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Download Appium 1.22.3-4

  -  151 MB  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

Appium 1.22.3-4
- Fixed signature issue in v1.22.3

Appium 1.22.3
- bump the embedded appium version to 1.22.3

Appium 1.22.2
- bump the embedded appium version to 1.22.2

Appium 1.22.0
- Bump embedded Appium version to 1.22.0
- The version still expects to have /wd/hub prefix as Remote Path

Appium 1.21.0
- Bump Appium version to 1.21.0

Appium 1.20.2
- Change log not available for this version

Appium 1.19.1
- Bump Appium version to 1.19.1
- Update translations

Appium 1.18.3
- Change log not available for this version

Appium 1.18.2
- Change log not available for this version

Appium 1.18.0
Inspector for Web(view) improvements:
- Add Web(View) notification in Selected Element
- Add Web(View) inspector to inspect the HTML-tree
- Add new locators for iOS

- Get Timings button in element section to confirm their performance
- Automatically download the correct version of ChromeDriver when using a Web or Hybrid app for Android
- The Relaxed Security checkbox in the Advanced-tab can disable this
- Windows 32 bit installer

Appium 1.17.1
- Change log not available for this version

Appium 1.15.0
- Change log not available for this version

Appium 1.14.0
- feat: Update bundled version of Appium to 1.14.0
- feat: Intelligently resize screenshot and source tree widths
- feat: Make sure formatted caps stays visible in saved caps area
- feat: Make sure to save server type change even without setting change
- feat: Make configurable "Get Running Sessions"
- fix: apply session.server.${providername}.host/port/path/ssl

Appium 1.13.0
- Update Appium to version 1.13.0
- Add 'copy attributes to clipboard" feature
- Russian, Korean and Chinese translations
- Add SauceLabs data centers option

Appium 1.12.1

- Chinese localization

- Fix bug causing search results to not be highlighted
- Bump up no new command limit to 24 hours
- updateSettings action call was not being properly parsed
- Improve performance in cloud by concurrently retrieving source, screenshot and window size

Appium 1.12.0

Bug Fixes:
- Revert Sentry changes that were causing desired capabilities to not be saved
- Fix defect that made "object" args not work for capabilities
- Provide more helpful error and success messages

- Add actions that can be executed from Appium Desktop
- Translations: Japanese translations, Russian translations
- New cloud providers: TestingBot, Pcloudy
- Can copy located element to clipboard
- Stop showing all cloud providers on tab. Make cloud providers individually selectable from a modal

Appium 1.11.0
- Feat: Localize Appium Desktop with some German translation
- Feat: Add optional (opt-in) Sentry logging for crash reports
- Feat: Add Perfecto as cloud provider
- Fix: Fixed regression that was causing file selector in capabilities to not work

Appium 1.10.0
- Feature: Upgrade React to v16.x and ANTD to v3.x to get benefits of performance improvements and reduced dependency size

Appium 1.9.1
- Fix: Use forked version of WD to resolve W3C attach problem

Appium 1.9.0

- Upgrade Appium to 1.10
- Add Kobiton into Appium Desktop as a cloud provider

Appium 1.8.2
- Change log not available for this version

Appium 1.8.1
- Fix: Strip out Emoji characters and replace them with the unicode values to prevent XML parsing error

Appium 1.8.0
- Update Electron to version 3.0.3
- Fix: Default custom server port to 4723 which is the value in placeholder

Appium 1.7.1
- Feature: Upgrade to Appium 1.9.1

Appium 1.6.3
- Feature: Make ANDROID_HOME and JAVA_HOME settable from the UI
- Feature: Add icon that copies source XML to clipboard
- Fix: Close session window when main window is closed

Appium 1.6.2
- Fix: Use relative coordinates for interactive swiping feature
- Feature: Upgrade to Appium 1.8.1

Appium 1.6.1
- Change log not available for this version

Appium 1.6.0
- Update Appium to 1.8.0
- Update Electron to 2.0.0
- Update electron-builder to 20 and get rid of outdated version hack
- Use NPM 5 on appveyor so we get a flat hierarchy

Appium 1.5.0
- Feature: Allow unauthorized SSL and set custom proxy

Appium 1.4.1
- Fix: Replace electron-builder autoupdater with Zeit Hazel server plus native updater

Appium 1.4.0
- Feature: Add Headspin cloud to list of remote server types
- Feature: Add keyboard shortcut to clear terminal logs
- Fix: Python recording error

Appium 1.3.1
- Fix: Build problem from v1.3.0 broke Apple XCUI tests

Appium 1.3.0
- Feature: Update Appium to 1.7.2
- Fix: Add linux category
- Fix: 'wd' recording code errors

Appium 1.2.7
- Feature: Highlight elements that user searched for
- Fix: Remove element not found notification

Appium 1.2.6
- Fix: Use multiple selector strategies if first one doesn't work
- Fix: Don't refresh page when element not found, send notification instead

Appium 1.2.5
- Fix: Resolve python recorder errors
- Fix: Reload source when selected element is stale
- Fix: Debounce calls to selectElement

Appium 1.2.4
Fix: Upgraded to Appium 1.7.1 (previously was 1.7.0)

Appium 1.2.3
- Feature: Upgrade to Appium version 1.7.1

Appium 1.2.2
- Fix: Swipe SVG was obscured due to CSS

Appium 1.2.1
- Fix: In Java boilerplate, show unknown platform if no platform found

Appium 1.2.0
- Feature: Can run SauceConnect from user interface
- Feature: Can edit raw desired capabilities JSON string
- Feature: Add locator modal to search for elements and perform basic interactions on them
- Feature: Add interactive swipe and tap
- Feature: Add HTTPS option, and TO data center options
- Feature: Write raw logs to file that can be opened by user
- Fix: Added padding to bottom of source tree
- Fix: Make selected element card scrollable
- Fix: Limit number of rendered logs to 1000

Appium 1.1.1
- Fix: Scrolling in selected element card
- Fix: Recorder css and add docs for recorder

Appium 1.1.0
- Feature: Can record actions in Java, JS, Python, and Ruby
- Feature: Updated to Appium 1.6.5
- Feature: Show a list of currently running sessions when attaching sessions
- Fix: Draggable app area and window controls issues in Windows and Linux
- Fix: Resize inspector if it was previously too small
- Fix: Pegged ANTD version to prevent errors

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