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What's new in this version:

GraphicConverter 11.3.3
New features:
- export of IPTC/XMP as XLS and XLSX
- import of IPTC/XMP as XLS and XLSX
- saliency filters
- Export of filled Group Registration document for Copyright Office
- IPTC/XMP: keyword: analyze and show keywords…
- browser: map: optional display of direction and altitude of a photo (if stored in the Exif or XMP data)
- image: map: optional display of direction and altitude of a photo (if stored in the Exif or XMP data)
- import of Photoshop .PSB
- import of Canon .CR3
- import of Apple iPhone ProRAW

Updated features:
- improved arrow handling in keyword palette
- updated FaceSDK
- position of slideshow commands in the menubar can be adjusted in the prefs
- RISC sprite import
- improved batch conversion speed of PDF -> TIFF in case of no used actions
- improved window title display under Big Sur
- improved import speed of Pages/Numbers/Keynote preview
- alerts use a red button text for possible destructive actions (only under Big Sur)
- alerts support command + first character for third, fourth etc. button
- preferences: general: more misc: option to adjust display of exif date
- the color mode, depth and pixel size is displayed as subtitle under the window name on Big Sur
- Byte Header export: added support for 16 bit 5-6-5
- ExifTool
- DynaPDF
- libRAW
- Automator actions

Bug fixes:
- fixes possible issue during flatten some texts
- fixed issue with Xe8472 filter on Big Sur
- fixed possible crash during opening Pages/Numbers/Keynote file
- fixed failure during mrsid import
- fixed a crash during opening JPEG2000 files which use a very rare line encoding
- fixed display issue in dark mode in overwrite dialog

GraphicConverter 11.3.2
- Fixed possible issue during flatten text

GraphicConverter 11.3.1
New features:
- effects: lighting
- iptc/xmp: rating: set from asterisk in filename
- iptc/xmp: keywords: append persons
- iptc/xmp: caption: append comment, spotlight comment, keywords, exif tags
- exif: exif specific: remove artist and copyright
- picture: auto enhancement without red eye correction
- general: create md5 checksum
- file attributes: set spotlight from various IPTC/XMP data
- file: new: barcode
- help menu: short manuals are now translated into Simplified and Traditional Chinese
- faces: add gender, age and facial expressions: as region or as layer
- Picture: Color: Reduce to Palette: Open and Apply Palette
- Image window: toolbar icon: grid
- batch action: black & white with Atkinson
- batch action: black & white with Floyd-Steinberg

Updated features:
- setting a label in an open image window can be synchronized to the Finder tags
- improved color selected for background and frame in text palette
- ExifTool
- auto numbering option for text tool
- improved the text tool
- FaceSDK upgraded
- find address or place in map improved in Catalina or later
- white tool access simplified in the toolbox

Bug fixes:
- fixed missing text object deselection during tool change
- fixed text reposition issue after "Canvas Size…"
- fixed an issue during opening TIFFs > 4GB

GraphicConverter 11.3
New features:
- browser: import text file into caption
- browser: sort into subfolder: by headline/object name/first keyword/first person
- browser: copy foldername into headline
- file: new: image for folder icon with application icon
- file: new: image for folder icon with image
- effect: noise: bilateral filter
- effect: noise: reduction
- edit: copy: store coordinates of selection into text file
- browser: toolbar: icon for setting exif date
- browser: toolbar: icon for setting file date to exif date
- batch action: copy alpha channel to picture
- general metadata: set all date metadata fields from exif create date
- general metadata: set all date metadata fields from exif original date
- picture: channels: split into layers
- iptc/xmp: keywords: remove duplicates

Updated features:
- support for import of FITS as RGB
- map display: center of pin can be disabled
- updated JPEG2000 library
- removed obsolete locr picture service
- localizations
- ExifTool
- PDF SDK (dynaPDF)
- browser: advanced rename: function to set creation/modification date to exif date
- text tool: support round frame/filling
- image context menu: export PDF as TIFF supports uncompressed export
- browser, slideshow: sorting option headline & name and keywords and name added
- import from digital cameras: option for automatic inverse geocoding, analyze and assign keywords, face detection
- metadata menus restructured
- bmp export: option for disabling optimization
- caliper rule measures width and height of rectangles
- caliper rule can store results into log onto desktop
- picture context menu: set image as folder icon improved

Bug fixes:
- fixed crash during export of Exif to CSV with incorrect metadata text content
- fixed a possible crash during opening very old batch settings
- fixed a Photoshop plugin detection issue
- fixed issue with convert and modify command add gif animation to gif animation
- fixed issue with label "Lila" in German localization
- fixed issue with sending image with Outlook.app
- fixed sorting in subfolder issue
- fixed a map display issue on El Capitan (macOS 10.11)
- fixed XPS import bug
- fixed bug during import of text file into locations palette
- fixed search issue in locations palette

GraphicConverter 11.2.2
New features:
- Select every Nth item in the browser
- Browser: Metadata: Remove keywords, rating, label and tags
- Browser: Context menu: Select items with resource fork
- Effects: Objective-Correction: Equalize Ton 2D
- Rescale: Scale and Crop
- Effect: Red Eye: Fix Animal Eye

Updated features:
- browser: additional display mode small list
- localizations
- export png: new dynamic filter for quick optimal filter selection
- picture: size: social media: added additional presets matching Instagram requirements
- prefs part slideshow/sound and music: option for playing a music file during a slideshow
- simple rename supports rename with pdf title
- set exif date from file name support parent folder name as option
- dynamic desktop export supports h24 metadata tag
- modernized file manager calls for many import, export, browser and batch conversion routines
- slice rectangles are now stored as focus regions in the XMP metadata; this avoids the creation of a deprecated resource fork
- PNG import supports eXIf chunk
- options for copy filename to…
- already improved compatibility with the forthcoming macOS 'Big Sur'
- added new Resize menu for optimized access
- Resize: added preview to Scale, Crop and Blur
- updated XMP SDK to version 2020
- creation of a new image from a frame of a movie with GPS will now retain the GPS
- raw developer can default to last settings

Bug fixes:
- fixed crash with RAW developer on 10.11 or earlier
- fixed possible issue during saving image for the web onto a network volume without trash support
- fixed crash during fetching internal avi date of corrupted AVIs
- fixed possible webp issue on 10.13 or earlier
- fixed issue with text objects movement after add/remove margins
- fixed possible time zone issues during settings movie date
- fixed display issue in position palette after select all
- fixed download bug from iDevices to external NAS drives
- fixed rename issue if file contains only one Exif entry in the main directory
- fixed issue in fit dialog

GraphicConverter 11.2.1
New features:
- Import of animated WebP
- Export of animated WebP
- Filter menu: Segements

Updated features:
- Fixing zeros in JPEGs will now display a summary after the operation; also, the function will no longer fill the local timemachine cache
- optional grid display during unskew
- XPS import: higher resolution support
- custom pattern: selection can be used from palette
- localizations
- improved unskew options
- added support for XMP field Iptc4xmpExt:Headline
- import and export of IPTC into csv supports more fields
- improved set exif date from filename
- storing of print catalog settings

Bug fixes:
- fixed possible crash upon Live Unskew on 10.12.x
- fixed issue with storing macro for change canvas size function

GraphicConverter 11.2
New features:
- Face menu: bulging eyes
- Filter External Services
- Apple II Single/Double HiRes import
- Browse Nextcloud, Synology Drive and pCloud
- Faces menu: rebuild database
- Faces menu: add faces from already tagged images (i.e. images from Picasa)
- XMP/IPTC menu: copy part of filename to title
- Preferences General Window Content: option to increase custom pattern display size
- Edit menu: Crop with last values
- Edit menu: Crop all open images with last crop values (appears only with pressed shift key)
- File menu: New: New image from clipboard with name
- Filter menu: Dehaze with Color
- Effects menu: Live Unskew
- Toolbox: cross hair tool can draw regular polygons in addition
- Batch actions: reduce number of colors

Updated features:
- Slideshow with Find: additional filter orientation
- improved File menu
- improved Browser context menu
- modernized saving (removed a lot of old file manager calls)
- log processed file option for batch conversion
- progress during resample and rasterize PDF
- PICT import tries to import JPEG datastream directly
- improved browser context menu item order
- improved File menu item order
- browser context menu in thumbnail area: show submenu supports storing of settings
- picture/curves: added reset all button
- improved missing profil action
- ExifTool, dynaPDF
- slideshow option-o opens image defined Open With app
- Image window: scale toolbar icon
- Edit menu optimized
- improved speed of slideshow file list reading for large slideshows
- added progress dialog to slideshow file reading for large lists
- added histogram to raw developer
- added note before opening PICTs on macOS 10.15.4 or later
- browser: map can display image previews
- save bmp: automatic reduction of colors if 256 or less colors are used
- Pixmap information: displays mean value
- Batch action if: added mean condition

Bug fixes:
- fixed error -516 during overwriting an exiting file by drag and drop in the browser
- fixed possible rounding error in make square batch
- fixed missing change flag during editing iptc data of open image
- fixed possible crash during extraction of image objects in convert&modify
- fixed possible issue with JPEG compressed DICOM import
- fixed possible crash upon import of PCDs on macOS 10.13 or older

GraphicConverter 11.1.3
New features:
- convert & modify: function rasterize PDF
- preferences convert/export IPTC
- preferences open/dds
- native 64 bit PCD import without usage of a helper application
- copy video dates to matching videos in destination folder
- batch action: add/remove margin with percentage
- browser: export of summary as CSV
- menu edit / copy / copy GPS as plus code
- menu file / new / items to create a new image from Exif preview, FLIR data and depth data (if that data exists)

Updated features:
- prefs open/metadata: sorting of keywords, persons, categories can be enabled/disabled
- browser drop area context menu: show in browser
- enhanced xpm import and export (support of more colors)
- prefs browser/library: option for choosing original or modified images in the media library
- save as options tiff: option for disabling multipage support
- icon set export supports new iOS sizes
- updated localizations
- map display remembers display kind
- improved Exif export
- reverse geocoding sets the xmp location to the complete result
- Equalizer dialog supports storage of settings
- notification dialog before saving password protected PDFs
- support for move folders in drop area
- browser: gps support for pdf documents
- find duplicates: added delete both button
- ExifTool, libDynaPDF
- added plus code support to summary tab in the browser
- resample pdf convert and modify function
- tiff import supports float16 encoding
- slideshow: shorten filename option
- convert & modify:concat supports selected of color mode

Bug fixes:
- fixed possible error during saving JPEG2000 files with color profile
- fixed possible text preview issue
- fixed issue during import of old QuickTake images
- fixed possible loss of GPS data upon inverse geocoding in RAWs
- fixed crash upon saving file with long filesnames as FITs
- fixed possible file filter issue
- fixed possible cell focus issue in edit complete exif dialog
- fixed possible download bug from iPhone on 10.15.2 or later
- fixed possible color change upon saving CMYK
- fixed layer palette display glitch in dark mode
- fixed possible parameter issue with some CoreImage filters
- fixed possible date issues in the browser for file dates before 1970 (if the file system supports such dates)
- fixed issue during import of tiled BigTIFF > 4GB

GraphicConverter 11.1.2
New features:
- faces/regions detect cats and dogs and update metadata
- toolbox: watermark tool
- batch action: smart cut vertical/horizontal
- import of JPEG from RAW of HSPs
- import of LIVP with automatic splitting into the HEIC and MOV pair
- prefs open/metadata: option for overwriting IPTC Digitized Data/Time with IPTC Creation Date/Time
- effects lens equalize ton
- Menu Edit Enlarge / Shrink Selection
- AppleScript commands Floyd Steinberg and Atkinson
- Browser: Sort by name starting at position
- Preferences: color picker panel
- Browser: copy filename to iptc keywords

Updated features:
- illegal colon character during rename process will be replaced with raised colon
- added support for alpha channel in pages->animation function
- browser: added undo support for moving gps pin
- browser copy xmp sidecar to image supports now HEIC in addition
- added "kerning" property to the draw text AppleScript command localizations
- Effects Repeat supports grayscale images
- menu record mouse clicks zero point selection improved
- improved C64 image import
- batch conversion shows an optional note before conversion of more than 1000 files
- iptc keywords get sorted in alphabetical order
- pressing the command key during resizing a selection with a knob will smart trim the selection border
- JPEG2000 import and export supports 16 bit per channel
- find and replace of iptc data can be limited to keywords, caption or all data
- slideshow metadata display: added parent folder and parent folder one up
- browser filter: added HDR and LIVE
- added cur save as options
- added CMYK option to File/New…

- Bug fixes:
- fixed crash during display of Faces dialog with incomplete faces in the database
- fixed wrong movie size issue during export with size of first frame
- fixed possible caret color issue in text editor
- fixed possible map refresh issue in browser preview after gps change
- fixed possible crash if image contains more than 100 autofocus points
- fixed crash during dynamic depth change of very large images
- fixed bug during saving CMYK + alpha as PSD
- fixed alpha channel issue during multiscale with saving as PNG

GraphicConverter 11.1.1
New features:
- Menu Faces/Delete XMP Faces/Regions
- Prefs Browser/Open: redirect option double click
- Menu GPS: Add or Edit GPS with Map

Updated features:
- text palette: added frame text size option
- ExifTool
- libDynaPDF
- unskew: support for moving border lines parallel
- percent display in grayscale histogram
- browser: preview support for Pages (2017-2019) documents
- browser: preview support for Numbers (if preview is embedded in document)
- convert and modify: extract preview support for Pages (2017-2019) documents
- browser: added more IPTC fields to summary panel
- prefs general/more misc: option to enable/disable sorting of the prefs
- prefs general/selection: option to enable/disable moving by mouse

Bug fixes:
- fixed custom icon issue during creation with convert & modify
- fixed selection issue on older macOS (before Catalina)
- fixed line deletion issue in locations palette
- fixed possible inverse geotag issue with missing road
- fixed possible flipping of GPS in saved heic files (due bug in system framework)

GraphicConverter 11.1
New features:
- Browser: fetch all used keywords function
- Browser: fetch all used locations function
- Image context menu inside border: offers change of color
- Picture Invert: Duo-Tone
- Browser: location palette
- Preferences: General/Misc option to select launch language different to system language
- Image context menu: copy and apply aspect ratio
- Browser: Option-Space stores the current frame of a movie next to the movie
- Browser context menu: Interpolate Exif date enforced added
- Browser context menu: Quick Convert into same Folder added
- Browser context menu: Add XMP Faces as Finder Tags
- Preferences Browser Cache: prefetch option
- Browser context menu in flat view: Open enclosing Folder in new Browser added

Updated features:
- localizations
- browser prefs: option to assign space key to full screen preview
- removed obsolete IPTC/URL comment from dialogs
- prefs convert&modify autoconvert: added optional additional delay for slow volumes
- added automatic deselection before page change
- added format options to c source export format
- added show submenu to browser context menu
- rewrite of interpolate Exif code; will now catch more cases
- autoplay option for QuickLook
- prefs slideshow: option to auto continue after click into file list
- preferences browser/misc: show path in footer
- LUTs submenu is now sorted
- scale pdf supports non-proportional scaling
- sorting mode: orientation & name
- preferences memory: option to ignore selection as change of document
- batch action: macro
- edit/find qr code detects now bar codes, too
- slideshow shortcuts: q zooms 100%; w shows fullscreen
- measure of line dumps the angle to the comment area
- replaced command = shortcut with command 1 due a conflict with command + on US layout keyboards
- xcf v11 files can be imported with the help of GIMP
- unit selection in grid dialog
- change of rating or gps location during slideshow and browser usage sets the data in the JPEG/RAW pair (if the option is enabled in the prefs)
- print dialog: grid
- preferences general/maps: pn animation can be disabled

Bug fixes:
- fixed possible crash with third party core image filters
- fixed possible bug during move to ntfs volumes
- fixed missing display of Exif date within XMP in PNGs below PNGs
- fixed missing display of Exif date within XMP in some HEICs below HEICs
- fixed time zone issue during display of creation date of some MOVs
- fixed possible error -47 during saving if file is currently selected in the Finder
- fixed raw import dialog size on 13 inch macbook
- fixed store lut issue
- fixed selection display issue on 10.15
- fixed bug in Spectre (.spc) import
- fixed dicom issue with 16 bit grayscale
- fixed invert method 4 issue with 16 bit per channel images

GraphicConverter 11.0.1
New features:
- Convert AVI to MP4 with keeping the data/time original tag
- Browser context menu: Copy IPTC Keywords to Caption
- Browser edit: option to advance to next item after change of rating or label
- General prefs: option to open browser instead of document upon drag and drop
- import of ORA (OpenRaster) added
- Browser context menu: Copy IPTC/XMP, Label and Rating from JPGs to RAWs
- Menu and batch actions: scale with crop and blur
- Action: Grayworld
- Action: Use original name
- Menu: Skin Tone effect
- Menu: Skin Smoothing effect

Updated features:
- browser sort popup: added sort by caption and title options
- updated ExifTool
- updated dynapdf
- added option-key + left mouse click onto toolbox in addition to double click
- added histogram display to adjust operator
- label and rating change will applied to RAW/JPG pairs if prefs is active under browser/edit
- core image filters: added option to avoid alpha channel adding
- First steps dialog improved
- Apply LUT: supports now lookup_xxxx.png files

Bug fixes:
- fixed possible detection error with 32KB Atari PIC files
- fixed possible issue with triangle in keyword palette after adding items
- fixed possible issue during decoding mime data
- fixed issue with function selection during switching from browser to convert & modify and back
- fixed possible crash during import of psp file
- fixed possible crash during import of bmp with bitfield
- fixed bug in storing 1024x1024 icon variant in icns
- fixed import issue with some RSB files

GraphicConverter 11.0
- Change log not available for this version

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