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Download Alfred 3.5 Build 876

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What's new in this version:

Added new "Bookmarks" feature for indexing and searching bookmarks, removing dependence on macOS metadata:
- NOTE: If previously including bookmarks in default results, this option will need to be re-enabled in Features > Bookmarks
- Fixes bookmark searching in macOS 10.13 where macOS metadata has been removed
- Currently supports Safari and Google Chrome. Note that the option to select Safari and Chrome are not synced to allow different per-Mac settings
- Now searchable in default results or via keyword (convenience vs lower noise)
- Bookmarks are matched by title, hostname, or folder when searching
- Option to open bookmarks in the macOS default browser, or the bookmark's respective source browser

- Fix "Snippet Trigger" to correctly enable and disable when the parent workflow is enabled and disabled
- Fix field tabbing in "Fallback Search" trigger object configuration sheet
- Fix correctly updating file path field in "Open File" action object configuration when deleting item from left path icon box

Improvements to Script Filter workflow object:
- Significant enhancements regarding Alfred filtering JSON output results. New Match Mode options, for word boundary, exact or word based matching, available from cog next to "Alfred Filters Results" checkbox. New JSON "match" property (string) to override default "title" matching. Updated help pages for Match Mode (additional contextual help button on Match Mode sheet), and JSON output spec.
- Fix per-item result variables in JSON output (was incorrectly compounding result item variables)
- Improve efficiency of 'rerun' flag in JSON output, preventing unnecessary reruns from occurring. Now uses a serial operation queue, and only reruns the very last requested rerun after script execution triggered by user input
- Fix dynamic configuration of object fields (when passing JSON into object input)
- When JSON defined 'rerun' is out of range (5), give a debug warning instead of a hard error. Rerun flag is ignored if out of range
- Fix workflow connection logic issue when using JSON mod overrides with no matching configured mod connection. Now correctly respects the default (non mod) connection window behaviour configuration.

- Performance tweaks to Alfred's Clipboard Manager, specifically when new clipboard content is recognised
- Improve snippet text auto expansion behaviour when Caps Lock is enabled
- Fix snippet date placeholder regex to allow multiple date placeholders on single continuous line

- New Fallbacks option to show fallback searches in default results, even when there are results. If specified in Alfred's Default Results feature, Alfred will show fallbacks at the bottom of the results list... Unless a search item has been selected, e.g. pressing return on the 'open' file search or on the 'google' web search. Unless a workflow has a fixed input, e.g. a chained workflow input, or a hotkey wired to an input
- Updated logic on maintaining and releasing the currently selected result in the default results list
- Framework and performance improvements involving Alfred's workspace manager. Fix window visibility event order to make sure app specific hotkeys (specifically, hotkeys set to be active when Alfred is visible) are correctly registered.
- Add AppleScript command for showing Alfred's Actions Panel for the given file e.g. tell application "Alfred 3" to action "~/Desktop". This accepts one or more paths as the argument
- Add AppleScript command for showing Alfred's File System Navigation with the given path / search string e.g. tell application "Alfred 3" to browse "~/Desktop/"
- Alfred Framework updates for better macOS 10.13 compatibility
- Reduce blur radius on default "Frosty Teal" theme for higher performance in macOS 10.13

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