A lightweight and freeware drive manager for Mac

CleanMyDrive for Mac

CleanMyDrive for Mac

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CleanMyDrive for Mac is a lightweight drive manager for your Mac! Easily drag-and-drop files directly to any drive, check disk stats and automatically clean hidden junk from external drives.

Features and Highlights

Unnoticed — until you need it
CleanMyDrive is always at hand — just a lightweight interface that takes up little space and practically no system resources. It works for you around the clock so you have easy access to all your drives.

It works for all your drives
Is your camera’s SD card not writing as fast as it should? Your USB stick won’t connect to some devices? CleanMyDrive for macOS works with SSD, external hard drives, SD cards, USB flash drives and pretty much anything that stores files.

Know what takes up space
Not only do you get to see how much space is taken up on each drive, but also what’s on them. The program shows the storage bar for each of your external drives. Just like Mac’s native bar for the internal drive, you get to see types of files and how much they hog.

Clean hidden junk
The app cleans up files which are otherwise hard to get rid of. Such as service files created by OS X and Windows that corrupt your external drive’s compatibility with other devices. Most of them are hidden. Others are visible, but hard to delete. And all of them mean trouble.

Copy files quickly to any drive
With the tool you don’t have to rummage around in Finder — all of your drives are at hand in the menu bar. Drag and drop any file right into the app to copy it to the drive you want.

Close, unplug, and go
Why stand around waiting for each drive to eject when you just can hit the Eject All button? Or even faster — a keyboard shortcut. And, if you’ve accidentally closed your Mac with a USB stick plugged in, the app ejects it automatically, keeping all your data intact.

Make your drive yours
Mac apps are meant to be fun, not just functional. Customize your disk icons in Clean My Drive to easily recognize every drive. Purchase a fun icon pack from collection and make every drive look amazing.

Note: Requires 64-bit processor.

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What's new in this version:

CleanMyDrive 2.2.3
- All known bugs and crashes fixed

CleanMyDrive 2.2.2
- fixed the issue that caused CleanMyDrive to appear behind other apps on macOS Ventura

CleanMyDrive 2.2.1
- M1 support is here! Enjoy smooth performance on the latest Mac models with a powerful M1 processor
- All known bugs and crashes fixed

CleanMyDrive 2.2.0
- CleanMyDrive’s collection of disk icons became free of charge. Choose a hand-crafted icon for each of your drives to make them really stand out.

CleanMyDrive 2.1.19
- Tons of small improvements implemented

CleanMyDrive 2.1.18
- Numerous stability and performance improvements

CleanMyDrive 2.1.14
- Fixed bugs

CleanMyDrive 2.1.13
- Enhanced compatibility with Mojave
- All known bugs and crashes fixed

CleanMyDrive 2.1.12
- Our Privacy Policy has been updated to fully comply with GDPR requirements

CleanMyDrive 2.1.11
- Improved: Stability and performance

CleanMyDrive 2.1.10
- Enhanced compatibility with High Sierra
- Fixed a bug of not being able to set custom Icon Store icons

CleanMyDrive 2.1.9
- Enhanced compatibility with High Sierra
- All known bugs and crashes fixed