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Download Sparkle Pro 3.1.6

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What's new in this version:

Sparkle Pro 3.1.6
- minor compatibility issues with macOS Monterey
- layout issue in some instance
- some popup issues
- canvas and layout issues with text wrap

Sparkle Pro 3.1.5
- display of elements with scroll animation at page load time
- layout of fixed-position backgrounds in Firefox
- blog index sizing in some cases
- text editing layout occasionally not updating when switching device
- label animation for galleries using the slide effect
- layer order when ungrouping groups
- layout in relation to rotated elements
- multi-line button layout when in groups with links
- pressing enter when editing the label of radio buttons and checkboxes reverting to previous text
- automatic detection of publishing settings on some web hosts
- crashes on macOS Mavericks 10.9
- other smaller bugs and crashes

- support for macOS Monterey
- documentation links for French and German

Sparkle Pro 3.1.4
- some popup issues
- minor layout issues
- Many other minor bug fixes

Sparkle Pro 3.1.3
- Fixed minor compatibility issues with macOS 10.9-10.12

Sparkle Pro 3.1.2
- Added multi-selection functionality for "Show on blog index" option

- SEO assistant flagging animated popups
- Safari preview issues
- several layout issues
- canvas rendition of images with alpha
- crash after free trial expiry
- license not recognized after a free trial
- free trial button visibility logic
- the copy RSS feed button producing an incorrect URL
- developer options not respecting a custom folder setting
- instagram integration
- multi-line text button label spacing
- nested one-time animations
- one-time animations in scrollable popups
- text wrapping not updating in some cases
- menu dropdown not working in some multi-device setups
- shopping cart image generation for Snipcart in multi-device projects
- other crashes

Sparkle Pro 3.1.1
- Fixed layout issue in some instance
- Many other fixes and improvements

Sparkle Pro 3.1
- resizable sidebar (macOS 10.14+)
- "deny" consent button to cookie banner, for compliance with regulation in many EU countries
- position at which scroll effect starts (top/middle/bottom)
- "filename" smart field where it was missing
- forced restart when Sparkle is moved or renamed in the Finder

- map integration to support API-key based basic maps
- memory use on some iMacs (macOS 11.3+)
- Instagram integration
- performance when editing large projects
- performance when dragging labels in galleries with large images
- contact form spam resilience
- compatibility with some third party integrations
- compatibility with browsers

- inability to open old project files on some Macs
- missing document icon
- footer editing issues and page bottom becoming very tall
- canvas alignment and equal sizing tools to ignore locked elements
- lightbox close button color in light background mode
- clipping of rotated content with scroll animation
- flicker while publishing (macOS 11+)
- issues with the blog index page
- excessive memory use when opening some websites
- site search for older PHP versions
- text inspector issues on Apple Silicon Macs
- some popup issues
- issues with undo/redo when editing text
- animation-related flicker in Safari
- incorrect layout in some cases
- Many other fixes and improvements

Sparkle Pro 3.0.8
- excessive memory use
- crash caused by upcoming OS release
- dragged element to adopt visibility of the new container group
- canvas rendering of background filters for full width boxes
- issues with blog index and posts
- depth for fixed popups
- loss of cross-page language references, when moving a page to or from a section
- modal/fixed popup alignment in some cases
- popups with multipage visibility
- broken one time animation in some cases
- page numbering in search results
- startup freeze with some projects
- other crashes

- Improved site search results and ranking
- Added work around for Safari bug with animated buttons
- Added work around for Chrome and Firefox bug with fixed backgrounds

Sparkle Pro 3.0.7
- compatibility with some SFTP servers
- memory leak
- crash when switching blog posts to summary view
- gallery label animations
- popups with animated contents
- element animations not starting when in group with animation
- modal/fixed popup size
- modal/fixed popup layout with border and backdrop filters
- scrollbar showing on modal popups in Firefox
- crash when changing opening hours in local business settings
- layout of multi-line buttons with empty lines
- blog index layout and order
- lottie animations in pages in a folder
- text wrap when switching blog layout/summary
- canvas rendering of right aligned menu elements with indent
- block quote copy/paste in documents with multiple devices
- code generation for strings with block quote in some cases
- blog post author name/email/publication date not updating
- more crashes

Sparkle Pro 3.0.6
- Fixed crashes

Sparkle Pro 3.0.5
- Fixed crashes

Sparkle Pro 3.0.4
- Fixed payment buttons to require website address
- Fixed audio/video in popups to stop when the popup is closed
- Fixed scrolling in modal popups
- Fixed one time animations in popups
- Fixed forms in popups
- Fixed mouse out not closing popup
- Fixed in canvas paragraph spacing
- Fixed indent for multiline buttons
- Fixed hamburger menu color
- Fixed full website import stalling in some cases
- Fixed menu layout in pages moved to different section
- Fixed Smart Field EXIF flash description
- Fixed freeze on startup with complex projects
- Fixed blog index preview for multi-device documents
- Fixed blog layout and refresh issues
- Fixed window layout on older macOS versions
- Fixed text editing scrolling to the top when inserting a new line
- Fixed copy/paste style
- Fixed multi-device generation for flipboard
- Fixed crashes

Sparkle Pro 3.0.3
- Fixed some cosmetic issues on Big Sur
- Improved performance, particularly on older Macs
- Updated Google Analytics integration
- Worked around bugs in server mod_pagespeed module
- Fixed requirements for Instagram post embedding
- Added digital/physical product specification for snipcart
- Fixed border radius for input controls on iOS
- Improved Japanese localization
- Fixed access to lottie and ssh files
- Fixed website import folder name
- Fixed other bugs and crashes

Sparkle Pro 3.0.2
- Fixed website import of international domain names
- Fixed publishing getting stuck in some cases
- Fixed crash in drag and drop of typewriter events
- Fixed multi-device generation of payment buttons
- Improved interactivity of Sparkle during image compression
- Added exif image description and copyright, improved image aperture, focal length and exposure time
- Improved paragraph spacing for in-canvas drawing
- Fixed SVG optimization when SVG contains animation based on CSS
- Fixed box alpha affecting elements layered over it in some cases
- Fixed crash on launch on older macOS versions
- Fixed one time animations with links

Sparkle Pro 3.0.1
- Big Sur compatibility fixes
- Fixed activation for users of Sparkle 1.x

Sparkle Pro 2.8.12
- Fixed text wrapping, broken by Chrome 81+

Sparkle Pro 2.8.11
- Improved spam resilience of contact forms
- Updated Instagram functionality to reflect changes in their service
- Updated Youtube functionality to better adhere to their branding guidelines
- Fixed blurry initial image on videos in some cases
- Fixed initial video image occasionally used for previously published videos
- Fixed in-canvas rendering of some SVGs

Sparkle Pro 2.8.10
- Improved contact form spam detection
- Improved multi-language metadata as per Google recommendations
- Fixed initial player volume for video opened in lightbox
- Fixed issue with loading large images in Safari

Sparkle Pro 2.8.9
- Improved support for macOS Catalina
- Fixed minor layout issues

Sparkle Pro 2.8.8
- Fixed publishing to some web hosts that don't correctly support TLS 1.3
- Fixed z-index issue with sticky header on Safari in some rare cases
- Fixed solid shadow rendering in editing
- Fixed video player size constraing when using native controls and lightbox
- Fixed video autoplay to work even when video has no audio track
- Fixed video player to avoid browser local storage of volume preferences, that triggers some privacy checker tools
- Fixed corrupt video upload in some cases
- Fixed text wrapping in some multi-device layouts
- Improved performance for very long text blocks on multiple devices

Sparkle Pro 2.8.7
- Urgent fix for Chrome 79+ breaking some page layouts

Sparkle Pro 2.8.6
- Fixed text wrapping, broken by Chrome 75+
- Fixed text style ordering on different devices
- Fixed page background color transparency in dark mode on Catalina
- Fixed swiping gallery images on mobile
- Fixed copy/paste across documents to preserve text color
- Fixed layout of blurred images in fixed position backgrounds

Sparkle Pro 2.8.5
- Improved Catalina support
- Improved cookie consent to work with more embed scripts
- Fixed crashes on Macs with many CPU cores
- Fixed text lists not showing bullet points properly for pasted text
- Fixed layout of nested vertical menus with proportionally sized items
- Fixed some layouts with full width boxes and anchors

Sparkle Pro 2.8.4
- Improved support for macOS Catalina
- Improved compatibility with Safari 13 on macOS and iOS
- Improved text lists
- Improved the page import feature
- Improved German localization
- Fixed minor layout issues
- Many more improvements and fixes

Sparkle Pro 2.8.3
- improved publishing setup
- improved page importer
- added support for canvas page up/page down/home/end keys
- fixed layout issues with out of frame gallery labels
- fixed publishing crashes in some rare cases
- fixed occasional incorrect frame position for elements visible in multiple pages
- fixed grouping and ungrouping in multi-device pages
- fixed scroll locations not working in Firefox in some cases
- fixed text indent for right-aligned button and menu labels
- fixed sub-menu positioning in canvas
- fixed occasional canvas height issues
- fixed layouts with nested rotated elements in some edge cases
- fixed preview after navigating to a different page
- fixed cursor jumping at the top of the text block during editing in some cases
- fixed site search for gallery label text
- fixed character encoding issues in search result pages with some web server configurations
- fixed text wrapping reflow when hiding an element
- fixed in-canvas rendering of SVGs that contain text
- fixed fixed-position backgrounds on some browsers
- fixed privacy banner in some cases
- fixed TouchBar rotation widget
- fixed minor compatibility issues with macOS 10.9/10.11/10.12
- added warning when Sketch is not installed

Sparkle Pro 2.8.2
- Added right-to-left text support in the canvas and in the published page
- Added ability to place gallery labels out of the gallery frame
- Fixed publishing only changes
- Fixed excessive memory use when publishing
- Fixed TouchBar canvas zoom control
- Fixed footer elements sometimes causing editing issues
- Fixed iOS text sizing and fixed backgrounds in some cases
- Fixed SVG rendering in some cases
- Fixed contact forms sending multiple emails in some cases
- Fixed crash when attempting to print from the Finder
- Fixed uncommitted text fields losing content when window lost focus
- Fixed embed being vertically constrained
- Fixed undo/redo for some commands
- Fixed crash when setting the same name to different pages from the page outline
- Fixed publish completion notification not showing in some cases
- Fixed crash when opening files with mp3 extension but no mp3 content
- Fixed compatibility with older macOS versions
- Other improvements to stability and performance

Sparkle Pro 2.8.1
- Fixed many bugs

Sparkle Pro 2.8
- Added Instagram element
- Added Instagram support in images and galleries
- Added stock photo integration
- Added Sketch plugin to copy a design over to Sparkle
- Added Photos Extension plugin to create Sparkle image galleries from Photos
- Added site search element and search results page
- Added stick to top behaviors: overlap/stack/push previous
- Added pinning of a group to the bottom of the browser window
- Added SVG support for box backgrounds
- Added stock and custom patterns for box backgrounds
- Added option to make a text box scrollable
- Added free gradient angle for box backgrounds
- Added proportional width menu items
- Added support for removing backgrounds in images shot with portrait mode
- Added support for Continuity Camera
- Improved canvas drawing performance for complex layouts (macOS 10.13 or later)
- Added pinch to zoom in the canvas
- Improved startup performance for large projects
- Improved SVG rendering performance
- Added basic map mode that doesn’t require API key
- Added display of publishing progress activity
- Added ability to convert from one element type to another
- Added font style re-ordering
- Added the ability to import a website from the local disk
- Audio player now stops other audio players on the page
- Improved fixed background images on Android browsers
- Improved video player compatibility
- Improved page import accuracy
- Improved publishing setup diagnostics

Sparkle Pro 2.7.2
- Added support for multi-line button labels
- Fixed canvas drawing on Mojave
- Fixed align/distribute
- Fixed font not being loaded in some cases
- Fixed devices popover not showing which devices to review
- Fixed anchors and anchor navigation
- Fixed activate after consent for embed elements
- Fixed page import not working for some sites
- Fixed menu orientation issues in some cases
- Fixed a few Dark Mode issues

Sparkle Pro 2.7.1
- Fixed icons on macOS 10.9-10.11

Sparkle Pro 2.7
- Added support for macOS Mojave and dark mode!
- Added new toolbar icons
- Added support for publishing to International Domain Names
- Added drag and drop of images and video from Safari
- Improved offline compatible code generation
- Fixed FTP setup and publishing with some servers
- Fixed publishing cache, sometimes producing incorrect images
- Fixed text wrap on Internet Explorer
- Fixed Pixabay link back to original photo
- Fixed maps address lookup
- Fixed some layout and stick to top issues
- Fixed font-related crashes
- Fixed double audio autoplay
- Many other minor bug fixes

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