QupZilla is a free and open-source web browser, intended for general users

QupZilla Browser for Mac

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Download QupZilla Browser 2.2.5

QupZilla Browser for Mac

 -  100% Safe  -  Freeware

What's new in this version:

QupZilla Browser 2.2.5
- added Unload Tab action
- search engine buttons to locationbar completer
- added option to disable automatic password completion on sites
- plugins are now always enabled (fixes missing AdBlock)
- bring back AdBlock and GreaseMonkey icons in statusbar + add new buttons
- fix incorrect size of buttons in bookmarks toolbar with some styles
- fix losing session when loading newer profile with old application version
- fix temporariliy enabling/disabling JavaScript using StatusBarIcons plugin
- fix user agent settings not being applied on startup
- fix calculating remaining time in download manager

QupZilla Browser 2.2.4
- added option to disable search suggestions from locationbar
- support for detaching and moving tabs to other windows with drag&drop
- added support for dropping text/url on tabbar to create new tabs
- added support for GreaseMonkey 4.0 API in userscripts
- added support for customizing navigation bar layout and widgets
- added support for loading userChrome.css stylesheet from profile to configure interface
- added new buttons to navigation bar: Tools, Downloads, GreaseMonkey and AdBlock
- added new Windows theme and improve every other theme
- added support for printing from JavaScript with window.print()
- closed windows can now be restored using history menu or Ctrl+Shit+N shortcut
- multiple windows in session now each restore its geometry, state and settings
- number of fixes and improvements in tabbar
- greatly improved compatibility with various GreaseMonkey userscripts
- updated design for SpeedDial
- fix infinite loading animation on some sites with QtWebEngine 5.10
- fix restoring maximized state after leaving fullscreen
- fix internal pages not working when JavaScript is disabled
- fix showing close button in Web Inspector
- fix tabs not being restored when activated in some cases
- fix loading "localhost" from locationbar
- fix applying web settings when in private mode

QupZilla Browser 2.2.3
- fix crashes with Qt 5.10
- fix default proxy configuration type in preferences

QupZilla Browser 2.2.2
- updated available user agent strings
- added support for "font" option in AdBlock
- fix build with Qt 5.10
- fix build on macOS < 10.12
- fix showing irrelevant domain completions in locationbar
- fix showing site icons on some systems
- fix clearing visited links when clearing history
- fix using system network proxy configuration
- fix saving window geometry when closing app with Ctrl+Q shortcut
- fix various issues with web page not being focused after restoring session
- fix AutoScroll plugin not being able to scroll to all directions in some cases

QupZilla Browser 2.2.1
- fix build with Qt 5.10
- fix crash in loading popup completions with Qt 5.10
- fix clearing local storage on close when enabled
- fix sometimes failing to restore tab on switch
- fix document quality when printing to PDF
- fix various issues with completion popup opening at wrong position

QupZilla Browser 2.1.2
- updated translations
- disable native scrollbars by default due to performance issues
- fix middle click on links sometimes not opening new tab
- fix scrolling to anchors when opening tab in background
- fix possible crash in AdBlock when editing subscribptions
- fix clicking on go icon in locationbar
- fix possible crash with native scrollbars

QupZilla Browser 2.1.1
- updated translations
- fix loading previews in SpeedDial
- fix showing duplicated languages in spellcheck settings
- fix sometimes pages being scrolled by itself when using native scrollbars
- fix disabling GreaseMonkey scripts

QupZilla Browser 2.1.0
- bring back spellcheck
- bring back support for printing
- bring back save page action + support multiple formats
- bring back option to delete cookies on close
- bring back per-domain user agent settings
- show audio playing indicator in tab with possibility to mute
- show background activity indicator in pinned tabs
- add option to show navigation bar when opening new tab in fullscreen
- add option to show bookmarks toolbar when typing in location bar
- add option to use native scrollbars
- add option to delete cache on close
- each tab has now its own search toolbar
- lot of HighDPI fixes
- fix setting maximum size of cache
- fix scrolling with high resolution mouse/touchpad
- fix rules for disabling blocking on pages in AdBlock
- fix deleting cookies
- fix slow search in icons database
- fix restoring zoom level of tabs
- fix crash when opening web inspector
- fix crash of the application when render process crashes
- fix tabbar being invisible sometimes after leaving fullscreen
- fix sometimes not showing list of windows and tabs in recovery page

QupZilla Browser 2.0.2
- update default user-agent strings
- add short command line variant for all options
- show navigation bar when adding new tab in fullscreen
- supermenu button is no longer hidden in fullscreen
- fix overwriting speed dial title when loading fails
- fix positions of speed dials in rtl
- fix context menu actions when site specifies base href
- fix issue with tabbar sometimes being invisible when leaving fullscreen
- Windows: fix background radient in browsing library

QupZilla Browser 2.0.1
- don't force enabling HighDPI scaling by default
- fix crash when unloading AutoScroll plugin
- fix showing Inspect Element action when web inspector is disabled
- fix showing context menu when page zoom is not 100%
- fix destroying WebPage when opened as popup
- fix setting default font families
- fix saving last download path in download manager
- fix using external download manager
- fix cancelling http and proxy authentication dialogs

QupZilla Browser 2.0.0
- switch to QtWebEngine - much better compatibility and stability
- some features from older versions are missing (will come back later)

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