.

H.265 encoder:
- Using x265 v1.4
- This encoder is still early in it's development, so is missing many H.265 features and optimisations.

Added VP8 Encoder (using libvpx):
- Available in MKV files only.

- Build system updates to compiled under OS X 10.9
- Automatic audio and subtitle track selection behaviors which can be stored per preset.
- Improvements to Auto-Naming feature.
- Misc UI enhancements.
- Bug fixes

Command Line Interface:
- Basic support for return codes from the CLI. (0 = No Error, 1 = Cancelled, 2 = Invalid Input, 3 = Initialization error, 4 = Unknown Error")
- Bug fixes and Misc Improvements

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