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What's new in this version:

Carbon Copy Cloner 6.1.2 Build 7359
- Fixed an issue in which CCC's CloneKitService could report an exception when an edge-case error condition was encountered while reading or writing a file
- Snapshot thinning on the source and snapshot/archive thinning on the destination is now skipped for restore tasks
- Fixed a cosmetic issue in the snapshot navigator when a subfolder is selected as the source
- Made a few small adjustments to how task configuration is handled when selecting the current startup disk as the destination (e.g. to a restore task)
- Addressed an issue that could cause CCC to errantly report that multiple volumes were present with the same unique identifier
- Fixed the window location of the Dashboard window when multiple screens are present. The Dashboard window will now be presented next to the menubar icon that was clicked, rather than retaining its previous window position
- The minimum data threshold for "When files are modified on the source" tasks is now 1MB (i.e. 0.001GB)
- Addressed an issue specific to macOS Catalina in which a verification of files on the source or destination would errantly report System volume files as missing
- Resolved a latency issue that a handful of users were noticing when switching between tasks. We tracked the latency down to poor performance of Apple's
"nsattributedstringagent" service on macOS Monterey. In some cases the service was crashing repeatedly, and when macOS throttled its relaunch, there would be a noticeable delay when CCC attempted to render the Task Plan. We no longer rely on that macOS service for rendering the Task Plan.
- Fixed a couple cases where the background color of a view was not switching automatically when the system appearance was changed in System Preferences (e.g. Dark to Light)
- Corrected the error handling in cases where unreadable folders are encountered on the source
- Corrected the presentation of dropped OneDrive placeholder files for pre-Monterey users
- Addressed a race condition that could occur if two tasks try to simultaneously mount the same NAS volume. One task would "win", the other task would wait indefinitely for the system's NetAuthSysAgent service to reply.

Carbon Copy Cloner 6.1.1 Build 7316
- Fixed an exception that was causing tasks to fail with no clear reason when a task was configured with a remote Mac source or destination, and the specification for that remote Mac was missing a "volume name" attribute.
- macOS 12.3 introduced a problem that causes Legacy Bootable Copies of the system to fail on Apple Silicon Macs. In earlier beta builds of 12.3, that failure rendered the destination unmountable. In the final release of 12.3, that failure is now innocuous. CCC now ignores the error and completes the task. Please note that we still recommend using this procedure only when making a copy of the system that you intend to use immediately (e.g. when migrating to a new disk, or setting up a sandbox test system). A CCC "Standard Backup" provides a more comprehensive strategy for regularly-updated backups.
- Fixed a cosmetic accounting issue that was making it look like more files were re-verified than were copied. Also fixed an errant subtask timeout that was occurring during postflight verification.

Carbon Copy Cloner 6.1 Build 7303
- Added an option to reveal the Advanced Settings persistently in the main window
- Added a contextual menu to the CCC menubar icon for "quick access" functions (e.g. open CCC, run a task, quit the Dashboard). Right-click on the CCC menubar icon to access this menu.
- Added navigation buttons to the CCC toolbar to make it easier to get back to a task after making volume configuration changes (e.g. when adjusting snapshot settings)
- Added an option for a light background for the sidebar (i.e. in Light Mode)
- Added settings to choose a specific appearance (i.e. light or dark, independent of the system setting)
- Added a "Copy Link" option to the Tasks contextual menu. These links will open CCC and select the applicable task. These can be useful alongside other Mac automation.

- Fixed an issue in which CCC was unable to create files and folders in some OneDrive-related folders on the destination
- Fixed a minor apparent discrepancy when using the "Verify files copied by this task" feature on a NAS volume. Previously this would show size-based differences due to the absence of extended attributes despite that those were deliberately not copied.
- Fixed a couple conditions where CCC would report an error and fail to create a symlink becase a folder with the same name already existed on the destination. Fixed a similar issue where CCC was unable to create new folder on the destination because a file (often a symlink) with the same name already existed.
- Fixed a mouse tracking issue in the CCC Dashboard "mini progress" window that could make it impossible to click on the pause/stop buttons

- The Source and Destination selectors are now enabled while a task is running. You can click on these to see details about the source and destination (e.g. disk usage, free space) as the task progresses.
- Task History events now show information about how many files and how much data was removed from the destination (in addition to how many files and how much data was copied to the destination).
- Every Mac that is supported by macOS Catalina has native USB 3.0 support, so now CCC's Copy Coach proactively warns when a source or destination is connected via USB 2.0 (e.g. due to using an old USB hub or non-USB 3.0 compliant cable).
- The Dashboard now shows both "last run time" and "next scheduled run time" for each task. Previously this was an option, but presenting both at the same time seems to be what most people are looking for.
- Enhanced the search feature in the CCC Documentation window to offer an option to search the current page for matching text, or to execute a search of the entire CCC Kbase.
- Task groups can now be specified via the "Run another task" option in Advanced Settings > Postflight
- Audit records can now be exported to a CSV file
- The CCC Dashboard window size and placement is now retained across launches.
- Made a handful of adjustments to how older versions of files are presented in the Snapshot Comparison Browser. Checksums are now calculated on-the-fly for any files smaller than 2MB.
- The System exclusion limit is no longer applied to a subfolder destination when the source OS is Big Sur or later
- Made some adjustments that should improve performance when using an ExFAT or NTFS volume as a source or destination
- Made some modest improvements to the "time remaining" estimate. This estimate will now include componesation for time that that will be required for re-verifying files that were copied (if specified for the task).

Carbon Copy Cloner 6.0.5 Build 7252
- We added a new "macOS Downgrade Assistant" feature, accessible via CCC's Utilities menu. The Downgrade Assistant can assess a backup volume's compatibility with Migration Assistant, and will create macOS Installer media using a specified volume and installer application.
- We added another small new feature in the source and destination selectors. If the selected source or destination is a network volume, or a folder on a network volume, you can hold down the Option key to reveal a "Switch to AFP" or "Switch to SMB" menu item in the Source and Destination selectors. We frequently see slow performance and errors from SMB-mounted volumes, and we often recommend that people try "the other" protocol when the current protocol isn't working out. Now we've made it really simple to switch between the two to see if using a different protocol will yield better results.
- Tasks in the sidebar can once again be arranged when the sidebar sorting is configured as "Manual".
- Made some adjustments that should improve performance when a task is writing large files to a rotational destination. Made a separate adjustment that should improve performance when writing to ExFAT-formatted volumes.
- Fixed a display issue in the Legacy Bootable Backup Assistant that would occur when selecting a SoftRAID destination volume
- Fixed an issue that arose recently in macOS Monterey that was causing failures while trying to configure new Remote Macintosh tasks
- Fixed an issue affecting tasks configured to run "When the source or destination is remounted" in which the tasks would fail to run on volume appearance if the destination's System volume had been removed

Carbon Copy Cloner 6.0.4 Build 7225
This update includes a handful of changes that are applicable to Catalina and Big Sur users too:
- The expansion state of the last task group in the sidebar is now properly retained across launches
- The order of tasks within a task group as shown in the sidebar now tracks the run order defined in the "Upcoming Group and Task Events" table when the sidebar is configured for manual sort ordering. Likewise, tasks within a group cannot be sorted manually in the sidebar when the sidebar is configured for manual sorting. Order the tasks within the "Upcoming Group and Task Events" table to set that custom order.
- Improved the handling of some failure cases when copying the Catalina System volume, e.g. when the destination volume drops offline, or when the destination Data volume can't be unmounted
- Fixed an issue in which CCC would fail to mount the destination Data volume in cases where the destination System volume had been removed
- CCC will no longer remove the System volume from an encrypted destination volume after an OS upgrade. We can't update that System volume, so it becomes essentially useless, but removing it exposes a bug in Disk Utility in which it's unable to unlock the volume. Also fixed an issue in which CCC was failing to unlock those orphaned Data volumes.
- Fixed a couple issues that were causing exceptions

Carbon Copy Cloner 6.0.3 Build 7210
- Fixed an issue in which CCC was unable to replace a folder on the destination with a symbolic link (i.e. because a folder on the source had been replaced by a symbolic link). This issue primarily affected macOS Catalina users, but could also affect Big Sur users for tasks that used the "Don't delete anything" SafetyNet setting
- Improved the handling of cases where a source NAS presents a symlink as an ordinary file. Fixed an accounting issue that led to unusually high "data copied" values in those cases
- Resolved a condition in which the "Maintain a record of transactions" checkbox became practically uncheck-able in CCC 6.0.2
- Fixed a permissions issue that can cause applications to not work correctly when restored from a volume whose ownership is disabled
- Relative date references (e.g. "Today", "Yesterday") in the Task Plan and Task History window are now correctly updated when a date change event occurs (i.e. at midnight)
- SafetyNet pruning settings are now consistently visible when the destination is HFS+ formatted
- Errors that occur due to the OneDrive service's interference with CCC archiving activity on the destination are now suppressed. These typically go away on their own without intervention
- Fixed a logic issue that caused the "Never show this dialog" setting to be ignored for the "Remove task audit" dialog
- Fixed the "Bring all to front" menu item in the Window menu
- Improved the handling of manual sort order changes of the Tasks list
- The CCC Dashboard window position is now retained when it's closed and later reopened
- Fixed an issue in which CCC would not remove additional snapshots from the destination when free space was exhausted in the middle of a backup task (specific to cases where SafetyNet was disabled)
- Fixed an issue that could cause slow performance during postflight re-verification of files copied by the current task in cases where the task was also configured to use the "Find and replace corrupted files" setting
- CCC will no longer create a snapshot on the source when the source and destination are folders on the same APFS volume. Instead CCC will use the APFS clonefile() function to make clones of files in these cases
- Resolved a case where CCC was stripping the destination volume's custom icon in a folder-to-volume task configuration
- The search field in the Task History window Audit tab now yields results that match folder names as well as file names. bar for a task or group. When the "group completed" icon is dismissed, that state is now recalled across launches of CCC
- Added a new "Last Successful Run" token for the email notification template
- Added a Start button to the "Upcoming Group and Task Events" view for task groups
- Updated how APFS volume disk usage is calculated on macOS Monterey
- Fixed a rendering issue for the Task Plan text on macOS Monterey
- Eliminated some spurious "updated attributes" transactions that were getting created when backing up to a NAS volume
- Resolved a conflict between the "Remove excluded items" setting and custom protection rules. Custom protection rules now have precedence over the "Remove excluded items" setting

Carbon Copy Cloner 6.0 Build 7064
- New file copier that offers faster performance and powers several of the new features noted below
- Compare: Offers a visual comparison of your task's source and destination, and provides details if the differences are the result of a task filter
- The new Dashboard offers one-click access to starting, stopping and monitoring your CCC tasks, plus details about recent task activity. The Dashboard also gives you a heads up to snapshot disk usage on the startup disk
- Postflight verification of files that were copied by the current backup task
- Ad hoc verification of files that were copied by the current task — source or destination
- The Snapshot Navigator allows you to step through older versions of your backups and get a preview of your files as they were at specific points in time
- Quick Update decreases the length of the backup by comparing a reduced list of folders provided by the macOS FSEvents service
- New scheduling option to run a task when a threshold of modifications have been made on the source
- Backup audit shows what was copied by your backup tasks, and why
- Dark Mode support
- Task Preview: See what changes CCC is going to make before actually making them
- Per-task control over the file copier's CPU usage
- You can temporarily pause a backup task
- A new, cleaner user interface. We reorganized the main window to make it smaller while making many of the controls and font sizes larger
- Refined Simple Mode – quitting and reopening CCC to switch modes is no longer necessary
- More detailed progress indication while a task is running, including a time remaining estimate
- File processing and transfer rates are now charted live during backup tasks
- Items that cause task errors can be excluded directly from the Task History Errors table
- CCC's Task Filter now offers support for respecting macOS "backupd" exclusions (i.e. exclusions defined for Time Machine)

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.27 Build 6193
- Apple has partially resolved the issues between Apple Silicon Mac storage and its ASR replication utility, so we're now able to offer this functionality within CCC. Note that CCC will not automatically start copying the System volume on your Apple Silicon Mac. If your backup disk does not already have an installation of Big Sur, reselect "Macintosh HD" as the source to your backup task if you would like to create a bootable backup. Or don't do that. Instead you can continue to maintain a feature-rich, Data Only backup on these Macs, which is our primary recommendation.
- CCC still supports making bootable backups on Intel Macs running Big Sur too, that functionality has been available since 5.1.23 released in November.
- Fixed an issue in which the task filter was inaccessible when the destination is the current startup disk
- Fixed a crasher in CCC's User Agent while checking for updates on macOS Mojave

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.26 Build 6180
- Build 6080 fixes an issue in which CCC was not prompting to establish a bootable backup on Intel Macs running Big Sur (i.e. when the destination is freshly erased).
- The user's preferred calendar (e.g. Gregorian, Thai, etc.) is now used when determining snapshot labels.
- Addressed a small UI issue in which the task name and description would be truncated when restoring a custom sidebar width on launch.
- Fixed an issue in which CCC would errantly indicate that your Mac is booted from an older OS than what is on the source, when the source is the current startup disk with a staged installation of the next available macOS update.
- Addressed an issue in which the user would be prompted to erase the destination (again) despite having an installation of Big Sur. This was occurring when the destination volume was not currently mounted, and typically only after updating the system on the source volume.
- Fixed an issue with selecting the Data volume of the startup disk on a remote Mac in the remote host browser. We also weed out read-only volumes, and some of the APFS helper volumes, because they're never valid sources or destinations in this context.
- Fixed a logic issue in which the system file exclusion would be imposed upon a task that's backing up a folder to a volume in the startup disk's APFS container.
- Fixed a regression that would lead to the System volume's contents to be loaded in the Task Filter window rather than the Data volume, making it impossible to exclude content from the task that is exclusive to the root of the Data volume (e.g. "cores" and "boot").
- On macOS Big Sur, CCC now automatically proceeds with a data-only backup when a SoftRAID device is selected as the destination to a task that backs up the startup disk. macOS (Catalina and later) can't boot from a SoftRAID device, so there's no point in attempting to back up the system to those devices.
- CCC now issues an error when dropping OneDrive placeholder files, along with directing the user to a Kbase article explaining why these files cannot be copied, and the implications this has on future restore activity.
- Fixed an issue in which the Continue Anyway and Cancel buttons in the Cloning Coach could be errantly hidden when the window is attached as a sheet.

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.25 Build 6155
- Fixed an issue that was causing "On Reconnect" tasks to not run when the destination volume was remounted (affecting Catalina and Big Sur volumes)
- Fixed an issue in which the destination volume could be set as the current startup disk at the end of a task on systems with System Integrity Protection disabled
- Made a handful of VoiceOver-related adjustments
- Fixed the positioning of CCC's Preferences window, it had a tendency to wander downwards
- Fixed the appearance of the update notification window in the user agent when Dark Mode is used
- Fixed an issue in the Task Filter window in which items within a folder would appear to be excluded or re-included automatically as changes were made to that folder in the Finder
- When applicable, the Backblaze /Library/Backblaze.bzpkg/bzdata/bzvol_system_volume/bzvol_id.xml file is now removed at the end of a Full Volume Clone to avoid a "safety freeze" when booting from a Big Sur backup
- Attempting to clone a Big Sur volume into another volume in the current startup disk's APFS container is now disallowed (because it always fails). CCC offers some better alternatives instead

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.24 Build 6142
- Fixed an issue in which CCC was not presenting custom volume icons in the sidebar and source/destination selectors.
- Fixed an issue in which CCC's main window was occasionally not showing task progress for a running task.
- Fixed the functionality of the "Manage snapshots on {volume name}" contextual menu item on the source and destination selectors.
- Improved some error handling when performing a full volume clone with Apple's APFS replication utility.
- Adjusted postflight disk image ejection. We found some cases where CCC had no trouble unmounting the destination disk image, but the eject request initially failed because it was "busy". Patiently waiting a few more seconds avoids a case where the disk image couldn't be remounted (e.g. when the task runs next) without manually ejecting the disk image.
- Resolved a logistical annoyance on Big Sur that can occur if a task is configured to run "On reconnect", the destination volume is a volume group, the Data volume is encrypted (note that the System volume is not encrypted on Big Sur), and CCC has not been given the password to that volume. CCC now instead waits for the Data volume's mount event as a trigger to these tasks.
- Time Machine backup volumes are now explicitly disallowed as source or destination selections on Big Sur. We're not planning to offer support for cloning to or from volumes that are flagged as Time Machine volumes.
- The "task started" notification now indicates the user-facing name of the source volume rather than the name of the Data sibling.
- CCC now breaks a cycle in which two tasks can volley back and forth, erring out because their destination folders are absent. This occurs when both tasks are configured to "Defer if another task is writing to the same destination", and both tasks are configured to back up to a folder on the same NAS volume.
- Addressed a few cases where CCC wasn't requesting the password for an encrypted volume (again, because the System volume on Big Sur is no longer encrypted when FileVault is enabled).
- Fixed an issue that could cause an ASR restore of a read-only disk image to fail. CCC also will automatically scan read-only disk images for ASR when configured to create a read-only disk image.
- Addressed an issue in which tasks were errantly getting marked "Task requires review".
- Fixed an issue regarding restores of Data volume snapshots on Big Sur.
- Made a few tweaks to work around ASR failures that can occur when the destination APFS container has remnants of an older OS.
- Addressed an issue with the CCC update mechanism in which the application doesn't automatically re-open when clicking the "Install and Relaunch" button on macOS Big Sur. The fix won't be realized until you apply the next update after this one, so if this issue was affecting you, you may still have to manually re-open CCC after applying this update.

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.23 Build 6121
Bootable backups on macOS Big Sur:
- CCC can now make bootable backups of a Big Sur startup disk on Intel-based Macs. Support for System volume cloning on Apple Silicon Macs is disabled for now because Apple's APFS replication utility does not currently work on that platform. When Apple fixes that, we'll post an update to CCC that restores support for making bootable backups on Apple Silicon Macs.

CCC is a native application on Apple Silicon and is 100% compatible with Apple Silicon Macs:
- CCC will automatically proceed with a Data Volume backup when backing up an APFS Volume Group on Apple Silicon Macs — that's a complete backup of your data, applications, and system settings. If you would like to make your Apple Silicon Mac backup bootable, you can install Big Sur onto the CCC Data Volume backup. Please keep in mind, however, that your CCC backup does not have to be bootable for you to be able to restore data from it.
- Made several cosmetic adjustments specific to macOS Big Sur
- Fixed an issue in which "On reconnect" tasks wouldn't run (i.e. when the destination volume is remounted) if the source is a Big Sur startup disk
- Fixed an issue with unlocking and mounting encrypted APFS volume groups on Big Sur

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.22 Build 6082
- Fixed an issue in which CCC was unable to access a new secret Apple data store in a folder named "searchparty" that was added in macOS 10.15.7.
- Added a global exclusion for a "" temporary items folder whose content was leading to stalls on macOS 10.15.7.
- Improved the error message that is presented when CCC is unable to copy the Catalina System volume due to a lack of Full Disk Access (or more precisely, due to the inconsistent manner in which the system grants full disk access to an application's helper tool).
- Fixed a math issue regarding the application of a task time limit when the task starts shortly before midnight and the time limit starts at midnight.
- Made a couple small improvements to the messaging around some exceptional conditions in the Remote Mac setup window (e.g. lack of Full Disk Access on the remote Mac, using an "@" character in a hostname).
- The "If the source or destination is missing" UI in the scheduler is now made available to tasks that are part of a scheduled task group.
- This update includes many changes to accommodate Apple's next OS, macOS "Big Sur". We were anticipating its release by now, but we're grateful that Apple is taking some additional time, hopefully to resolve some outstanding problems. If Apple ships Big Sur without resolving these problems, we'll call this update to CCC the "official" update for Big Sur. If Apple does resolve the outstanding problems, we'll post another update for Big Sur closer to the release date.

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.21 Build 6053
- Added an exclusion for a system cache folder that has been causing some stalls, affecting primarily 10.15.6 users
- Addressed an error related to the copying of a "SystemKey" file on a Catalina startup disk
- Addressed an issue affecting the bootability of Yosemite and El Capitan backups

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.20 Build 6044
- In macOS 10.15.6, Apple has resolved the firmlink creation issue that was introduced in macOS 10.15.5. This update to CCC removes the workaround that we added in CCC 5.1.18 to address that issue. For 10.15.6 users, CCC will now revert to using its own file copier for establishing new bootable backups. 10.15.5 users will be encouraged to apply the 10.15.6 update, although the aforementioned workaround will still work for 10.15.5 users.

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.19 Build 6027
- This update addresses a handful of failure conditions of Apple's APFS replication utility which CCC is using temporarily in response to a bug that Apple introduced in macOS 10.15.5. We have also improved the task configuration workflow for new backup tasks, and we've added some documentation around this functionality: Cloning macOS System volumes with Apple Software Restore, Creating and restoring data-only backups, Troubleshooting APFS Replication.
- Orphaned System volumes are now handled more proactively when selected as a source or destination. Orphaned System volumes arise when you either delete or erase the "Backup - Data" volume in Disk Utility without deleting/erasing the whole volume group when prompted. System volumes are unsuitable for user data, but some folks manage to get data onto them anyway (it doesn't help that Finder allows you to copy data to them). CCC can now help you migrate content from an orphaned System volume source, and will insist that you erase an orphaned System destination before proceeding with a task.
- CCC no longer excludes 1Password by default. We added the exclusion in light of a recommendation by the folks at Agile software, however we got some feedback that people would prefer to exclude this manually, if at all.
- The Backblaze ".bzvol" folder is now removed from the root of the destination volumes at the end of an initial APFS replication. This should resolve issues in which Backblaze has identification sisues after an initial clone is performed.

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.18 Build 6009
- Addressed an issue that Apple introduced in 10.15.5 (FB7706647) that will prevent CCC from establishing an initial backup of a macOS Catalina system volume
- Starting in 10.15.5, CCC will no longer back up a macOS Catalina System volume to a disk image destination (i.e. a sparseimage or sparsebundle disk image file). We're making this change reluctantly, unfortunately we just can't get reliable results when using Apple's proprietary utility with disk images.
- Added a green checkmark emoji to the subject of "task completed successfully" emails
- Improved upon the previous attempts to suppress VirusBarrier attached-but-not-mounted disk images in CCC's sidebar
- When backing up to a OneDrive or Dropbox folder, CCC will no longer replace online-only placeholder files with a non-placeholder from the source unless the two files' modification dates differ. This resolves an issue in which a user flags a OneDrive/Dropbox folder as "online only" and CCC replaces the placeholders with real files, causing OneDrive/Dropbox to re-upload the content.
- Addressed an issue in which some sparse files were getting copied during every backup. In some cases this led to a noticeable performance degration

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.17 Build 5985
- Creating a new task via the CCC menubar application now works more consistently
- Addressed a small logistical change introduced in macOS 10.15.4 that could lead to (harmless, but annoying nonetheless) errors while archiving the Preboot helper volume in a macOS Catalina volume group
- Addressed a small UI error that occurred when strict volume identification is disabled for a task and a matching volume is present. The issue was specific to APFS volume groups
- If a scheduled task was missed due to an encrypted volume being physically absent, CCC will now run that task and unlock the applicable volume when the device reappears. Previously the task would only run when the volume was unlocked by the user (and thus mounted), but now CCC will unlock the volume if a scheduled task was missed, or if the task is configured to run when the source or destination reappears
- Resolved an issue in which CCC would report that it was unable to delete a snapshot on a rotational startup disk while the system was busy defragmenting boot files (another treat bestowed upon us by Apple's 10.15.4 update!)
- Resolved an issue introduced in CCC 5.1.16 that would cause CCC to fail to perform a task whose destination is a disk image on the startup disk
- Unmounted disk images that some application left attached (VirusBarrier, I'm looking at you) are no longer listed in CCC's sidebar
- When enabling the "Find and replace corrupted files" setting for a task that specifies an encrypted APFS volume group as the destination, CCC now presents a dialog requesting the password to that volume (if CCC doesn't already have it). This resolves a situation where the task would fail if CCC is unable to unlock and mount the destination Data volume
- If CCC establishes a connection to an SMTP server, but the server never responds to CCC's "EHLO" reply, CCC will retry the connection
- Fixed a crash that can occur in CCC's file copier while looking for case conflicts (only applicable if the source is case-sensitive and the destination is not)
- Support for extended attributes is now disabled by default when the user selects a network volume (or a folder on a NAS volume) as the source or destination to the task. You're welcome to re-enable extended attribute support, but we have found that most NAS devices offer exceptionally poor support for extended attributes, and that disabling them is the best default configuration

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.16 Build 5965
- 10.15.4 introduced a small timing issue that can occur when CCC attempts to delete the transient source snapshot at the end of the backup. This error is harmless, and the snapshot is removed automatically later, but this update adds a more aggressive method of removing the snapshot.
- 10.15.4 also introduced a change that can cause trouble for setting up a remote Macintosh source or destination. This update resolves an error indicating that the remote Macintosh could not be reached during the initial setup
- Fixed a dead end that can occur when a backup task encounters an error thats calls for aborting the backup task (e.g. due to a stall, or when the destination volume pops offline in the middle of the task)
- Improved the reliability of the option to reveal an APFS Data volume in the Finder (via the volumes table contextual menu or via the Source/Destination selectors)
- Minor improvement to the handling of sparse files on APFS volumes. Also improved progress indication while copying particularly large sparse files
- Made a small adjustment to the handling of BoxCryptor volumes
- The "Defer if another task is writing to the same destination" setting now considers other volumes in the same APFS volume group to be the same destination. This addresses cases where one task is configured with the System volume as the destination (a standard configuration for a bootable backup) and another task is configured to back up to a folder on the Data sibling of the same volume (also a standard configuration for a folder-to-folder backup).
- Improved case conflict detection in cases where the source or destination is a member of an APFS volume group
- In cases where a task is configured to back up to a disk image on a NAS volume, and the diskimages-helper service dissents the unmount request for the underlying NAS volume at the end of the task, CCC now terminates the offending process to make a followup unmount request more effective.
- The option to suppress the destructive task warning is now reset when resetting a task to default settings
- Addressed some minor errors related to archiving the source APFS helper partitions that can occur if the source is a read-only device (e.g. a read-only disk image)
- Addressed an issue in which the startup disk setting would be set to the current startup disk when running a backup task (e.g. in cases where the current startup disk is not actually set as the startup disk selection in the Startup Disk Preference Pane)
- Remote Mac: If CCC's RSA key pair should become corrupted, CCC will now deal with the authentication failures more gracefully
- Addressed a logic error that can lead CCC to restore items to the root of the selected destination volume rather than to a designated folder on that volume when restoring from a Data volume snapshot
- Fixed an issue in which tasks that were flagged for review because the HFS+ destination will be converted to APFS were not presenting an APFS conversion dialog if the destination device was not attached

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.15 Build 5916
- Added a timeout mechanism to volume unmount requests. The DiskArbitration service should never fail to reply to an unmount request, but we've been seeing those incidents more frequently lately.
- Made some additional tweaks to HFS+ to APFS conversion that should make it more robust.
- Addressed an issue in which an "On reconnect" task would not run when the source or destination was reconnected if the source or destination is a folder on a Data volume in an APFS volume group.
- CCC will now disable Spotlight by default on the destination when making a bootable backup of a macOS Catalina System volume.
- The "task finished with errors" email subject now leads with a "warning" emoji so it's more easily distinguishable from non-erring tasks.
- Fixed a logic issue that caused a selected Task Group to not be marked as selected in the View menu. Fixed a similar issue that caused the "Run Now" menu option in the File menu to be disabled for task groups.
- Fixed some dead ends in the CCC command-line utility that can be encountered when CCC's helper tool has not yet been installed, or when tasks have not yet been saved.
- Fixed a localization issue related to the thousands grouping separator used in numbers presented in various windows, including the Task History window.
- Errors that are produced by Disk Utility on a remote Mac regarding the failure to load unsigned plugins will no longer cause CCC to fail to produce a volume list when configuring a backup task to or from a remote Mac.
- Addressed an issue in which some pre and postflight scripts failed to run, supposedly due to the lack of a shell interpreter line.
- Added more specific handling of a scenario in which Disk Utility fails to create an APFS volume group when a T2 Mac is booted from an encrypted volume.
- Fixed a couple user interface sizing and placement anomalies.
- Improved the accuracy of the "Total data size" value reported in the Task Filter window when an APFS volume group is selected as the source.
- Fixed an issue in which the "Total data size" value that was being reported in the Task History window was incorrect (too low) in cases where the data set had very, very few modified items.
- CCC will no longer add the " About this folder.rtf" file to the SafetyNet folder if "OneDrive" appears anywhere in the folder path. This should avoid complaints from OneDrive that arise due to its 1980s-esque failure to deal with files whose names start with a space character.

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.14 Build 5863
- Authentication errors that occur when failing to mount the destination Data volume are now handled correctly (i.e. you'll get a "Reset Password" prompt instead of a generic error)
- CCC no longer avoids rebuilding the dynamic linker shared cache on Macs with less than 4GB of RAM. We found that this resolved system performance issues in the past, but now it only exacerbates system performance issues on these anemic systems when running macOS Catalina
- CCC will now disallow the conversion of an HFS+ formatted Drobo volume to APFS because Drobo does not currently support APFS. This does not prevent you from reformatting a Drobo volume yourself and selecting it as a destination for a Catalina bootable backup, but CCC is no longer going to perform the task that places the Drobo volume in an unsupported configuration. If you want to use your Drobo device as a bootable backup, you should share that feedback with Drobo
- Added a "Reveal Data Volume" button to the source and destination selector when the applicable volume is a mounted System volume
- Catalina: CCC's Cloning Coach now warns that a FireWire-attached destination is not bootable on Catalina+ (Apple no longer supports this configuration)
- Catalina: Errors encountered during the System volume backup will no longer cause the Data volume backup to fail, and the errors are now presented with more helpful advice
- High Sierra+: Fixed an issue that resulted in non-bootable clones when specifying a volume other than the current startup disk as the source
- The task selection in CCC's sidebar is retained more reliably
- Fixed a logic issue that caused CCC's restart or shutdown requests to fail when no user is logged in
- Catalina: Addressed a issue where an "On reconnect" task would fail to run when the destination volume was reconnected in cases where the source is the startup disk and the System volume had been replaced entirely during a system software update
- CCC now works around volume unmount interference caused by CleanMyDrive. That product can still cause trouble for Disk Utility, however, so consider disabling that software if you're having trouble with an HFS+-to-APFS conversion, for example
- Addressed an issue in which the source and destination selections might not be cleared out in Simple Mode
- Fixed an issue in which CCC would report that it was unable to collect the details about the underlying volume when selecting a folder on a volume within a volume group, and when that underlying volume's name had a non-ASCII character (e.g. "CCC Backup - Données")

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.13 Build 5846
- Made an adjustment to how CCC copies the contents of the System volume when that volume is getting updated to avoid removing any content from the destination System volume that doesn't belong there. While it is inappropriate to ever have content on the destination System volume (CCC, for example, would not allow you to configure a task in that manner), Finder allows the modification of that volume, so conceivably someone could copy content to that volume without realizing the error. In general, you should avoid storing anything on your macOS backup volume that is unrelated to the source volume. If you want to store other content on your backup disk, create a dedicated volume for that content
- CCC detects a couple more error conditions that are commonly encountered during APFS conversion on macOS Catalina and either works around them to make the conversion succeed or presents them with more accurate advice

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.12 Build 5830
- Fixed an issue in which folders in the Task Filter window were missing a disclosure triangle, making it difficult to exclude subfolders
- Improved OneDrive and Dropbox placeholder file detection
- If you've deleted a Catalina System volume from a destination volume group, CCC now allows the selection of the orphaned Data volume as a destination, and will recreate the volume group as necessary
- Made a couple small adjustments that should make HFS+-to-APFS conversions more reliable, particularly for slower destination devices
- CCC 5.1.10 addressed an issue in which a remote Mac could go to sleep between CCC's archive management and file copying requests, but we found that change to be inadequate. This update improves upon that fix
- Fixed a race condition in which the sort criteria popup menu in the Task History window wasn't getting populated if the task history window was opened very soon after launching CCC
- Added "files copied" to the history output of the CCC command-line tool
- When backing up to a disk image on a network volume, postflight unmounting of the network volume is now a little more reliable in cases where the diskimages-helper service is being stubborn
- When CCC creates a System volume on the destination, the new System volume is now formatted as case-sensitive if the sibling Data volume is formatted as case-sensitive

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.11 Build 5793
- Relaxed the restriction related to cloning a newer OS than what the Mac is currently booted from. CCC issues a warning, indicates clearly that the destination may not be bootable, but now you're welcome to proceed in this scenario if you have a particular need to create a non-bootable backup of the source system
- Fixed an issue in which you'd be prevented from backing up to a new disk image stored on the startup disk
- Fixed the "Open Disk Utility" and "Open Terminal" menu items in the Utilities menu for Catalina users
- Addressed an edge case in which CCC would errantly report that it was unable to bless the destination because it's in the same APFS container as the current startup disk
- Fixed some quirky behavior of the email password text field in the Preferences window
- Addressed a couple errant Cloning Coach messages
- Addressed a race condition that could cause the CCC User Agent to lost its connection to CCC's privileged helper tool after applying an update to CCC. This would lead to an empty task list in the CCC menubar, a lack of task started/finished notifications, and a failure to present the mini task progress window
- Addressed an issue in which CCC would not create the APFS helper partitions on an APFS destination when restoring from an HFS+ volume, resulting in a non-bootable volume

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.10 Build 5778
- Change log not available for this version

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.10 Build 5776
Changes not specific to macOS Catalina:
- Addressed an issue introduced in 10.14.6 that prevents the removal of snapshots via CCC's Disk Center (it does not affect the automated removal of snapshots that occurs when backup tasks run)
- Corrected the read/write rate calculation for non-APFS-Fusion volumes
- Added a button to reveal the password that you're typing into the Email Settings password panel
- Changed the encoding of postflight emails that are sent by CCC to "quoted printable" (from UTF-8) to address an obscure edge case on some systems
- CCC no longer automatically enables snapshot support on APFS-formatted volumes unless CCC can positively determine that the underlying device is an SSD. We have been underwhelmed by the performance of APFS on rotational devices, particularly with snapshot-related activities. Users are still welcome to manually enable snapshot support on any volume — simply click on the volume in CCC's sidebar and flip the switch to "on"
- CCC offers more helpful advice in cases where snapshot creation fails due to the destination being a slow, rotational device and also in cases where encryption conversion is preventing the creation of snapshots
- CCC's privileged helper tool now proactively verifies the code signature of any client that attempts to connect to the helper. This resolves a potential vulnerability in which an application masquerading as CCC could make requests to CCC's helper tool
- Modification of the name of a source or destination is detected and presented as a review item to the user. Previously we were simply marking the task dirty, and many users found that behavior disconcerting
- CCC now proactively warns against cloning a volume whose operating system is newer than what the Mac is currently booted from
- Addressed an issue in which a remote Mac could go to sleep between CCC's archive management and file copying requests
- Failure to mount an encrypted volume attached to a remote Mac is now handled with a password request and the task's destination specification is updated accordingly
- Addressed some minor accessibility annoyances in the CCC License window. Added a proper accessibility label to the task status icon in the Task History window

Catalina-specific changes:
- CCC will make bootable backups of macOS Catalina startup volumes. For most people, that's all you need to know, and you don't have to make any changes to your current tasks to accommodate the upgrade. The logistics of booting macOS are a bit more complicated in macOS Catalina, but we've risen to the challenge, CCC supports it 100%, and nearly all of these complications are dealt with automatically
- macOS Catalina requires APFS, it cannot be backed up to a volume formatted with Apple's legacy HFS+ format. When cloning a macOS Catalina system volume, CCC will inform you of this requirement and request your permission to allow conversion of an HFS+ formatted destination to APFS. When you proceed with the task, CCC will automatically convert the destination to APFS (when possible)
- When you upgrade to macOS Catalina, any existing backup tasks that reference your startup disk and a non-APFS destination volume will be disabled and flagged for review. If any scheduled tasks are disabled in this manner, CCC will be opened automatically on startup and these concerns will be raised to your attention
- CCC will automatically create System and Data volumes on the destination as required to support APFS volume groups
- When selecting an APFS volume group member as a source (i.e. your current startup disk), CCC will automatically copy the contents of both the System and Data volumes to the corresponding System and Data volumes on the destination. No special configuration is required for this, you will simply choose a single source and destination as you have in the past
- CCC's task filter automatically accommodates source volumes that have a System/Data bifurcation
- CCC fully supports encrypted source and destination APFS volume groups. If you have enabled FileVault on your bootable backup, CCC can automatically unlock and mount both members of the destination volume group as required for your scheduled backups. Please take note, however, of a kernel panic issue that we have reported to Apple that can occur when mounting encrypted volume groups
- When mounting and unmounting a volume that is a member of a volume group (either by clicking on the volume in CCC's Source/Destination selectors, or by right-clicking on the volume in CCC's sidebar), CCC will automatically apply that action to both members of the volume group
- Tasks configured to unmount the destination at the end of the task will automatically unmount both members of a destination volume group
- When backing up an APFS volume group to a disk image, CCC automatically creates System and Data volumes as required on the destination disk image, and copies the source volume group members accordingly
- CCC has special handling of snapshot retention policies for APFS volume groups. The snapshot retention policy for both group members will be configured via the Data volume member
- CCC will never create snapshots on source System volumes. These volumes are already read-only so a snapshot is not required. Considering that software updates may delete the snapshots or the System volume altogether, creating snapshots on the source System is futile
- CCC will only create snapshots on a destination System volume when changes have been made to the source (i.e. when you apply system updates). As such, time-based retention of System volume snapshots is not very applicable. Instead, CCC will retain every snapshot of System volumes and will only remove System snapshots when the free space limit of the retention policy is exceeded
- CCC lists the OS version and now also the build number associated with both System and Data volumes in the snapshots table
- CCC offers great flexibility for restoring from System and Data volume snapshots. For example, you can restore from a newer Data volume snapshot and an older System volume snapshot, allowing you to downgrade the System without losing newer data. However, care should be taken when restoring System and Data volume snapshots that are associated with different OS versions, we don't yet know the implications of mixing these
- Added a "Reveal in Finder" contextual menu item to the Volumes table so that users can reveal the Data volume in the Finder. That's key if you wanted to access something at the root level of that volume, e.g. the _CCC SafetyNet folder
- CCC no longer limits its requests for full disk access to times that you're saving a task that references the current startup disk. On macOS Catalina, we need full disk access to have access to external volumes and network volumes, so we pretty much need it any time you want to make a backup
- When selecting a macOS Catalina System volume as the source, CCC's Source selector shows the cumulative disk usage of the System and Data volumes (because that's the value that reflects what will be copied). To see the individual disk usage of each volume separately, you can click on those volumes in CCC's sidebar

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.9 Build 5740
- Fixed an issue that could lead CCC to incorrectly conclude that a GoogleDrive volume is not mounted or present
- Improved disk read/write rate calculations for APFS Fusion volumes
- Minor adjustment to the analysis of permissions errors that occur when trying to access OneDrive placeholder files
- We've received several reports of long stalls in the "Cleaning up" phase when backing up to a disk image; particularly when that disk image resides on a NAS volume. In most cases this was the result of a filesystem stall while the filesystem was attempting to create a snapshot. Snapshot support is now disabled by default for CCC-created APFS-formatted disk images. You're welcome to enable snapshot support on a disk image manually if you prefer that; double-click the disk image to mount it, then click on the mounted disk image volume in CCC's sidebar to manage the snapshot creation and retention preferences for that volume
- Minor adjustment to the handling of locked files when trying to create hard links
- Fixed an edge case in which the "Secure CCC's Scripts Folder" function was not removing non-root-user write privileges on shell scripts
- The task history sort attribute is now retained as a preference

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.8 Build 5704

- When creating a new disk image on a Mojave+ system, CCC will now create APFS-formatted disk images if the source volume is APFS-formatted. All snapshot functionality afforded to APFS-formatted volumes will apply to APFS-formatted disk images as well
- Hard drives from a popular vendor ship with a rogue "is a bundle" flag set on the root folder. When cloning this volume to a folder, the rogue flag is preserved on the destination folder, which causes the Finder to treat it like a file, making it awkward to see the items that were copied. CCC now strips this rogue flag from the root folder of the selected destination to avoid the annoying result
- Adjusted the handling of 0-byte "placeholder" files (e.g. Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive "online only" files) to avoid lengthy delays. These delays were particularly notable when working through Dropbox folders
- Total snapshot disk usage is presented more prominently in the Disk Center
- When cloning to an ExFAT or FAT32 volume, custom volume icons are now preserved at the destination
- Resolved an error that can occur when creating read-only disk images on SMB network volumes. Due to a bug in macOS Mojave, sparseimage disk images cannot be created on SMB NAS volumes. Rather than creating a sparseimage intermediate disk image, CCC will now create aa sparsebundle intermediate disk image
- CCC's "trust but verify" case-sensitivity check is now applied to "ufsd_ExtFS" volumes as well, after getting confirmation from a user that these volumes incorrectly report themselves as case-insensitive, when in fact they are case-sensitive
- To protect against unauthorized modifications, CCC now requires that pre- and postflight scripts are owned and writable only by the system administrator, and that all parent folders of the scripts are owned and writable only by the system administrator. A new "Secure CCC's Scripts folder" option is available in the Utilities menu to help meet these new requirements
- Fixed some UI issues around the visibility of the pre/postflight script interface elements
- Fixed an issue in which other tasks within a group would start to run after the following events: a) start task group, b) stop task group before all tasks complete, c) manually run one of the tasks within the group
- Fixed an issue in which CCC would errantly report that a destination lacked support for files larger than 4GB
- Hourly run time limits that have a start or end time at midnight will be applied a little more gracefully, e.g. a task that starts a few seconds prior to midnight will be allowed to run with a midnight start time limit
- Fixed a password decoding issue that could cause problems while configuring a task with the Remote Macintosh option if the administrator's password on the remote Mac contained 3-byte characters (e.g. €)
- Tasks that failed due to the source or destination being missing will no longer get a "failed" badge in the Tasks table if the task is also configured to not send error notifications when the source or destination is missing. Likewise, the Task Plan will now indicate this condition specifically, rather than offering a generic "Errors occurred during the last run" message

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.7 Build 5627

- CCC will now proactively warn about configurations specific to T2 Macs that will produce non-bootable results, and configurations that will lead to problems with enabling encryption or modifying Startup Security settings
- Addressed an issue in which a Mojave-running remote Macintosh would fail (inconsistently) to correctly validate the code signature of CCC's file copier, thus causing backups to the remote Mac to fail
- Apple cache files that have been found to degrade task performance are now excluded from backup tasks by default
- CCC can now distinguish between a volume that is encrypted vs. a volume that has FileVault enabled. This is a subtle difference that is only apparent on T2-based Macs. CCC will no longer ask for a password for encrypted volumes that are not FileVault protected
- The "Shut down if previously off" setting is now allowed on a non-scheduled task as long as that task is part of a scheduled group
- Improved compatibility with VeraCrypt volumes

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.6 Build 5566

- Improved the handling of Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive File Stream and Dropbox placeholder files. Please note that if you're using any of these services, files that are marked as "online only" cannot be backed up
- When showing the sidebar, the left side of the window will no longer get place under the Dock if the user has the Dock placed on the left side of the screen
- Updated the default snapshot retention policy that gets applied to the startup disk. The default settings are now more conservative, so fewer snapshots will be retained on the startup disk. Note that you must apply the new default settings if snapshots are already enabled for your startup disk
- When deleting the last task, the new task that's created to replace it is now named "CCC Backup Task" (rather than "Untitled") and it is no longer marked "edited" by default
- Final Cut Pro "fcpbundle" files are now treated as ordinary folders in the Task Filter window, allowing the user to exclude items within these bundles files from the backup task
- Addressed an edge case scenario where the permissions of the root folder of the destination could be set to values that prevent the logged-in user from accessing that volume

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.5 Build 5549
- CCC now proactively prompts Mojave users to grant Full Disk Access to CCC and its helper tool so CCC can back up all of the user's Application Data
- Minor improvement to the handling of sparse files
- When connecting to a remote Mac via the Remote Macintosh option in the Source and Destination selectors, a timeout that might occur due to a firewall or other Remote Login configuration problem is is now greeted with more helpful advice (rather than reported as an "internal error")
- Changes to a custom filter expression or rule type now causes the task to be marked as edited
- CCC now excludes the Dropbox ".dropbox.cache" folder. This folder's volatile content not only contains a bunch of garbage that shouldn't be backed up, but attempting to do so provokes a conflict between Dropbox and various anti-virus applications
- Fixed the handling of a failure to mount an encrypted volume when clicking on the source or destination selector if the source or destination was a folder on that volume and CCC lacked the password for that volume
- Fixed an issue in which CCC was sending two email notifications for a task that exceeds a run time limit
- Fixed an issue in which a task group might run immediately when adding tasks to it
- The email body template field in CCC's Preferences window now explicitly disallows macOS from performing 'smart quote' replacements. Such replacements resulted in corruption of the tokens in non-English locales, leading to the presence of the tokens in the resulting emails, rather than the substituted text (e.g. "##Nome dell'operazione##" instead of "Backup CCC")

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.4 Build 5482
- Some performance enhancements added to the previous version of CCC could occasionally lead to errors affecting tasks that specify a remote Macintosh source. This update modifies those performance enhancements to avoid those errors
- Errors related to being unable to access Apple-private folders in the user home folder are now suppressed
- Fixed a crashing issue that occurs when clicking on the source or destination selector. This only affects El Capitan users when VoiceOver is enabled
- Added an option to the 'ccc' command-line utility to print schedule information in CSV format

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.3 Build 5458
- Fixed an issue that would prevent CCC's User Agent from finding updates to CCC
- Minor improvements to error handling related to creating snapshots
- Animations are now reduced for 10.12+ users that are using the "Reduce m

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