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What's new in this version:

- Some users reported Wavebox getting stuck on startup, this release addresses that issue
- Fix the next / previous app keyboard shortcut not working
- Update to Chromium 97.0.4692.99
- Collapse apps in settings to make it easier to navigate large groups
- Update dependencies
- UI tweaks
- Fix a hard crash that could occur when switching profiles
- More fixes for protocol handlers (using Wavebox as your default mail handler)
- Fix workspace styling in the collection widgets

- Add support for dragging groups over each other to combine their contents
- Add an icon picker when picking group & app icons
- Add a keyboard shortcut to duplicate the current tab
- Display multi-line names in the workspace collection widget

Updates & improvements:
- When unsplitting an app/tab, be more intelligent about that tab that is selected after the unsplit
- UI tweaks tweaks and updates
- Update dependencies

- a crash in settings
- some style issues with the focus customizer
- handling mailto/email links not working correctly
- the workspace icon not using the app color

- Add an option to set your own custom notification sounds
- Add an option to suspend idle detection for the privacy lock, by right clicking on the lock icon in the sidebar
- Sites are able to request that they open desktop applications by default, but there was no way to undo this, add those sites into settings

Updates & improvements:
- Upgrade to Chromium 97.0.4692.71
- Update dependencies
- Add a flag to disable the alert when an app is signed out
- Speed up the unread count detection for outlook
- Updates the add app wizard

- There was some discrepancy in the behaviour when closing tabs in the main Wavebox window vs closing tabs in other windows. Update this so it behaves the same across the board.
- Fix the address bar sometimes appearing when hidden
- UI updates & tweaks
- Multiple fixes for split screen
- Fix split-screen not restoring on startup under certain circumstances
- Handle a case where outlook would stop syncing unread counts and notifications

- This patch release fixes an issue with scrollbars not appearing on some websites

- This release includes an update to Chromium 96.0.4664.110, which includes some important security and stability fixes

- Update to Chromium 96.0.4664.93
- Add keyboard shortcuts for sleeping app/group/window
- Update dependencies
- Update integration apis
- Split screen fixes
- Fix the sidebar & toolbar being cut off on macOS
- Fix a CPU leak with the downloads widget
- Ensure tabs are woken up correctly when entering split-screen mode

Updates & improvements:
- Update to Chromium 96.0.4664.45
- Add Freshdesk integration
- Make some Wavebox components live updatable so they can be updated in the background without a big release

- Fix an issue where clearing the browsing data from a cookie container, could also result in the default cookie container being cleared
- Fix a case where Trello would fail to complete sign-in under certain circumstances
- Fix a crash on the lock screen
- Dark mode fixes
- Fix an issue where a tab could silently wake up on launch
- Fix a crash when using incognito mode & opening the devtools or a new window from a page
- Fix a memory leak with Gmail & Slack
- Fix a UI glitch with the top toolbar in the main Wavebox window
- Data integrity checking & fixes
- Fix a bug that would sometimes occur when restoring a profile from disk or the cloud. The profile would either fail to restore correctly, or partially restore, leaving the app in a bit of an undefined state.

- Enable dark mode in settings
- Add an option to display Wavebox apps as round rather than circular
- Change the Ctrl/Cmd+W behaviour to more intelligently pick the next tab
- Add support for backing up and restoring Desktop Web Apps & bookmarks using import/export
- Add a keyboard shortcut to cycle through all awake tabs

Updates & improvements:
- Update to Chromium 95.0.4638.69
- Update dependencies
- Ensure app configurations are updated more frequently
- Stability and performance improvements

- Re-attach the main wavebox window more resiliently when session restore is enabled
- Speculative fix for phantom tabs sometimes appearing in the main Wavebox window
- Fix a crash when opening bookmarks in a new window
- Fix an issue where app icons could display blank after performing a restore
- Fix an edge case where the app could quit unexpectedly on startup
- Enabling focus mode permanently has stopped working, add a fix for this
- Fix move tab to group not working
- Fix a potential crash in the main Wavebox window
- Fix an issue where clearing the browsing data from a cookie container, could also result in the default cookie container being cleared
- Fix a case where Trello would fail to complete sign-in under certain circumstances
- Fix a crash on the lock screen
- UI fixes

- Update dependencies
- Performance improvements for the app store
- Update to Chromium 94.0.4606.81

- Update to Chromium 94.0.4606.71
- Fix not being able to change the notification sound on Desktop Web Apps
- Fix an issue that could cause some extensions to crash
- Show smartnotes in the Desktop Web App extension menu

- Desktop Web Apps. Is there an app you use all the time that you really wish you could pin to the dock/taskbar and use just like a fully installed app? Now you can!
- Click on the new apps button in the titlebar of any window to add your first app. Once added...
- Launch the app right from the desktop / application launcher
- Pin the app to your taskbar and switch back to it at lightning speed
- Get unread badges for just that app right in your dock
- Use Alt+Tab/Cmd+Tab to switch between it and all the other apps running on your machine
- Add clear all notifications to notifications widget titlebar
- Add support for wavebox:// urls

Updates & improvements:
- Update to Chromium 94.0.4606.61
- Update dependencies

- Wavebox would crash when trying to drag the connect or smartnote extensions in the toolbar, fix this
- Fix trello avatar icon not being fetched correctly
- Compatability for the Outwrite extension when using multiple Cookie Containers
- Fixes to the sign-in flow for some apps

- Update to Chromium 93.0.4577.82
- Update dependencies
- Fix the 'show addressbar' button not working in the popout version
- Promote showing tab counts on groups & apps from flags to the main settings
- Add a flag to enable prompts before closing multiple tabs
- UI fixes

- Fix a crash when clicking the home button on a non-default cookie container
- Fix a crash when visiting the Chrome Web Store on a non-default cookie container
- The recents list on an app would sometimes fail to populate when entering a url into the addressbar, fix this
- Make 1Password semi cookie container aware
- Make Ctrl/Cmd+Q configurable, and when using this on the main Wavebox window with no open tabs, minimise the window to the tray/menubar

- a keyboard shortcut to launch smartnotes
- undo/redo support to smartnotes
- cookie container support to progressive web apps

- Add the option to launch external urls in a new tab rather than new window
- Add a setting to use the system print preview dialog
- Make clicking on an app title in a tooltip navigate back to the apps homepage
- When sending a window of tabs to a workspace, add the option to save any configured tab groups from the window
- Add advanced flag to display open tab count on groups
- Add advanced flag to set tab display mode (either by group or app) to be configurable per group
- Add the option to change which groups are shown in the Notification & Unified Unread widgets
- Add support for dragging task items between widgets
- Make lock screen dark theme aware

Updates & improvements:
- Update to Chromium 93.0.4577.63
- Update dependencies
- Change linux update "Remind me later" button to wait until tomorrow
- The previous version fixed window positioning on Windows, but it was a bit janky. Make it less so.
- Some performance tweaking

- Fix right-click not working on task items
- We had stopped offering to save passwords on Google domains. Fix this
- Theres a race condition when loading slack, which meant that clicking on a notification later on would cause the window to reload. Fix this.
- Fix Smartnotes not overflowing and showing the scrollbar properly
- UI fixes
- Fix an issue where opening a progressive web app would result in multiple tabs re-opening
- Fixes when making calls using Wavebox Connect
- Fix the UI going a bit wrong when forcing dark mode
- Ctrl+1-9 had stopped working properly unless mapped manually in settings, fix this

 - Improved support for setting Wavebox as the default mail handler
- Add an option to open a link in the last used window, when opening links from outside of Wavebox
- Add an option to the tasks widget, to auto cleanup done tasks
- Add a keyboard shortcut for next/prev tab. This can be configured under settings

Updates & improvements:
- Update the Chromium 92.0.4515.159
- Update dependencies
- Persist some additional data when importing/exporting Wavebox config
- Compatibility fixes for Windows 11, including rounded corners and removing a glitchy drop shadow
- Add option to send all tabs in main wavebox window to a workspace from the top-right toolbar
- Add some additional helpers for when Wavebox is the default browser, but also links are set to open in the default browser
- Spring-cleaning some old code

- On Windows the address bar would not autofocus in new windows. Fix this
- With multiple monitors that have different scaling, the smartnotes window and some of the authentication windows could appear partially off screen. Manually position these so they're no longer floating off in the distance.
- If you launched Wavebox whilst offline, some app icons would fail to load. Detect when the connection is restored and re-load those icons
- Fix a crash on workspaces
- Skip the link opener engine when opening local files
- Fix share dialogs sometimes rendering a blank window on Windows

- Add an option for each app to overwrite the default notification sound
- Add support for routing links from external apps. Previously these would open up in a new window on the default Cookie Container, but now you can select where you want them to open 👍.

Updates & improvements:
- Upgrade Chromium to 92.0.4515.131. This also fixes a launch issue on some Arch Linux configurations
- Update dependencies
- Update the collection widget, so you can open all shortcuts in a folder from the right-click menu
- Update the collection widget to show the icon and name from what's configured in the original app where possible
- UI Tweaks & fixes in the settings UI
- Add created and last modified info to Smart Notes

- Fixes for shared workspaces
- Fix the sidebar being unscrollable when the cookie manager was open
- Fix show/hide addressbar keyboard shortcut not working
- Fix the tab bar collapsing prematurely when tabs are pinned
- Some notifications in Wavebox Mini & the notification widget would refuse to open when their original tab had been closed. Fix this
- Fix an issue with icon sync
- Fix a crash when deleting a profile

- Widget Workspaces. Supercharge your Workspaces app and your new tab page. Previously, you could only add apps and shortcuts to a workspace but now...
- Add any number of Widgets, these include Collections of shortcuts & apps, sticky notes, tasks, RSS feeds and more!
- Drag the widgets around and layout your workspace so it works how you work
- See handy stats about how you use Wavebox and how much memory you've saved
- Use as many workspaces as you need to split up your stuff
- Customize your workspace with your own backgrounds and colours
- Smart Notes. Add a note to any page you visit. When you return to that page, the note is instantly available so you can pick up where you left off. Look out for the Smart Note icon in the top-right of the window and also a little badge on it when you have a saved note.
- Focus Mode. This brings an entirely new take on the old "Mute notifications" functionaility in the sidebar. With focus mode, you can...
- Mute Badges and Audio as well as Notifications
- Mute specific groups, or sets of groups as well as everything
- Save sets of groups to mute in the future
- Add support for tabs re-attaching to the main window from the history menu and Ctrl+Shift+T

Updates & improvements:
- Update to Chromium 92.0.4515.107
- Update dependencies
- Make version info copyable in settings
- Enable crash reporting on Linux
- UI tweaks and fixes

- Fix privacy lock not being recoverable
- Fix the compact navigation not updating the url correctly
- Improve sidebar app sorting by reducing jumpyness and random unexpectedness
- Fix Windows sometimes showing blank panels
- Sort cookie containers in settings
- Performance fix in cookie containers that are part of a Wavebox team
- Wavebox would sometimes fail to come to the foreground when clicking on the tray icon on Windows

Wavebox 10.0.594.2
- Add the option to change the taskbar badge color on Windows
- Split the "Sleep tabs on low memory" setting so it can be set independently for tabs and apps, rather than just a single global setting for both
- Add new tab in current group as a window open engine

Updates & improvements:
- Update to Chromium 91.0.4472.164
- Update dependencies
- Update the Wavebox Mini unread panel to show new items first
- Performance & memory improvements
- Make chrome extension api identity optional
- UI updates and tweaks to the general look and feel of Wavebox
- Show a warning when testing notifications and Do Not Disturb is enabled on macOS
- Add a restart prompt when updating on Linux
- Performance improvements & low resource usage activity spinners everywhere
- Improve readability of Outlook notifications
- Improve Outlook & Gmail sync responsiveness
- Make the Windows taskbar badge higher quality
- Tweak the Windows tray icon visuals to be more in-line with other tray icons

- Fix crashpad crash reporting not submitting reports under some configurations on windows
- Fix a crash on some configurations that use multiple profiles
- Fix dragging a tab into the main wavebox window causing the app to hang
- Fix an issue on Windows install where the app could think the EULA had been rejected
- Fix for slack failing to load after sleep
- Open in default browser with multiple wavebox profiles didnt work, fix this
- Fix the Do Not Disturb state not reporting correctly on the latest macOS
- Fix an issue whereby new tabs in the main window could encounter a double load. This was reported with opening new windows from cPanel, but could affect other sites
- Fix the alert state not clearing when tabs and apps go to sleep.
- Fix edge case whereby waking up the active tab would fail
- The "restore last page on load" setting was only partially respected after we rolled out a performance optimization by serializing sleeping apps and tabs to disk. Fix this, so that you can now enable and disable restore last page on load and have it function as expected
- Fix an issue in Wavebox Connect whereby closing picture-in-picture mode with the close button would cause the call to hang
- Fixes to the sidebar divider sorting
- When using Wavebox Connect with multiple profiles, it would display notifications and ring in each profile. Only ring and notify once from now on
- Fix a race condition in the storage system that could result in data corruption

Wavebox 10.0.554.2
- Update to Chromium 91.0.4472.114
- Update dependencies
- Change the connect action button in the top to open the last unread item if available
- Disable background running by default as it doesn't make 100% sense and causes profile shutdown to not work correctly
- Improvements to Gmail sync
- Fix issue that would see Wavebox hang on launch after moving onto the free tier
- Fix crash when resuming download
- Improve aur update instructions

Wavebox 10.0.548.2
- Update Chromium to 91.0.4472.101
- Update dependencies
- Sometimes Slack would send duplicate notifications, ignore those
- Help users on macOS running Wavebox under Rosetta by directing them to download the Apple Silicon edition
- Shift+Click on apps and groups open them in a new window
- More tweaks to the linux tray display refresh
- Performance fixes

Wavebox 10.0.542.2
- Update to Chromium 91.0.4472.77 which improves JavaScript performance by up to 23% in real world tests. This is thanks to the new Sparkplug compiler in V8 which should see the vast majority of JavaScript launch and run faster
- Incrementally load Wavebox code as it's needed, using our new just-in-time pipeline. This reduces the evaluation time and memory usage on startup by 20-ish percent. Then depending how Wavebox is used, additional chunks are loaded as they're needed. This means if there's a feature you just don't use, you'll never need to load it in. If you do use it, then it's loaded seamlessly in the background without you even noticing!
- Wavebox uses lots of different code components in the app, but within those they use a shared library. We spent some time optimising these, stripping out bits that we didn't need and rewriting some others to be more performant. We managed to reduce some of the code components by over 50%, which means less overhead in lots of parts of the app and now pages and tabs should now load that little bit more quickly.
- We now officially support the Arch User Repository as a new install method!
- Fix duplicate tab in new window messing up the window focus on Windows
- Fix a hard crash when profiles are enabled
- Fix being unable to remove a profile
- UI fixes

Wavebox 10.0.518.2
- New micro version of Wavebox Connect
- Add the ability to pin a tab in the main wavebox window
- Add support for automatically changing the menu bar colors depending on theme/desktop wallpaper
- Add an option to move tabs between groups
- Add button to open all pinned items in a new window
- Change dino to wavebox logo for QR code in omnibox

Updates & improvements:
- Improve the loading experience in profile popup
- Update our frameless window code used in profiles & quick switch
- Update to Chromium 90.0.4430.212
- Update dependencies
- Tree-shake some useless code to improve performance
- UI Fixes

- Remove create new tab from context menu, when tabs are disabled
- When the main window quit behaviour was set to quit, Wavebox would exit badly. This caused a number of problems...
- Running tabs wouldn't save, so the startup behaviour of "continue where you left off" wouldn't work
- Secondary profiles could be lost if they were saved to disk badly
- If you had a second window open and quit the main Wavebox one, there was no way to bring it back other than to restar the app
- Opening a new tab carries the cookie container across, however in some instances creating a new window would not, so always carry the cookie container.
- Fix widevine on Apple Silicon builds
- Fix a crash in workspaces

Wavebox 10.0.503.2
- Add keyboard shortcut for home
- Add keyboard shortcut for the profile picker
- Add duplicate to new window option to the tab menus
- Add support for some additional chrome.identity extension apis

Updates & improvements:
- Update to Chromium 90.0.4430.93
- Slack unread badges and notifications stopped working after Slack changed their API. Update Wavebox to be compatible with these changes
- UI tweaks and fixes
- Improvements to streaming quality in Wavebox Connect
- Add the option to open pinned items in new windows

- Shutting down profiles was a bit flakey, fix this
- Cookie container settings were not respected on extensions after the Chromium 90 update. Fix this
- Fix zoom not working in Wavebox Mini
- Fix clicking on a notification erroneously waking up a bunch of tabs in a group
- Fix an issue that would sometimes see tabs requiring a double click to close
- Fix playback of protected media on Apple Silicon
- Fix issue that would prevent some users from launching Wavebox

Wavebox 10.0.495.2
- Fix change to Slack sync protocol that caused Slack accounts to stay signed out
- Fix the Wavebox UI incorrectly using the default page zoom
- Add a flag to revert the linux tray behaviour to the old refresh-y behaviour

Wavebox 10.0.493.2
- Upgrade to Chromium 90.0.4430.85
- Add an option for main window tabs to inherit their sleep settings from the opening app
- Speed up initial load in Navigator
- Bugfix for missing tabs in Navigator
- Fix the scrollbar not appearing on workspaces
- The homepage url for apps could be lost under an edge case, fix this
- UI Fixes

Wavebox 10.0.487.2
- Add notification volume control to Settings > General > Notifications
- What's New icon in sidebar
- Add an option to name individual tabs

New Profiles:
- Profiles icon in the UI top-right with dropdown Profile switcher. Disabled by default - email support for access
- We've been busy updating and fixing some longstanding issues with Cookie Profiles. Alongside this and the release of Profiles, we've renamed Cookie Profiles to be Cookie Containers. They do the same thing, but helps with any ambiguity between profiles and containers
- Option to show Wavebox Profile picker window on start-up
- Option to launch all Wavebox Profiles on start-up

Sleep Improvements:
- Extend the default sleep period to 15 minutes from the old 5 minutes
- Sleep unused tabs (not just apps) after 15 minutes. This works across all windows, not just the main Wavebox window and can be disabled or customized in settings
- Uncouple the sleep setting for tabs in the main Wavebox window, so that they use the global setting
- Add an option to sleep apps & tabs when the machine has low memory
- Indicate when tabs are sleeping by greying out the tab title and icon
- Add an option to each tabs context menu to sleep them on demand
- After adding an app and switching away from it, the app would always go to sleep immediately. Don't do this.
- Schedule auto sleep on apps at startup (if applicable)
- Show sleeping tabs in the tab navigator

Wavebox 10.0.454.2
- Update to Chromium 89.0.4389.72
- Update dependencies
- Reduce individual writes to disk by batching them together, decreasing CPU load
- Disallow adding workspaces multiple times
- Clearing all browsing data would sometimes fail when clearing multiple profiles. Fix this.
- Add create group from tab to tab context menu
- Flags section under advanced settings
- Wavebox connect improvements
- UI Tweaks

Wavebox 10.0.442
- Add an alert state to apps and groups to show which are audible, muted, screensharing etc
- Add mute/unmute to the app/tab menus
- Improve the active indicator when apps are placed in the sidebar
- Add search to settings
- Add option to hide or show the bookmarks bar in the main Wavebox window (available under settings. This is still experimental)
- Wavebox mini now remembers the last tab that was open
- Add option to move app into its own group
- Add an option to always show the tabstrip

Updates & improvements:
- Update to Chromium 88.0.4324.192
- Update dependencies
- Speed up double click vs single click detection on apps
- Make Wavebox connect theme aware
- Various UI tweaks

Performance improvements:
- Serialize sleeping tabs to disk for faster tab restore
- Use our new store heuristics to pre-predict changes and dump those that have no effects early in the pipeline
- There's a case where switching between some Slack teams would cause a large CPU spike and in some cases a short hang. We added a fix that should vastly reduce CPU usage when doing this.
- In some places we emit multiple store updates together, causing some usless UI repainting in the process. We now batch these automagically into a single update and crucially a single repaint which means faster performance.
- Some of the integrated apps would share large blobs with multiple frames in the app. This data was never used in any of those frames, so move into a dedicated background sync store and free up some CPU and memory for all!
- Fix a potential leak in the tab manager that was causing CPU spikes when switching tabs

- The cookie profile was being lost in new tabs, when new tab extensions are installed (e.g. Carry the cookie profile through.
- In some instances, tabs might not load until they're entered. Hopefully a fix we applied will make them load when they're supposed to
- When sleeping/unsleeping tabs they’d incorrectly animate. Fix this
- Wavebox connect fixes & improvements
- Fix double clicking on apps wrongly reloading when the window is out of focus
- Fix widevine on Apple Silicon devices not working
- When adding weblink apps to a shared team they'd lose their name and icon. Hold on tighter and carry these through
- Fix a crash on the dashboard when it loads before the background thread is 100% ready
- Tweaks to the app/group tooltips
- Fix connect call notifications routing to the wrong tab
- Fix case where some conflicting notification sounds would play

Wavebox 10.0.422
- Update to Chromium 88.0.4324.150, which contains important security fixes
- Additional V8 hardening and security fixes
- The new tab page always started opening on the default partition. Fix this and make it partition aware again
- There was an edge case where the UI may not paint in the main window
- This patch release includes a fix for Slack unread counts and notifications not working

Wavebox 10.0.412
- Add Wavebox Mini button to the the titlebar
- Add option to disable buttons in the titlebar to the main settings rather than using chrome://flags
- Double clicking on an app or group with one app now loads the homepage

Updates & improvements:
- Update to Chromium 88.0.4324.146
- UI Tweaks
- Update dependencies
- Crashpad reporting
- Add extension spanning info to user generated diagnostics

- Some themes would show a clipped background on buttons in the titlebar. The background was never meant to be there, so remove it
- The Clickup extension wouldn't allow you to sign-in on a Cookie Profile that isn't the default one. Fix this so you can sign in on any cookie profile

Wavebox 10.0.407
- Sites that request HTTP basic auth now work outside the default cookie profile
- Vastly improved service worker sync for sites that support it
- The ability to lock an extension to a single cookie profile
- Better cookie profile support for extensions that have struggled with it
- Fixes for mixmax outside of the default cookie profile
- Add the ability to re-order pinned items
- Add tab close button to quick switch
- Add favicons to quick switch
- Add tab search, navigatior & new window button to the titlebar

Updates & improvements:
- Update to Chromium 88.0.4324.96
- Update dependencies
- Improve stability by hardening some core event systems so in-app errors don't result in a domino-effect fallover
- Open pinned and recent items as a new tab rather than always in a new window
- Some tabs in the stip failed to update on chrome:// pages. Fix this.
- Hide tab sleep indicator when space is at a premium

- Fix toolbar apps collapsing slightly when there are lots of tabs
- Fix an edge case where opening the options page in a tab on startup would result in it crashing
- Badges wouldn't clear on facebook messenger if you dismissed them on another device. Fix this
- Signing into Slack with Google stopped working, fix this
- Opening a link from bookmarks in a new tab would cause the app to crash. Don't crash.
- Fix folder upload on sites such as Google Drive & OneDrive
- Fix tray losing notification muted state on Linux & Windows
- The character encoding was losing some character definition in Wavebox Mini Notifications. Fix this (Existing notifications will continue to show funny glyphs)

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