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Download Unity 2021.1.19

  -  1.4 MB  -  Freeware

What's new in this version:

- Version Control: Added auto sign in when logged into Unity account

- Version Control: Added Checkin and Update confirmation notification
- Version Control: Improved load time performance

- Burst: Updated the Burst Package to 1.5.6
- HDRP: DoF is now using the min depth of the per-pixel MSAA samples when MSAA is enabled. This removes 1-pixel ringing from in focus objects
- Version Control: Simplified and decluttered the UI
- XR: Updated OpenXR Package to 1.2.8

- Android: Fixed a crash when using TouchScreenKeyboard with placeholder text
- Animation: Fixed an issue where the Animator.GetNextAnimatorClipInfo() methods did not return the expected result at the end of a transition
- Burst: Fixed a compiler error that occurred when calling BurstCompiler.CompileFunctionPointer with a delegate type that was decorated with a custom attribute
- Burst: Fixed the "could not find path tempburstlibs" error message that popping up when building for Android and Burst was disabled
- Editor: Fixed an issue where there was no support for duplicate component names to UnityEvent selection popup
- Graphics: Fixed a crash with accessing individual pixels on crunch compressed texture. This should now throw an error instead
- GraphView: Fixed an issue where GraphView group did not allow drag and drop of nodes when edges were selected
- HDRP: Fixed an issue where the sky settings were being ignored when using the recorder and path tracing
- IMGUI: When using a Non-ReorderableList, pressing the Delete key on one of the element deletes it from the array
- iOS: Fixed a query of Display native resolution issue
- Physics: Fixed an issue where the Articulation Bodies were not being visualised in the Physics Debugger
- Physics: Fixed an issue where the Physics Debugger was not reacting to filtering settings as expected
- Prefabs: Fixed an issue where Prefab were instantiated with a Prefab asset as parent
- Shadergraph: Fixed an issue where horizontal scrollbars in graph sub windows could not have their lower scroll button used due to being overlapped by the resize handles
- uGUI: Fixed an issue with selectable (i.e. Button) where it was not shown as selected when it was re-enabled until selection was cleared manually
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where a TextureId leak that could occur when a Panel was disposed or when the graphics device reloaded
- Universal Windows Platform: Fixed an issue where C++ source code plugins failing to get copied to output build folder with executable only build type when the plugin is in a package that's referenced in the project
- URP: Fixed an error where multisampled texture was being bound to a non-multisampled sampler in XR
- URP: Fixed an issue with terrain hole shadowing
- Version Control: Fixed an SSO renew token issue after a password change
- Version Control: Fixed an issue wehre view was not switching to workspace after creating an Enterprise Gluon workspace
- Version Control: Fixed an issue were the contextual menu was not showing up in project view
- Version Control: Fixed some namespace collisions issues with Antlr3
- Video: Fixed an issue where VideoPlayback leaked if destroyed while seeking
- Windows: Fixed an issue where SystemInfo.deviceUniqueIdentifier was not actually being unique on some Windows 7 machines

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Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more.