Most powerful solution for running Windows on Mac without rebooting

Parallels Desktop for Mac

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What's new in this version:

Resolved issues with:
- Vasco Da Gama 11
- SketchUp LayOut 2018
- SketchUp Style Builder 2018
- Graphics artifacts in SketchUp Pro 2018
- Not being able to activate FusionPro VDP Creator 9
- Not being able to activate MATLAB
- The Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program) not working in a macOS virtual machine
- GUI problems in Ableton Live
- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
- The Shadows: Awakening game showing a purple screen instead of the main menu
- The blurry icon in Microsoft Teams

General enhancements:
- We have simplified the way of sharing the Mac’s camera with Windows. Now you can do this either on the Sound & Camera tab of the virtual machine configuration, in the title bar of the virtual machine window, or from the Devices menu in the macOS menu bar
- An easier way to get help from Parallels – click Help > Support Center to access the webpage where you can find the most popular knowledgeable articles, links to the Parallels forums, social media and technical documentation, get personalized support and much more

Integration resolved issues:
- Not being able to start a Boot Camp virtual machine if the Mac’s hard disk is larger than 2 TB
- Links redirection after installing a Windows 10 update – links set to open in Mac started opening in Windows
- Resolves a seldom issue with not being able to start Parallels Desktop restored from a Time Machine backup
- Parallels Desktop not appearing in the macOS 10.14 Mojave Privacy settings to get access to the camera and microphone
- The mouse cursor remaining Windows-like after switching to macOS from Windows running in game mode

Devices devices issues:
- Not being able to transfer data to the two-way radio USB dongle
- The Lodestar X2 USB camera not detected by the PhD2 application
- A virtual machine freezing on shutdown or resume if the virtual machine configuration contains 2 or more SATA disks
- The HP LaserJet P2035 printer printing to a wrong tray

Linux support:
- Parallels Tools not installing in openSUSE Leap 15
- Parallels Tools not working in Linux virtual machines with X Server 1.20
- Parallels Tools not installing in the Ubuntu Linux virtual appliance
- Ubuntu 18.04 virtual machines not responding to mouse clicks after waking from sleep in Coherence view mode
- Ubuntu 18.04 virtual machines periodically crashing or locking up
- An incorrect screen resolution of Ubuntu 18.04 virtual machines running in Coherence in a multi-monitor configuration
- Not being able to mount the same shared folder twice in a Linux virtual machine

Other improvements:
- Two identical Recovery Partitions available in the Free Systems section of the Installation Assistant
Resolves an issue when a Mac has two Recovery Partitions with different versions of macOS, a user chooses to install macOS from one partition but - Parallels Desktop installs it from the other
- Resolves an issue when two GUI messages are displayed at a time and the top message doesn’t respond to mouse clicks
- Parallels Desktop not starting after reinstallation if the previous copy was corrupted and didn’t work
- Resolves a seldom issue with Parallels Desktop periodically asking a user to re-enter the user’s credentials
- Parallels Desktop trying to reinstall when the user’s home directory is located in any place other than /Users
- Parallels Tools for Mac not installing in a virtual machine using the command-line interface
- Parallels Transporter Agent crashing periodically on a remote computer because of conflicts with OpenGL
- The Japanese characters hardly visible on the Download Windows screen

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