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Download Gemini II 2.9.0

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What's new in this version:

Gemini II 2.9.0
- Now we natively support Apple M1 processor

Gemini II 2.8.11
- Fixed an issue when a user couldn’t finish cleanup process of Photo library and received “Unknown error” message

Gemini II 2.8.10
- Duplicates Monitor is switched off by default until a folder is added to the monitoring

- Photo libraries aren’t added to the list of monitored locations, as Duplicates Monitor doesn’t support libraries monitoring
- We’ve fixed an issue when the cleanup process stops at Photo library

Gemini II 2.8.9
- We’ve fixed a crash when Gemini 2 found 0 size audio file duplicates

Gemini II 2.8.8
- We’ve added VoiceOver support to the license activation flow
- Now, activated license is shared among all users on the same device

- We’ve fixed a crash when Gemini 2 found huge audio file duplicates

Gemini II 2.8.7
- Now a user can remove a folder from the list of monitored in Preferences if it’s deleted
- We’ve fixed an issue when the app menu was unresponsive in some cases

Gemini II 2.8.6
Now, Gemini 2 moves images to Recently Deleted album in Photos app on Catalina and higher macOS versions
We explain better how to remove images in Photos app on Mojave and lower macOS versions
Also, we’ve renamed one of Duplicates Monitor preferences, so now it’s clear that the app will be launched with the system startup
Gemini 2 new version notification window doesn’t annoy with an appearance in illogical circumstances

- We’ve fixed two nasty crashes
- A full path is displayed in Ignore List, even for long ones
- We don’t show Recommended Locations window when opening Review All from Duplicates Monitor in strange cases
- Now, Duplicates Monitor doesn’t false-detect duplicates when reviewing the manual scan of Music app
- The content doesn’t suddenly disappear when reviewing duplicates in Grid View

Gemini II 2.8.5
- Now, you can automatically select all newest or oldest duplicates for removal while reviewing copies found by Duplicates Monitor
- Also, you can use Smart Selection when reviewing duplicates found by Duplicates Monitor
- We better explain Duplicates Monitor benefits for our current customers who just updated the app
- We’ve added Duplicates Monitor support on OS X Yosemite (10.10)

- We’ve fixed some missed non-English localisations
- Duplicates Monitor icon is highlighted when it’s selected
- We’ve fixed an issue when you cannot remove found by Duplicates Monitor duplicates in Review
- Also, we’ve fixed one crash, which is nice

Gemini II 2.8.4
- We’ve fixed the crash on Detailed Scan Results on macOS 11.13
- Now Duplicates Monitor non-English interface looks not so clunky
- Now, we don’t automatically add folders to monitored after the cleanup if Duplicates Monitor is switched off

Gemini II 2.8.3
- Now, Gemini 2 handles the situation when the app crashes and cannot be launched due to Duplicates Monitor unstable work
- Also, Gemini 2 won’t prevent your Mac from the smooth restart
- Duplicates Monitor icon won’t appear with delay on the app launch
- Newly found duplicates badge status will update when you remove a duplicate from the notification
- We’ve fixed five pretty interesting more crashes

Gemini II 2.8.2
- Change log not available for this version

Gemini II 2.8.0
- With the 2.8.0 update, we’re bringing a new and powerful feature to Gemini 2 — Duplicate Monitor
- It starts watching over folders or disks you’ve just cleaned out and notifies you when a new duplicate appears. This way, Gemini 2 looks out for your storage even after all old copies are dealt with, preventing future cluttering. You can always change the folders it monitors in Preferences.

Gemini II 2.7.2
- Now, Gemini 2 scans for duplicates slightly faster, which is nice

Bug Fixes:
- We’ve fixed a few more crashes, including those on Big Sur

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