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Transmission for Mac

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Download Transmission 3.00

  -  5.43 MB  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

- Allow the RPC server to listen on an IPv6 address
- Change TR_CURL_SSL_VERIFY to TR_CURL_SSL_NO_VERIFY and enable verification by default
- Go back to using hash as base name for resume and torrent files (those stored in configuration directory)
- Handle "fields" argument in "session-get" RPC request; if "fields" array is present in arguments, only return session fields specified; otherwise return all the fields as before
- Limit the number of incorrect authentication attempts in embedded web server to 100 to prevent brute-force attacks
- Set idle seed limit range to 1..40320 (4 weeks tops) in all clients
- Add Peer ID for Xfplay, PicoTorrent, Free Download Manager, Folx, Baidu Netdisk torrent clients
- Announce INT64_MAX as size left if the value is unknown (helps with e.g. Amazon S3 trackers)
- Add TCP_FASTOPEN support (should result in slight speedup)
- Improve ToS handling on IPv6 connections
- Abort handshake if establishing DH shared secret fails (leads to crash)
- Don't switch trackers while announcing (leads to crash)
- Improve completion scripts execution and error handling; add support for .cmd and .bat files on Windows
- Maintain a "session ID" file (in temporary directory) to better detect whether session is local or remote; return the ID as part of "session-get" response
- Change torrent location even if no data move is needed
- Support CIDR-notated blocklists
- Update the resume file before running script
- Make multiscrape limits adaptive
- Add labels support to libtransmission and transmission-remote
- Parse session-id header case-insensitively (#765)
- Sanitize suspicious path components instead of rejecting them
- Load CA certs from system store on Windows / OpenSSL
- Add support for mbedtls (formely polarssl) and wolfssl (formely cyassl), LibreSSL
- Fix building against OpenSSL 1.1.0+
- Fix quota support for uClibc-ng 1.0.18+ and DragonFly BSD
- Fix a number of memory leaks (magnet loading, session shutdown, bencoded data parsing)
- Bump miniupnpc version to 2.0.20170509
- CMake-related improvements (Ninja generator, libappindicator, systemd, Solaris and macOS)
- Switch to submodules to manage (most of) third-party dependencies
- Fail installation on Windows if UCRT is not installed

Mac Client:
- Bump minimum macOS version to 10.10
- Dark Mode support
- Remove Growl support, notification center is always used
- Fix autoupdate on High Sierra and up by bumping the Sparkle version
- Transition to ARC
- Use proper UTF-8 encoding (with macOS-specific normalization) when setting download/incomplete directory and completion script paths
- Fix uncaught exception when dragging multiple items between groups
- Add flat variants of status icons for message log
- Optimize image resources size
- Update file icon when file name changes
- Update translations

Web Client:
- Fix tracker error XSS in inspector (CVE-?)
- Fix performance issues due to improper use of setInterval() for UI refresh (TRAC-6031)
- Fix recognition of https:// links in comments field
- Fix torrent list style in Google Chrome 59+
- Show ETA in compact view on non-mobile devices
- Show upload file button on mobile devices
- Add keyboard hotkeys for web interface
- Disable autocompletion in torrent URL field

- Prevent crash in transmission-show displaying torrents with invalid creation date
- Handle IPv6 RPC addresses in transmission-remote
- Add --unsorted option to transmission-show
- Widen the torrent-id column in transmission-remote for cleaner formatting

Code Signing Policy:
- Windows MSI packages: free code signing provided by, certificate by SignPath Foundation

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