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Download GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.734.0

  -  160 MB  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.734.0
- Classic 6: fix for spreadsheet editing on iOS

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.732.0
- fix for Shading for Integral(f, a, b, false)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.729.0
- CAS: better syntax errors when number of arguments is wrong
- bugfix for saving table of values
- bugfix for polar grid with point fixed to grid
- "transparent":true also for 3D View
- Notes: images and equations can be dragged in from outside the applet
- Plot piecewise If() better

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.726.0
- new style for selected Points
- Old Input Boxes now have "keyboard" icon for the full keyboard rather then the old "α" icon

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.724.0
- CAS: fix for eg Sequence(j,j,0,pi/2,pi/10) and NSolve({(N)/(((a)(exp((-30)(k))))+(1))=(11)/(50), (N)/(((a)(exp((-40)(k))))+(1))=(11)/(25), (N)/((a)+(1))=(3)/(200)},{N=1, a=1, k=1})
- fix label position when x:y is not 1:1
- update to GWT 2.10.0
- fix ShowGrid() scripting problem

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.723.0
- 3D: fix Show/Hide grid button

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.722.0
- HTML5: fix for extra spurious digits when rounding

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.721.0
- CAS: fix for Solve({a k=1,a ℯ^(3 k)=3 ℯ},{a,k})
- Data Table improvements
- fix for full-screen icon on touch

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.720.0
- New command NIntegral(function, start x, start y, end x) to calculate and plot a numerical integral

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.718.0
- improvements for ClosestPoint(point, function)
- bugfix for Derivative(f,0)
- bugfix for Sample({2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14}, RandomBetween(2,3), false)
- Freehand Function tool now available in the "Customize Toolbar" dialog
- bugfix for IntersectPath(line, triangle) when dependent points are used
- bugfix for positions of "Play" / "Reset" / "full-screen" icons

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.715.0
- fix for SetFilling()

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.713.0
- new command Type(Conic/Quadric)
- fix zooming jitter with 2 Views

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.709.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.707.0
- allow line thickness for 2D "surfaces"
- bugfix for LaTeX style in 3D View

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.706.0
- CAS: fix for Extremum(40 sqrt(x) ℯ^(-0.5 x))
- fix for macros getting duplicated
- fix for slider's "play" button on touch

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.703.0
- fix problem with saving/loading value of c_1 from SolveODE()
- CAS: fix crashing problem on Windows with Classic 5

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.700.0
- new syntax to set the decoration at the ends of segments SetDecoration( , , )
- Support for simple surds eg √8
- fix for Surface(If(...
- CAS: fix for x(x)^2
- 3D: fix for "Use text as Caption"

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.697.0
- fix plotting of eg 4x³ - 12x² > 0
- Classic 6: fix problem with transparent burger menu

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.694.0
- fix crashing with pen strokes

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.693.0
- make sure Cube tool doesn't label the "extra" points
- fix f==-g for functions
- Classic 6: fix for spreadsheet scrolling
- fix for problem saving randomized lists of images

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.691.0
- fixes for drawing quadrics
- fix for dilating circles

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.689.0
- Notes: Isometric and Polar grids

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.688.0
- bug fixes

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.687.0
- Android, iOS: Image Tool added
- CAS: PerpendicularVector(plane) syntax added

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.686.0
- New special syntax for just 2 points FitSin( {A, B} )
- fix for Translate(circumcircular arc)
- more function plotting improvements (especially asymptotes)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.683.0
- web: fix bold gridlines checkbox
- fix plotting of eg nroot(x,3)
- fix for Pen in 3D view
- new dynamic syntaxes ParseToFunction("u+v",{"u", "v"}), ParseToFunction("x^2"), ParseToNumber("1+2")

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.680.0
- Notes: fix problem with images
- CAS: make sure functions updated on zooming
- filling updated when redefining eg y=x to y<x
- fix SVG aspect ratio on buttons

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.676.0
- Fix for Translate(If(0 < x < k, 2 + x, 1 < x < 2, -1), vector)
- Fix for If() not working in scripts sometimes
- make sure Sequence(IntegralBetween(... updates with slider

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.674.0
- fix for Solve({x * y = 1,3*x^2 = y^2},{x,y})

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.672.0
- Classic: fix for NSolve Tool
- Classic CAS: fix for Substitute with Keep Input (missing brackets)
- Classic 5: fix for hyperbola drawing
- Notes: fix for missing Mindmap Tool
- CAS App: make sure redefining a function updates the graph
- make sure screen reader output works in iframe

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.671.0
- Notes: New tools Ruler and Protractor
- fix for ggbApplet.showToolBar()
- fix for Tools with Surfaces

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.668.0
- fix for missing Labelling menu
- fix problem plotting paraboloids etc
- fix for IntersectPath(P, a) with Zip()
- fix bug for 3D angles in lists
- fix bug with full-screen button
- fix problem on iOS where Input Boxes scroll the applet

- Technical change: use Pointer Events
- Classic: fix bug where "Keep Input" button gives null:=
- Make sure PgUp, PgDown don't change layer
- CAS: make sure Solve() doesn't call NSolve() for inequalities

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.666.0
- Condition to Show Object not copied correctly in spreadsheet when it's just a single variable
- opening .ggb files from Google Drive

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.665.0
- CAS: make sure "random" commands work again
- fixes for ggbApplet.remove()

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.664.0
- fix problem with Box Plot label position

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.662.0
- Classic 6: fix for Ctrl-C/V/A in scripting dialogs
- new command IsFactored( )
- small Probability Calculator fixes

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.659.0
- atan(), acos(), asin() now work for complex numbers
- new parameter "detachKeyboard":true
- Classic 5: fix for disappearing objects when Input Box has the focus
- Suite: Probability Calculator sub-app added (web only)
- 3D: fix for labelling eg Cube segments
- fix alignment for new "Text as caption" Captions
- CAS: make sure Invert() is exact

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.657.0
- CAS: Make sure Invert(matrix) is exact
- Notes: New Spotlight Tool
- Classic 6: missing style bar added to Probability Calculator (for discrete)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.656.0
- CAS: fix for Solve(3*sqrt(x+4)<=5-2abs(x+2))

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.654.0
- fix order of Arabic digits eg on axes
- Tabbing order can be customized by making a special list like tabOrder = {A, B, E, D}
- fix problem with truncating calculations on %

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.652.0
- CAS: fix eg 2/1E-12 in Keep Input mode
- CAS: slightly simplified answer from Substitute()
- CAS: new option to "save" (in a secure area) in exam mode
- Probability Calculator: fix problem saving intervals

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.649.0
- Notes: new Mindmaps Tool and Charts improvements
- improvement for eg FormulaText(sin(1x + 1x - 1x))
- CAS: fix for eg mod(3^5431843, 2)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.646.0
- fix ggbApplet.getScreenshotBase64() for webSimple
- CAS: make sure eg SolveODE((y')²+5y'+6=0) returns both solutions
- Symbolic Input boxes are now the default

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.644.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.640.0
- fix style bar in Safari

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.639.0
- fix for tracing functions
- switch from pako.js to fflate.js
- built-in buttons icons switched to SVGs
- CAS: fix for eg Rationalize(1/(sqrt(3+ί))) in web (& smaller)
- CAS: fix for acosd and atand
- CAS: make sure Eigenvectors({{1,2},{3,4}}) is exact

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.637.0
- Geometry: fix Rigid Polygon Tool/command
- fix for plotting arcosh(x)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.636.0
- fix problem drawing linear functions (especially in Regression panel)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.620.0
- New commands ReplaceAll( , , ) and Split( , )
- Fix for PlaySound()

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.609.0
- fixes for external keyboards on iOS

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.608.0
- fix for Input Box linked to slider not respecting slider bounds (old Input Boxes only)
- CAS: Numeric() works for more than 15 d.p.
- Classic 6: fix white background in Customize Tools dialog
- fix for language translation of functions

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.606.0
- Symbolic Input Boxes: add option for Serif
- Symbolic Input Boxes: asin(x) is now a*sin(x)
- Mobile: make sure keyboard always opens for tool dialogs
- fix for Input Boxes without labels

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.605.0
- CAS: Min() and Max() implemented

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.604.0
- Classic 5: fix for ggbApplet.getValueString()
- Graphing: "Statistics" summary for Min / Q1 / Median / Q3 / Max
- CAS: new command IntegralSymbolic()
- Complex functions implemented (including Expand(f) and f==g)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.603.0
- fix beta() for negative inputs

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.600.0
- fix RandomPointIn( <Conic/Circle> )
- Intersect( , , , ) working for 3D Curves

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.599.0
- Classic 5: fix for ggbApplet.getValueString()
- CAS: RemoveUndefined() and IsInteger() implemented

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.598.0
- fix for ggbApplet.reset()

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.596.0
- fix for dropdowns not closing on click
- Improvements for pasting LaTeX into the Algebra Input and Input Boxes
- new command RemovableDiscontinuity() for rational functions (also for previews)
- Notes: new Table Tool
- Editor: SVG export, evalLaTeX() added, event for / focus lost added
- Chrome: copy image to clipboard working

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.593.0
- Special points for functions: roots, min and max
- Solve button for equations: exact and numeric

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.592.0
- fix for plotting eg f(x)=ln(44)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.591.0
- log(x) now gives log_10(x) not ln(x)
- new command RemovableDiscontinuity() for rational functions (also for previews)
- fix for eg sin(x)^cos(x)
- extra parameter added toggbApplet.getValueString("f", false) to make sure output isn't localized
- fix for sliders with 1° increment

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.590.0
- 3D: new tool Surface of Revolution
- Graphing: make sure complex * complex works again
- Fix for n in Input Boxes
- Fix for Polygon(A,B,3,plane) when A and B are 2D points
- Fix for eg sin(x)^cos(x)
- Notes: new Equation tool
- Complex i displayed better in Input Boxes and LaTeX texts

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.588.0
- Delete Tool won't now delete fixed objects in Activities

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.587.0
- better parsing of expressions without explicit multiply eg f(p,q)=sin(pq)
- fix for Input Boxes sometimes disappearing on
- new parameter to set button's border colors eg "buttonBorderColor":"#ff00ff"
- Graphing: Length(list) working again
- Graphing: Equation shown for Line(A, B) again
- Symbolic Input Boxes working for conics, implicit curves and quadrics
- Now built with GWT 2.9

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.583.0
- Classic 6: fix for re-opening settings (mostly iOS)
- Classic 6: make sure random numbers aren't updated when CAS is loaded
- fix for angle not being shown when it's from Element(list,1)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.581.0
- Suite (beta): now on geogebra/calculator
- remove unnecessary API calls

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.580.0
- Classic 5: "Apply Template" will also apply default styles to existing objects
- fix for symbolic Input Boxes disappearing on touch
- fix for FormulaText("Rho")
- JavaScript listeners preserved over a redefine
- GeoGebra 6: fix installer where username contains a space
- fix for Input Box cleared on full-screen button
- improved plotting for eg ln(x)
- bugfix for drawing grid with "positive only" axis
- better parsing of expressions without brackets eg sinsinsinx
- Classic 6: brackets added when typed after function name
- pi replaced by π in Input Boxes
- 3D Calculator: Snapshot button in AR Mode

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.579.0
- fix bug with numbers being turned into sliders
- Classic 5: fix bug with dragging drop-down lists

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.578.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.577.0
- Classic: fix for native keyboard appearing on iOS 13.3.1
- CAS App: sliders and vectors working
- Classic: fix for eg ggbApplet.evalCommand("$1:f(x)≔x^2")
- make sure InputBox1+"" and FormulaText(InputBox1) work properly
- fix for undo/redo with symbolic Input Boxes

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.574.0
- Make sure output line shown for FitLine() etc again
- Web: fix for #&¬ key

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.573.0
- Graphing: same in exam and non-exam
- More Symbolic Input Box improvements (including Vectors and the type can't be changed by typing "bad" syntax)
- Bugfix: ggbApplet.setFixed() no longer triggers OnUpdate scripts
- RandomElement({1/2,1/3,1/4}) works better
- Android: fix keyboard closing problem on HTC phones

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.564.0
- New command CASLoaded()
- Improvement for random numbers being updated on redefinition (eg when Input Box contents changed) - random numbers should be defined in their "own object" to take advantage of this

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.562.0
- Classic 5: fix for ggbApplet.registerAddListener()
- Classic 6: fix for eg SetPerspective("S")
- Symbolic Input Boxes working for eg f(x,y)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.560.0
- Input Boxes are empty rather than showing ? for undefined linked geo
- Alignment option for Input Boxes
- CAS Calculator: more commands added: Invert(), NSolutions(), Sequence(), ReducedRowEchelonForm(), Substitute(), Sum(), Transpose(), RemoveUndefined(), Tangent()

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.559.0
- Download xx.cache.js files in parallel
- Option for caching with service worker
- "Selection Allowed" working for Input Boxes, Dropdowns and Buttons
- Screenreader works for reading LaTeX Captions

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.546.0
- Classic 5: fix for JavaScript error ("java.lang.String")

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.544.0
- CAS View: fix for Solve(8/(p^(-4000*x))=6,x) and Integral(sqrt(x+sqrt(x)))
- fix for GeoGebra Scripts on Android/iOS
- ZoomIn() working for 3D View (non-dynamic)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.541.0
- CAS View: fix for SolveODE(y'=sqrt(x),(1,1))

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.536
- Classic 5: fix for large tool icons
- Corner(-1,13) returns scales for x, y, z axes
- Improvement for f(x)=(3/2)^x, f(-1)
- GeoGebra 6: make sure more decimal places (minimum 5) are used when editing an expression
- Editor: fix for ÷ immediately after log₁₀(x) and for eg 3|x|
- LaTeX: fixes for eg v_{1}'^{2} and @{hspace{3.7 mm}}
- Geometry: "Fit to Zoom" preserves aspect ratio
- New default labels for equations eq1, eg2, ...
- CAS View: fix for eg Vector[(x,y,z)] = Vector[(1,2,3)]

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.535.0
- fix SlowPlot()
- GeoGebra 6: fix problem when text is re-edited (text dialog stuck open)
- missing 180° solution for eg NSolutions(4 sin³(x) cos(x) -6cos²(x) sin(x))

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.533.0
- 3D View: Corner(-1, 12) gives screen left-to-right direction in 3D view coords
- Statistics Calculator: fix for problems entering eg 0.01, 1/60
- Consistent Greek font added for keyboard
- fix for auto-sliders eg y=mx+c
- fix bug with a((?,?)) for quadratic inequalities
- Graphing: "Table of Values" working for conics eg y=x^2

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.529.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.526.0
- Chrome: fix problem in full-screen mode

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.523.0
- Checkboxes: use $math{x}$ in Caption for "proper" math x

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.518.0
- fix for stdev() / stdevp() problem

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.513.0
- Fix trace for filled Curves
- Fix for eg Sequence(k°, k, 0, 360, 30) Sequence(cos( Element( l1, k )), k, 1, 5 )
- Make sure setting labels works for eg a = RigidPolygon(poly1)
- Exam mode: don't allow fix/unfix for functions, conics

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.512.0
- Fix for touchscreens with Chrome 70+
- Fix for eg ((x + 1) / 41 + 0z = y / -16,(x + 1) / 41 = (z - 3) / a) becoming undefined after a = 0
- Fix for Asymptote(x^(-2n)) and Asymptote(log(f(x))
- LaTeX: fix for Epsilon
- Splines: fix export to PSTricks / PGF and fix problem with closed splines

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.511.0
- fix for clickToLoad parameter

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.509.0
- Fix for plotting eg f(x) = x^3

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.507.0
- Improvement for Limit() eg Limit(If(x

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.503.0
- label outlines removed for exporting
- Spreadsheet: fix for pasting in applets
- CAS View: fix for Append(3, {4, 5, 6})
- Editor: fix for f′′ and f'/2
- 3D Android: AR enabled (beta, ARCore devices only)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.498.0
- fix for saving mean (1,2,3,4)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.496.0
- fix for LaTeX fonts

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.489.0
- Android / iOS: List Tool
- fix bug saving conics in "Conic Form"
- Classic 5: fix for displaying subscripts in the Algebra View

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.487.0
- GeoGebra 6: fix for missing grid color/line style options
- GeoGebra Classic 6: fix on iOS for "doubled characters" in old Input Bar

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.481.0
- Classic 5: fix for dragging drop-down lists
- Fix for y² = (x² - a²) / x²

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.477.0
- Classic 5: bugfix for size of fixed Buttons
- Classic 6: new option: Download As -> Construction Protocol (html)
- Graphing: fix for missing output row
- Classic 6: fix for exam mode

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.476.0
- Classic 6: Allow non-adjacent columns to be selected in the spreadsheet (Ctrl-Click)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.475.0
- Improve PGF/PSTricks export for 3D objects wholly in 2D view (Points, Lines, Conics)
- Fix b = a for quadrics
- New command SetDecoration( , )

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.474.0
- Classic 6: Input Boxes line up exactly when editing
- When moving eg a polygon with the arrow keys, use the "Increment" of the first defining point
- Make sure eg Ctrl-Shift-A is disabled when enableRightClick = false
- CAS View: new matrix commands JordanDiagonalization(), Eigenvectors(), Eigenvalues()
- Classic 6: fix image export on iOS
- Tablets: Make sure keyboard appears again for Input Boxes

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.473.0
- Algebra View: fix for Integral( x sqrt( 1 + cos(2x) ) , 0 , pi / 2 )

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.472.0
- Statistics View: fix for Histogram -> Set Classes Manually
- CAS View: fix for Solve(((-a sqrt(a² + x²) + x sqrt(a² + x²) + x sqrt(a² + (a - x)²)) / (sqrt(a² + x²) sqrt(a² + (a - x)²))),x)
- Make sure preview points aren't shown in Classic
- FormulaText(svgImage) now works (HTML5 only)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.471.0
- Fix for Asymptote(2^x / (2^x - 3^x))
- Fix for truncation in iframes
- CAS View: fix for reloading MidPoint() / Center()
- Mobile: fix for plotting eg y = x sin(x) then x^2 + y^2 = pi^2

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.470.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.468.0
- Classic 6: Download as -> Activity as Webpage
- CAS View: new command Assume( , ).
- Classic 6: fix for missing toolbar when loading files
- Screenreader support for drop-down menus

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.466.0
- 3D View: fix for IntersectPath() when the z-axis is rescaled
- new command MAD( ), MAD( , ) for Mean Absolute Deviation
- CAS View: improvement for sqrt(x - 1) * sqrt(x - 2)
- SetAxesRatio(a, 1) now keeps the y-axis fixed
- fix for Sequence(Intersect(a, Element(L_1, i), 2), i, 1, 9)
- fix for Translate(inequality)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.465.0
- Editor: fix for eg |x|/3
- Make sure the full-screen button always appears in the right-hand view
- for for using + to move a point on a path

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.464.0
- Chrome: fix for exporting large images

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.463.0
- CAS View: fix bug with NSolve Tool eg Sum(T/2^n, n, 3, 10) = 1500000
- CAS View: fix for UnitVector(Vector((1, 2, 3)))
- GeoGebra 6: fix for Ubuntu 18.04

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.462.0
- TikZ Export: use pgfplots for the axes/grid

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.459.0
- CAS View: fix for NSolve Tool for eg A'(x) = 0
- CAS View: improvements for eg Factor(1+ln(x) + 2 ln(y)) and Expand(ln(3x^5))
- Graphics View: support currencies as axes unit £ € $ ¥ ₩ ϯ ₫ ₪ ₮ ₨ ₹
- bugfix: Make sure + and - keys work for moving Point(path) again
- Load toolbar icons asyncronously
- fix decimal point display bug

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.458.0
- Fix for disappearing objects when preview points calculated
- Custom Toolbar working in the new UI

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.455.0
- fix mean and variance for Pascal Distribution
- fix scaling problem

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.453.0
- 3D View: fix for opacity of circles in lists
- improvement for plotting eg Derivative(|x|)
- fixes for ⊕ (XOR)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.452.0
- make sure keyboard is shown for tool dialogs
- new command IsTangent( , )
- GeoGebra 6: fix LaTeX preview in Text Tool
- Create image with pic1 = ExportImage("view", 2, "corner", A, "corner2", B)
- CAS View: Improved answer for eg Solve(sin(x) = sin(2x))

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.451.0
- fix for loading some /o/ URLs

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.450.0
- CAS View: fix for Sum(RandomBetween(0,1),t,1,20)
- GeoGebra 6: Export multi-page PDFs with ExportImage("type", "pdf", "filename", "test.pdf", "slider", n)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.447.0
- fix for toolbar disappearing on file load
- load SVG files with drag'n'drop
- iOS: fix for FitSin()

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.445.0
- CAS View: fix for PerpendicularLine( , )
- GeoGebra Classic 6 (online): fix for a=Integral(ℯ^(-x^(2)),-∞,0)
- Speedup for definite integrals of piecewise functions
- Open context menu in Graphics View withF10 or
- 3D View: thinner axes
- Editor: fix for (3|4) and (cross-product)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.444.0
- fix for Integral(x (x - (exp(x) - exp(-x)) / 2 / ((exp(1) - exp(-1)) / 2)))
- fix for moving vertical sliders

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.443.0
- fix for integrating piecewise functions

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.442.0
- CAS View: add InverseNormal()
- CAS View: LeftSide() and RightSide() working for inequalities
- CAS View: fix for PerpendicularLine( , )
- Dragging fixed background (on touch) will scroll the whole page
- Better control when dragging the slider on "automatic" increment
- GeoGebra 6 (offline): C will copy an image to the clipboard

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.441.0
- fix for CopyFreeObject(centered image)
- fix for pasting

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.438.0
- GeoGebra Classic 6: fix for redraw problems on iOS with dropdowns
- GeoGebra Classic 6: PDF export will include Graphics View 2 as a second page
- CAS View: fix for f(x) := π x

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.437.0
- don't show recovery dialog for embedded applets
- fix for Input Boxes on mobile (small screens)
- fix for loading bad syntax If(a, {1}, 0)
- fix for freeze typing y=x after drawing polygon

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.434.0
- fix for ! in editor
- fix for centered images
- new command InteriorAngles( ) (used by the Angle Tool for Polygons)
- SetColor() and SetBackgroundColor() accept hexcodes in the form #AARRGGBB and #RRGGBB eg SetBackgroundColor(text1, "#80FF0000")
- fix for Sequence(1, 2, 0.1)
- fix for redrawing LaTeX after fonts loaded
- fix for dragging Polygons

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.432.0
- make sure "Create Slider" dialog doesn't appear for Input Boxes
- fix for on-screen keyboard in Norwegian

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.431.0
- GeoGebra Classic 6: fix for switching language to eg Chinese

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.429.0
- GeoGebra Classic 6: possible fix for "?" in CAS View
- Spreadsheet View: fix for Points not appearing when Create List dialog closed
- GeoGebra Classic 6: fix for switching to Norwegian

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.427.0
- fix for rename dialog opening when using the Text Tool
- GeoGebra Classic 5: bundle with Java 8 to fix File -> Share problem
- fix for Tangent() for functions using acos(), atan()
- GeoGebra Classic 6: possible fix for "?" in CAS View

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.426.0
- Android Classic: split screen mode disallowed
- Use = not ≟ for Conditional Functions
- 3D View: fix for drawing planes when axes are rescaled
- new command ExportImage() eg ExportImage("type", "svg", "filename", "myimage.svg"), ExportImage("type", "png", "filename", "myimage.png", "width", 1000), ExportImage("type", "png", "filename", "myimage.png", "scalecm", 1, "dpi", 300)
- Spreadsheet View: fix preview for List Tool
- Statistics Calculator: state now saved in .ggb file

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.423.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.422.0
- fix problem with preview points
- iOS: fix problem with f'

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.420.0
- Automatic preview points
- GeoGebra Classic 6: fix for icon size in Construction Protocol
- GeogebraSans-Regular and GeogebraSerif-Regular fonts removed
- CAS View: fix for Edge browser
- CAS View: fix for {1, 2} * {3, 4} and 3 / {1,2,3}
- CAS View: make sure UnitVector(), PerpendicularVector(), UnitPerpendicularVector() return a vector not point
- fix for exporting images

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.417.0
- Firefox: fix for SVG Export
- Algebra View: LaTeX and Presentation MathML can be pasted
- CAS View: fix for Division(2a^2+2a+1,a-1)
- CAS View: fix for Sum(Element({1,2,3,4},k),k,1,4)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.414.0
- Native Apps: fix for app not loading on Android 5.1
- Graphing / Geometry / 3D: fix for Edit menu getting stuck
- 3D View: form for spheres can be changed eg x^2+y^2+z^2+4x-2y-8z=4, (x + 2)² + (y - 1)² + (z - 4)² = 25

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.413.0
- Classic 6: fix for stopping recording to spreadsheet
- CAS View: fix for Solve(3*4^(x/5)=48)
- fix for arg(?)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.412.0
- 3D View: optimizations for multiple segments/polygons (especially for Edge browser)
- Algebra View: asin(),acos(),atan() respect the degree/radian setting
- improvement for function plotting on wider screens
- Classic 6: fix export in Data Analysis and Probability Calculator
- fix for Point(Locus)
- Classic 6: make sure the editor works better in the CAS View for long inputs

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.410.0
- CAS View: fix for LeftSide({a,b}={1,2})
- CAS View: small improvement for Simplify(x^(5k)*x^(2*k+1))
- Algebra View: fix for g(x)=f(x) / c in symbolic mode
- Classic 6: fix for lines in PGF / TikZ export

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.409.0
- fix for Sequence(Surface(...
- fix problem with missing faces from eg cube
- CAS View: improvement for Simplify(x^(8*k+9)*x^(5*k))
- CAS View: fix for plotting Integral(f, 1, 2) and IntegralBetween(f, g, 1, 2)
- Editor: fix for typing eg x|x|

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.408.0
- Classic 6: fix for Spreadsheet "Create" menu

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.405.0
- Classic 5: fix file saving bug
- Classic 6: PDF Export

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.404.0
- 3D: new user interface

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.403.0
- Classic 5: fix for PDF export with images/hatching
- fix for inverted checkboxes in "View" menu

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.401.0
- Midpoint tool works for Polygons (to give Centroid)
- fix for ZoomIn(-5, 5, -4, 4)
- Native apps: Quick stylebar: tap on object to quickly change color, point or line style, etc.
- iOS Native Apps: New tools: Create Slider, Angle with Given Size, Segment with Given Length, Regular Polygon, Circle with Center & Radius, Rotate around Point, Dilate from Point, Relation

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.400.0
- more slider styling options
- CAS View: ToBase(), FromBase(), IndexOf() implemented
- fix for saving the style of eg Intersect(fun1, fun2, a, b)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.394.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.392.0
- Fix for 1/(x y) in the CAS View
- SetAxesRatio( x, y, z ) works in 3D
- By default lists are now named L, L1, L2 ,... not list, list1, list2 ,..

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.391.0
- Fix for Integral(sqrt((-3*a*cos(x)^(2)*sin(x))^(2)+(3a*(sin(x))^(2)*cos(x))^(2)),0,pi/2)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.390.0
- Fixes for F(t,x)=Integral(sin(x)*sin(t-x), x)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.389.0
- fixes for Korean in editor

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.382.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.381.0
- bugfix: make sure macro object eg Hexagon(G_8) can be moved with the arrow keys
- just one "zero" shown at the origin
- new full-screen, home and zoom buttons
- new parameters "showZoomButtons":true,"showFullscreenButton":true,

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.379.0
- Curvature( ) works with 3D curves
- SelectObjects(InputBox) sets the focus
- Fix for FormulaText[FormulaText[FormulaText[... problem
- Math Calculators (offline only): Better CAS Engine eg exact answer for sqrt(ί)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.377.0
- CAS View: fix for "Copy to LaTeX"
- Default brackets for commands changed from eg ZoomIn[] to ZoomIn()

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.374.0
- Fix for ZoomIn[ ]
- Make sure point can't be dragged off eg If[1<=x<=5,x]

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.363.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.355.0
- new functions fixed by default
- Graphing Calculator: Angle Bisector Tool fixed
- Spreadsheet: fix for Copy & Paste of formulas
- Spreadsheet: One-variable analysis tool now treats second column of data as frequencies (if just two columns selected)
- fix problem with SlopeField[1/y]
- fix problem with redefine dialog opening on double-click when it shouldn't
- Exam: Invert[ ] command not available when CAS is disabled
- new command NInvert[ ] for numerical function inversion (intended for exam mode)
- fix for copy & paste of eg x/cos(x)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.348.0
- Equation editor fixes

GeoGebra Math Apps 5.0.350.0
- CAS View: fix for a:=1/1E8
- fix for dragging with 2 views open

GeoGebra Math Apps 5.0.349.0
- fix for auto-slider dialog in Safari
- make sure preview for FillCells[ ] doesn't delete cells
- new LaTeX commands brack brace bangle cancel bcancel xcancel longdiv

GeoGebra Math Apps 5.0.348.0
- CAS View: fix for Expand Tool

GeoGebra 5.0.346.0
- fix for not setting Input Box content
- fix for not hiding Input Box correctly
- fix for wrong coefficient in FitPoly

GeoGebra 5.0.345.0
- fix for Surface[ ] defined in terms of another surface
- Math Apps: make sure PNG Export isn't truncated by the menu
- Math Apps: Export PSTricks, PGF/TikZ, Asymptote

GeoGebra 5.0.344.0
- Length[] and First[] work on Freehand Functions
- Algebra View: fix for right-click
- Fix for drawing big arcs
- Fix for list of Polylines

GeoGebra 5.0.341.0
- Desktop: fix for SetValue[a, b, c]
- Web: increase maximum spreadsheet rows to 350

GeoGebra 5.0.339.0
- fix for InverseBinomial[]

GeoGebra 5.0.338.0
- fix for Intersect[]

GeoGebra 5.0.336.0
- Tangent[] works for log(f(x),g(x)) and nroot(f(x),g(x))
- Android: fix for wrong version of Giac

GeoGebra 5.0.334.0
- fix for Intersect[ , , t1, t2 ]
- Apache Commons Math Library updated to 3.6.1
- Probability Calculator: improvement for point dragging

GeoGebra 5.0.332.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra 5.0.331.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra 5.0.330.0
- Desktop: fix Function Inspector
- new syntax for lines eg x-1=y-2=(z-3)/2
- CAS View: better fix for ScientificText[ ]

GeoGebra 5.0.328.0
- fix for Envelope[]

GeoGebra 5.0.327.0
- fix for Integral[x(A)+...]
- CAS View: fix for ScientificText[ ] and arg()
- 3D View: fix for Angle[u, v] for very small angles
- "Solids" added to defaults (for Polyhedra, Cylinders, Cones)
- z = sin(x) + sin(y) will create f(x, y) = sin(x) + sin(y)
- Envelope[ ] command uses new method
- fix for exporting SVG with embedded image

GeoGebra 5.0.326.0
- nicer coefficients for Polynomial[x^3 - x^2 - x - 1] and RandomPolynomial[5, -1, 1]
- Android: fixes for logging in and viewing

GeoGebra 5.0.321.0
- Fix for bbbb: r=2θ
- fix for drop-downs that change length
- 3D View: fix for plotting a(x, y) = abs(x + y ί)

GeoGebra 5.0.320.0
- 3D View: fix for back-to-front angles
- CAS View: improve form of Numeric[121V^2 m 3.14159265359 (0.0004 / W / O)]

GeoGebra 5.0.318.0
- GGB6: new editor enabled
- On-screen keyboard: fix for accents keys

GeoGebra 5.0.317.0
- fix for dragging 3D polygons in 2D
- fix for inverting segments in degenerate circles
- CAS View: fix for f(1/x)
- On-screen keyboard: fix for key

GeoGebra 5.0.313.0
- 3D View: fix for tracing conics

GeoGebra 5.0.311.0
- Spreadsheet: copy scripts for copy/paste
- Input Boxes: fix for entering a formula after a number
- set background color from the spreadsheet when an object is created / renamed (if necessary)
- CAS View: fix for f'(x) for eg f(x) = K(x)/x

GeoGebra 5.0.309.0
- Fix for Input Boxes on iOS

GeoGebra 5.0.307.0
- Desktop: fix for "500" error on File -> Share

GeoGebra 5.0.306.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra 5.0.305.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra 5.0.304.0
- HTML5: fix for Input Bar focus problem on touch

GeoGebra 5.0.303.0
- HTML5: fix for Input Bar focus bug

GeoGebra 5.0.302.0
- use correct minus sign for Braille export
- Exam Simple: disable f'
- GeoGebra 6: resize window on file load

GeoGebra 5.0.301.0
- Desktop: fix drawing bug

GeoGebra 5.0.300.0
- fix for Freehand Function Tool
- fix for localized color names

- CAS View: fix for NSolve Tool for f(x)=1
- Classic Desktop: command-line option --stereo for testing with 3D Monitors / Projectors

- Change log not available for this version

- fix for SurdText[]
- fix for display form of Conics when saved

- 3D Grapher: fix for File -> New

- functions asind(), acosd(), atand(), atan2d() to return answer in degrees
- 3D view: drag nets to open / close
- Desktop: fix for in the Input Bar
- CAS View: ComplexRoot[ ] changed to give a numeric answer
- make sure Input Box scripts are run in the right order when Button clicked
- Debian repository is signed with SHA512

- Distance Tool working for Polylines
- Debian: use stronger signing

- New form for lines ax + by + c =0
- New forms for Parabolas (Conic Form and Vertex Form)
- CAS View: fix for (x=y)+(x=y)*(-1)
- fix for Z-Test of Difference of Proportions
- brand new method for LocusEquation[ ] under the hood

- fix for Input Boxes linked to sliders
- 3D View: orientation fix

- fix for Input Boxes linked to sliders
- 3D View: orientation fix

- CAS View: fix for NSolve[x^5730=1/2]

- Improvements for Polyline in 3D
- fix Invert[log(3,x+1)], Invert[log(x+1,3)]

- Fix problem with IntersectPath[Polygon, Line]
- Fix problem with Input Bar giving error eg Integral[x,0,1]
- Logarithmic grid for Data Analysis (beta)

- Surd improvements, eg Simplify[cbrt(x^6)] returns x^2

- Results from Derivative and Integral cached in the XML
- Fast dragging of CAS functions in the Graphics View
- Web App: print Algebra View
- Pen Tool and Freehand Shape Tool moved to under the Move Tool
- CAS View: Solve Numerically Tool fix for 2 rows
- Fix for qquad

- Desktop: fix for "alpha" popup
- Web App: fix for dragging to change order in the Construction Protocol
- CAS View: fix for focus problem (Web)

- Desktop: fix for "alpha" popup
- Web App: fix for dragging to change order in the Construction Protocol
- CAS View: fix for focus problem (Web)

- CAS View: fix for NSolve[(sqrt(3) 4 x³ + 12x² - sqrt(3) 12 x - 4)]
- CAS View: Solve Numerically Tool adds initial values for systems of equations eg {2.5=a*b^-5,8.4=a*b^7}

- HTML5: fix for editing in spreadsheet

- CAS View: fix for Simplify[sqrt(2)*sqrt(5)] and Solve[(sqrt(3) 4 x³ + 12x² - sqrt(3) 12 x - 4)]

- Change log not available for this version

- CAS View: fix for ln(0) and Integral[abs(x cos(x²)),0,sqrt(pi)]
- 3D View: hide cursor for export

- Change log not available for this version

- Change log not available for this version

- Make sure Polygon's segments are correct color after translation
- Tablet Apps: use native Giac (TBC)

- Graphing Calculator: Relation Tool implemented
- EPS Export: fix for exporting Trace and adjust color according to transparency
- Background color fills the whole cell in TableText[] now
- Tablet Apps: use native Giac (TBC)

- Tablet Apps: use native Giac (TBC)
- Checkboxes work in EPS Export
- Fix for Image Tool when it's the first tool
- New command Surface[Curve, Angle, Line]
- Graphing Calculator: Relation Tool implemented

- fix for otimes
- CAS View: fix for Translate[ellipse]
- new API methods ggbApplet.setPointCapture(view, mode), ggbApplet.setAxisStep(x, y, z), ggbApplet.setAxisLabel(x, y, z), ggbApplet.setAuxilliary(geo, true/false)
- new TableText[] alignment option "%" to convert to a percentage, and align on decimal points

- new TableText[] alignment option "." to align on decimal points
- fix for loading IntersectPath[]

- "%0" replaced by object's name in Click & Update scripts

- fix for autocomplete
- Graphing Calculator: fix for editor bug with (1,1/2)
- Exam Mode: make sure f'(x) works in non-CAS mode

- CAS View: fix for Solve[(x+5)*exp(x)=(x+5)*exp(2*x)]
- fix for NDerivative[] in Exam Mode

- fix for customized toolbar in 3D View
- CAS View: improvement for Simplify[1/x^(1/2) - (1/x)^(1/2)]

- fix for customized toolbar in 3D View
- ggbApplet.setRounding("10") added
- fix for Reflect[Plane, Plane]
- Symbolic mode for texts, eg FormulaText[1/2]
- CAS View: Intersect[] working for planes

- Fix for duplicated objects

- Fraction fixes

- Web App: can now set filling of individual bars for BarChart[] and Histogram[]
- fix for matrices M=N
- fix for If[ ]
- allow Input Boxes to be linked to CAS Cells

- HTML5: can now set properties of individual bars for BarChart[] and Histogram[]

- Algebra View: Input & Output rows, exact fractions
- CAS View: fix for Solve[(sin(x) * exp(x)) + (cos(x) * exp(x))]
- CAS View: fix for Angle[Vector[(1,2)],Vector[(t,5)]]
- CAS View: CountIf[] implemented
- fix for Macros that involve intersection of circles
- fixes for transformations of implicit curves (and rotating functions)
- CAS View: improvement for Integral(Simplify(((sqrt((((-(x))/(sqrt(((r)^(2))-((x)^(2)))))^(2))+(1))))))
- fix for Input Boxes when applet scaled (Chrome)

- f(x,y,z)=x+y+z then f(A) works for 3D Points
- fix for Implicit Curves

- fix problem with background image updates
- Desktop: fix problem with missing images in Button properties

- Fixed problem with Object Properties

- New Button design
- Graphing Calculator: Redo button added

- fix for BarChart opacity

- 3D View: small fix for Intersection[conic, conic]

- fixes for hatching of barcharts
- Hull[] command removed and new algorithms for other discrete commands
- fix for PlaySound[false]
- msi Installer: built using WiX 3.10.2 instead of 3.9

- Graphing Calculator: fix for eg e^x*sin(x), x^2+1

- bug fix for Intersection[ plane, arc ]
- improvement for integrals involving freehand functions
- Desktop: fix for JavaScript listeners
- 3D View: clipping defaults changed

- fix for y-axis labeling
- Graphing Calculator: enable Circle (Point, Radius) and Angle (fixed size) Tools

- CAS View: fix for SolveODE[y/x] and SolveODE[sin(0.017*x)*y]

- Implicit curves that are already factored are drawn better
- fix for Volume of Cylinder

- CAS View: fix for Solve[abs(6x - 3) + abs(6x + 9) - 12 = 0]
- make sure EPS files are exported to the clipboard properly (as file, not text)

- Image Tool: dialog now shown immediately
- Make sure all images are drawn interpolated on retina displays
- Graphing Calculator: Copy & Paste working, "x" to clear Input Bar
- CAS View: BinomialDist command works in general, ie BinomialDist[n, p, k, true]
- fix for ggbApplet.setWidth(), ggbApplet.setHeight()
- fix for {{0,0},{0,0}}^-1

- fix for SetValue[]

- CAS View: fix for SVD[] (desktop) and Limit[]
- f' works as a shortcut for f'(x)
- plane1 == plane2 implemented
- fix for Greek characters inside mbox{}

- fix for copy & paste of text with absolute screen location
- fix for Implicit Curves creating extra object

- Change log not available for this version

- Speed-up for Envelope command
- Algebra View: fix for keyboard shortcuts (eg Ctrl-Z)
- fix for problem with extra braces in surface(a,b)
- fix for SetValue[ , , ]
- fix for RotateText[ ] and rotated LaTeX
- JOGL2 updated to 2.3.2
- add data-param-enableCAS, data-param-enable3D, data-param-rounding (for Exam Mode)
- 3D View: fixes for trace

- Extremum and Roots Tools working for parabolas
- 3D View: Zoom menu
- resize Algebra View when editing long equation
- autocomplete now starts after 3 letters (not 2)

- 3D View: Intersect Tool works with f(x,y) and Plane.

- fix for tools with dialogs

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